Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Gossip!

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* Top story today: Salman Khan not good looking enough to be a
gay icon.

A member of gay community says, "Salman doesn’t have what it takes to be a gay icon. He is good looking and has sex appeal but with age it is no longer the same.”

He further adds, "Salman’s reckless and brash behaviour is another reason why we don’t think of him as a gay icon. Gays don’t like violence and Salman does have a violent streak.

I love that this is news.

* Barbara Mori finally talks about something interesting -
Indian Standard Time.

“People are always late on the sets and you are left waiting and the schedules don’t always work out,” the 32-year-old told Reuters.

“It wasn’t something I was used to, because that is not how things work back home but everyone on set was really sweet, so I didn’t really mind.”

You KNOW that she showed up exactly at 9 am when the call sheet said and there was nobody there except the cleaning staff who were probably more than happy to run around and fetch her cool drinks. I bet Duggu rolled in at 11:30 after his yoga class and was like "I thought I was early..." and then Anurag Basu shows up at noon.

* Anurag Basu talks

More than the audiences and the critics, it's the film fraternity who has a huge expectation from Kites. Are you and the cast of your film chewing your finger nails?

Everyone associated with the film is tensed right now. We have all challenged ourselves. I have challenged myself by directing a film like
Kites, Hrithik has done the same by selecting a different approach to acting, Rakesh Roshan has taken a challenge producing this film and Barbara Mori has taken a huge challenge doing an Indian film. It's a big risk but taken with confidence and courage. Our comfort level is uncomfortable at the moment (laughs).

* Another Hollywood production company enters
the fray - Relativity Media (Zombieland, The Ugly Truth) is going Bollywood.

* Is Bebo doing the film about the
tragic actress after all? Apparently the character is based on a string of tragic actresses from Marilyn Monroe to Madhubala.

* Was Shahrukh upset over Farah's casting of
Akshay in Tees Maar Khan?

* Ranbir doesn't want to work with Shahrukh Khan - so
no two-hero films for these two. I wonder what kind of movie the two of them could possibly make - something like the Govinda/Vinod starrers of the early 1990s?

Anyways, our Ranbir is working with
Mani Ratnam!

* Abhishek thinks
Hindi dialogues are easier.

And more on

Could you connect to the mythological Raavan while playing this character?

Look, the film is not like any other film. However, it has glimpses of mythology, just like any other film. When I told Mani people will draw comparisons, he asked me to name one film that wasn't influenced by mythology. And, I couldn't! But,
Raavan is a modern film. It is not inspired by any other character or contemporary leader. He is just a character Mani came up with.

God! Take the stick out of your butt, Abhi, and just answer the question politely. I can guarantee that won't be the last time you hear it. If the film is called
Raavan then people are going to ask! I wonder what Vikram has to say on the matter... probably not this.

* Gurinder Chadha is doing a
cross-border romance next.

* And lastly, Riteish Deshmukh gets a
hair cut.

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