Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Gossip - Evening Edition!

Sorry for the delay in gossip reporting! "Somebody" drank a bit too much last night and was feeling it a little today...

Kites news now!

Subhash K. Jha
loved it!

The writing is as clever as the looks and lines that the lovers exchange. Barbara and Hrithik take care of the rest. As said earlier Hrithik carves out a charted course for his character. He is in exceptional shape every which way. Barbara looks somewhat more mature than Hrithik in some scenes. But her vivacity and natural ability to grasp the essence of human bonding makes us forget the age factor.

Kites is flying down to Karnataka after all and add to it's already incredible 21 crores.

And find out more about
Nicholas Brown.

* NPR talks

Kites news!

* Omi Vaidya, Ajay Devgn, and Emraan Hashmi are doing Bhandarkar's
Dil Toh Bachcha Hai.

* Read an interview with Kalki Koechlin and
Omi Vaidya!

Brunch: Is Hindi your biggest challenge?

Kalki: We were just saying just now how we have the exact same problem with Hindi. We can both understand it completely, and speak it, but there are problems when we have to improvise.

Omi: I don’t think we know what our biggest challenge is yet. I have to find out. But as regards my lines for 3 Idiots, I managed somehow, especially with Chatur’s speech. It was heavy practice – you could wake me up in the middle of the night, and say ‘say your lines’ and I would be able to do them. But it was hard not to be able to improvise.

Kalki: And it depends on each new situation. When I did Dev.D, I was really nervous, but now I am not worried about my Hindi. I could just say my lines just like that. But the same issues come up, you’re not certain about pausing in the right places naturally. And you’re not able to ad lib.

* Apparently, Kalki is also a good influence on her boyfriend
Anurag Kashyap!

* Find out about how PR people
sell controversy!

The promotion of films and stars has become a big, clever and crafty enterprise and image managers and publicity gurus are riding the wave. Some even have management students clamouring to join them and investors willing to put serious money into their once hole-in-the-wall companies. Film marketing budgets are skyrocketing, more inventive ways are being deployed to manufacture hype for a star or a film, and the media, without which none of this would work, has emerged as a willing handmaiden for the Bollywood publicity machine. “Movies are becoming commodities. What we’re witnessing is FMCGisation—movies becoming like soaps and shampoos,” says Siddhartha Mukherjee, senior VP, communications, at TAM Media Research.

* Katrina Kaif is starring as an
army recruit!

* Saif Ali Khan refuses to join
twitter is also under the impression that he looks young.

* Salman Khan is NOT playing
a college student.

* Himesh is not going to
IIFA and our ears breathe a sigh of relief.

* Cannes was a success for
some Bollywood producers!

IDIP, a leading sales agent for non-Bollywood independent films, introduced horror movie Fired, critically acclaimed Love Sex aur Dhokha (LSD) and I Am Kalam.

"All three titles were well received by a healthy mix of buyers as well as film festival programmers.
Fired and I Am Kalam encountered nearly packed houses at the market showcases, where as LSD had a healthy audience turnout as well," said an IDIP official.

* Ranbir and Deepika are officially

* Mugdha Godse allegedly scammed some

See Shahid on the cover of
Men's World!


honeycombveils said...

Doesn't Shahid look a little bit like Emraan Hashemi's younger brother in that pic? It's something about the teased hair and the bit of a beard..

ajnabi said...

I like the inside pics better, though. Did you see them? This one especially. No, maybe this one.

Feel better, Filmi Girl--take two Tylenol and a hair of the dog, plus vintage Parineeta. ;-)

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