Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Gossip!

So, I went to see Kick Ass last night and let me tell you that it was really good! I do love a nice geeky film and between this and Iron Man 2 coming out next weekend, it will be a nice couple of weeks.

But let's forget 12 year old girls who can take out entire legions of bad guys and hit the gossip!

* John Abraham

"I took time off so that I could do quality work. I read books to understand the type of films I want to do. I don't want to copy other films. I want to do originals."

Fair enough, although I thought he had taken time off because he hurt his foot making that movie about prison cricket.

* Shahid Kapoor

"I don't want to play Shahid in different costumes. I hope I can break that. It has happened a couple of times and I hope I can do it once in a while."

Aw, sweetie, that's what being a Hero is all about... art films are well and good but it's by playing the roles that you infuse yourself into that you become an Amitabh Bachchan or a Shahrukh Khan. Once you're established you can break the mold but until then...

The Boston Globe includes Kites in its summer movie preview write-up:

Kites Because India really isn’t that big, Rakesh Roshan’s Bollywood romance heads to Mexico, where super-hunk megastar Hrithik Roshan (Rakesh’s son) braves crime, highway car chases, and musical numbers in pursuit of his lady love, played by the Mexican soap star Bárbara Mori.

While I'm glad that
Kites is getting some love from the American press, was it really necessary to phrase the synopsis like this? "Because India really isn't that big?" Really, BoGlo? Do you start off synopses of American movies set in France by saying "Because the US really isn't that big, Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline head to Paris for French Kiss..."

* Is Twitter killing the
advance screening?

* Katrina Kaif will be
paired opposite Ajay Devgn in Aarakshan. Amitabh will be playing her father.

* Akshay's character in
Tees Maar Khan is based on Robin Hood.

Zeenat Aman just walked the ramps for a charity show called Beti but I haven't found any pictures yet. I'll keep looking!

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