Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tananam Tananam: A Lovely Lovely Film!

This is a re-post of a review I did way back in the dark ages of 2009! I still totally recommend this film... although this isn't really a review as much as it's a nice collection of screencaps and a recommendation to watch the film. I write much better now.

Now, somebody who considers
American Beauty to be the height of filmmaking probably won’t appreciate the over-the-top Southern masala of Tananam Tananam. However, those of you who enjoy a classic masala mix of improbable medicine, copious item numbers, wedding drama, and tacky comedy will love this movie as much as I did.

Tananam Tananam is the story of Shankar (Tamil hero Shaam). What he wants more than anything else is to learn to play the violin. Shankar’s mother talks her brother – a violin teacher – in, despite the fact that Uncle-ji has not taught violin in years and refuses to pick up the instrument.

Not only that, Shankar has his obnoxious cousin – the adorable Ramya – to deal with.

Ramya is childish but full of life and personality! She develops a huge crush on Shankar and is thrilled when her parents seem willing to match the two up.

Enter the drop-dead gorgeous Rakshitha.

She’s the lead actress in a traveling troupe of actors and Shankar falls head over heels for her – for obvious reasons.

So, that’s the set-up.

Tananam Tananam plays with the idea of fan behavior much like Guddi - except with genders reversed. Shankar thinks that he’s in love but really he doesn’t know Rakshitha at all. And playing against type, even though Rakshitha is a beautiful and desirable actress, she is not a bad person. The movie goes out of it’s way to show that she’s caring, kind, and intelligent. She doesn’t lead Shankar on – in fact – she doesn’t know he exists!

How could she when they only interact in his dream sequences?

When Shankar proposes marriage – Rakshitha turns him down flat. And yet again, she’s not demonized. He’s the one who doesn’t understand that she’s married to her job more or less.

And like a mixed up Devdas, Shankar descends into alcoholism and not-shaving. So, what happens when he wanders down the middle of the road dead drunk one night?

The man blinded by his crush and his lust becomes
literally blind when hit by a truck!

(Obviously the best way to figuratively express his blind pain is with back-up dancers in black hoodies…)

Who will Shankar pick?! Betty or Veronica?! You have to watch to find out!!

(And watch one of Shankar’s dream sequences to get a taste of the film!)

You can also read an
interview with the director, Kavitha Lankesh. Apparently, the two leading ladies do not get along!

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Christine Menefee said...

Really enjoyed this - so I put it near the top of my queue and Netflix is promising me it will come today. Nice to know there are lots of good posts still to catch up on.

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