Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Gossip!

Another day in New York City!! And tonight is the Kites premiere, which I will be intrepidly reporting on for!

So, let us get to the good stuff - my write up of Hrithik and Barbara at the press meet is

I conveniently left out the part where I tried to get him to say that
Kites is a Bollywood film at heart and he was having none of it.

* Dia Mirza gets a
smack down for chattering away at a formal event.

* It wouldn't be a Bollywood release without some legal troubles and somebody is claiming that the title
Rajneeti is already taken.

* Shekar Kapoor invited
Tim Burton to make a film in India.

* Are Salman-Katrina

* A Bollywood perspective on
gay actors playing straight.

With all the brouhaha over its homosexual 'content', Karan Johar's Dostana wasted several scenes to make it clear that lead actors John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan's characters were only pretending to be gay. "No actor wants even a spot of homosexuality on his career sheet," laughs Mahesh Dattani, director Mango Souffle, one of India's first gay films. In mainstream cinema, talent is secondary. It's all about selling a persona, feels Dattani. Gay audiences are a minority; filmmakers have to please the masses.


ajnabi said...

I think it's funny that they have Cory Monteith in the picture subtitled "Jonathan Groff" in that last article. :-D He's probably one of the few totally straight guys in the biz. (And I wonder if J. Groff would be a leetle upset about not being recognized!)

eliza bennet said...

Good write up on the Kites press meet :)

Bombay Talkies said...

Loved your Bollyspice article. :)

Was just watching the special features on Dostana and felt SO hit over the head with the whole "we were only PRETENDING to be gay" theme. Particularly with John Abraham. Abhi seemed very relaxed and jokey about it, pretty unbothered, but Cyrus Broacha and Karan Johar made SO many references to John's manliness and popularity with the ladies. It was like, 'I get it, I get it.'


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