Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday News!

Hello, world!

Let's jump right in, there is a lot to cover today!

First, an editorial asking what happened to Indian
film critic from that overly serious folks of PFC.

So you had college students, trade analysts, housewives, marketing heads, everyone turning critics. It didn’t matter whether they have watched Kurosawa or Ray, Godard or Jarmusch, Guru Dutt or Raj Kapoor, as long as they could write a para on how Akshay Kumar lost his shorts while chasing Suniel Shetty, they had their jobs. And if they could name-drop from world cinema, whether that made any sense or not, their business was booming.

By the time the blogger logged in to write his new post, he naturally felt he was qualified enough to be a critic. His review now floated beside Khalid saab’s review in cyberspace. The lines got further blurred. It wasn’t a consideration that a blog post and a critical piece were different tubs of popcorn. Everyone had a say and they took themselves very seriously. Forget the blogger, the person commenting on his post was a bigger critic. The rediff comments by themselves could start a dogma cinema movement here.

Honestly, I never read film reviews from "professional" critics because they never write about the things I am concerned about in a film.

* Very good article on Bollywood villains who have
gone South where their villaining is still appreciated. People like Rahul Dev, Sonu Sood, et. al.

Talk about Arundhati, and Sood’s timbre goes up a register. “No question. It was the hardest, most challenging and most satisfying role I’ve done. It was the most difficult 250 days of my life. It would take me four hours to put on the make-up and nearly one hour to scrape it off. I was living on adrenaline while doing that role. What mainstream film in India can do away with the idea of a male hero in an action/thriller/mythological film?” he asks. Arundhati stormed the halls in 2009. And Sood won the Nandi Award (Telugu cinema awards) for Best Villain.

Having seen only 45 minutes of
Arundhati before I had to go to bed the other day, I can say with certainty that Sonu Sood looked like he was having the time of his life during the film - it's an electric performance!

* Katrina Kaif
is blunt.

Katrina feels that finding good friends was a very difficult task in the film industry.

"It's a reality, actresses are forced to accept. You can be friends with a director and he may not take you in his next film. You may find people who you counted on, not standing by you during your low phase. One has to be careful on what basis you are building your friendships," she said.

* Akki continues his
Housefull press blitz!

"Yes, it is my duty to pull in the crowds but then it is also my duty to keep them coming film after film. Even if a movie isn't the best as it should be, as a superstar one must be great enough to still convince people that the film is worth seeing even if it is just to see your performance and not the film."

That is the Bollywood spirit right there and there aren't too many of the new generation who are up to it. Ranbir, bro, you should start taking Hero lessons from Akki. Maybe the two of you should do a two-hero film so you can see how he works...

this is how you have a work ethic: Akki agreed to do an episode of K.Jo.'s new show but only if they filmed at 6am.

* The erstwhile chat show host wanted Imran to
look like John Abraham in Dostana for I Hate Luv Storys!

* People need to calm down about cigarettes - Arshad Warsi got scolding for
smoking by a college campus. What's the big deal?! Do you know how many college kids smoke?!

* Stealth hottie
Prakash Raj is going to announce his marriage soon! Congratulations in advance!


Housefull promotions are in full swing! These boys always look like they are having a blast!

Poor, sleepy Akki!

Sajid and Arjun camp it up!

And how is it possible that Riteish looks
soooo sweeeeeeeet?!

Lovely Sushmita Sen at her beauty pageant "I Am She"

Rajneeti promotions with gorgeous Kat and Ranbir!

luuuuurve the two of the them!

Akshay on

Siddharth on

And I promise that you will not regret watching
Minai's Southern Dance Extravaganza video:


ajnabi said...

Love the Sid cover of South Scope--and Akki looks hot as usual, even in those regrettable pants.

Christine Menefee said...

Had to chuckle over the poor film critic bemoaning the state of criticism. For one thing, Pauline Kael never was mainstream here either, and Ebert was in the show that many said at the time marked the end of serious criticism (now that the show's finally ended, writers are saying THAT's the end of serious criticism). Fact is what he's criticising exactly mirrors the situation with criticism in the US - very few "professional" (what they mean by that - on-staff newspaper/national print media film reviewers/critics) left here either. And most of the best criticism really is being done by bloggers. In the next generation, when blogging has given way to some other form of criticism, I'm sure writers will be bemoaning the death of film criticism again. End of rant.

On to more substantial matters, I love (I mean luuurve?) Sushmita Sen's look in that photo!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Shell said...

I was amazed at the Southie dance clip yesterday. It seems, to me, that they really know how to let loose and just enjoy things bigger down there!

Also, is it just that smoking is taboo over there, or are we, as North Americans, just more accepting of it, because when you involved the police it just seems so over the top. Also Arshad said he wasn't actually smoking on campus and that Tusshar doesn't even smoke. Geez.

cmleigh said...

I found this comment under the article about Arshad smoking to be funny. :D

Smitha USA 28/04/2010 at 02:37 pm
Well u cant help it coz Arshad Warsi got this habit from his school days at Barnes.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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