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Tuesday Gossssssip!

Hello, world! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

I'm not sure if people not in the US will able to see this but I thought everyone might be interested in Reza Aslan's appearance on
The Daily Show! I've been a big fan of his since "No God But God" came out.

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But let's move onto more light-hearted things!

* Like marriage fraud! Have we all been following the Sania-Shoaib comedy of errors? The latest updates have
Shoaib claiming that he had been the victim of marriage fraud.

Read a theory on his behavior
here. (Spoiler - if Shoaib isn't lying, then he must just be really dumb.)

And what Bolly-celebs are saying

Kunal Kapoor:

“Should Sania marry Shoaib? A country full of bored and annoyed television viewers, who just want this stupidity to STOP! It feels like you are going to the movies! And movies from the eighties! Action, emotion, romance, drama...”

FIST FIGHT on the sets of Dabangg!

An eyewitness says, “The incident took place at Jannat, a night club in Wai, where the entire crew was partying after pack-up. Manoj Chaturvedi’s son Shantanu is the junior assistant director on the sets and is known for his snobbish behaviour. Shantanu is always sidelined and nobody likes interacting with him due to his arrogant attitude. He complained to his dad about being ignored by the film unit. That’s when a drunken Manoj started abusing the entire unit.”

“On seeing Manoj abusing and shouting at everybody, Himanshu tried to be the peacemaker but Manoj started abusing him instead and also punched his face. Himanshu fell flat on the ground and his forehead was bleeding profusely.

* For those of you - like me - who were unable to see
LSD in the theaters... it's out on DVD!

And read about
LSD and honor killings.

The black-and-white grogginess of the LSD murders somehow evokes memories of another cinematic honor killing, this time from the 1962 classic, Abrar Alvi’s Sahib Biwi aur Ghulam. Chhoti Bahu, the woman in question, is killed at the behest of her in-laws. Her transgression is having a perceived dalliance with her loyal lackey, Bhootnath, and stepping with him outside the haveli ki chaukhat, forbidden to women in that household, even if it is to pray at a shrine for her ailing husband’s well-being.

* Riteish Deshmukh plugs
Jaane Kaha Se Aayi Hai - and I know I'm looking forward to it!

Do you think that the films are failing at the box office because of its writing or its direction?

I think we need to have good writers and the same people should be given a chance to write different stories. I don't think that it is the writing that is failing us at the box office. It can be a bad direction, bad acting, bad editing, etc. It's a mix of all. There are so many instances in Bollywood when a good writing is screwed up by a very bad acting.

Ain't that the truth, Riteish! And many times when good acting has salvaged really terrible writing...

* Arjun Rampal in
Rajneeti plays Ranbir's older brother - his "flamboyant" older brother.

"I don't play the conventional 'Bade Bhaiyya'. It's the toughest role of my career. I had to be larger-than-life but not over-the-top. This man I play is whimsical, flamboyant and audacious. He can do anything. His kid-brother has gone abroad to study. My character has stayed back in India to create his own unpredictable world. He's in own space, though not spaced out."

* Miss Piggy Chops offended all of Kashmir
on Twitter.

"I did tweet to say I was going back to civilization. That was more a state of mind expressing my happiness at being back in familiar surroundings. It didn't mean I didn't enjoy Kashmir."

* The cast of
The Japanese Wife talk about the film:

Aparna Sen:
I wanted influences of Japan and Bengal at the same time. Composer Sagar Desai had designed the music. I showed him stills of Japan and told him what the film would be like. So he fused Japanese tunes with Indian instruments like the tabla.

* Shahrukh keeps trying to make jokes and everyone keeps
taking them seriously.

* Vivek Oberoi had to learn how to write with
both hands for Prince.

And this just in:
Vivek is a cutie!

* Celina Jaitley is quite the social activitist - campaigning for
elephant and human rights.

* Manisha Koirala is
getting married!

* The starlet who got caught up in the Swami Nityanand sex scandal has a role in the Tamil version of

* Everybody wants Salman Khan but he is sticking with
Dus Ka Dum.

* Lara Dutta tries to tell herself that
Housefull is not going to be a stupid comedy. Has she seen a Sajid Khan film before?

"It's not a mindless comedy. It has a tight screenplay. So if you are not following because of all the confusion, you might lose the plot somewhere. It's a big entertainer with great music with great comic talent. We hope we entertain."

And speaking of
Housefull, can we all just agree not to mock Manoj Kumar in films? He's angry over a scene in the upcoming film. You think Sajid would have learned that lesson from Farah...

This story has tragedy written all over it. Apparently Saif wants to remake the Tina Fey-Steve Carell starrer Date Night but, well, I'll let the story speak for itself.

Apparently, Saif was keen on doing a remake of the action comedy casting Kareena opposite him and therefore wanted to show the film to Kareena to get her opinion. However, after a screening organised by the producers, they were having second thoughts about it as they felt that the roles would better suit someone more senior and an actor with a matured look.

Right... an actor with a 'matured' look because Saif - who is 39 going on 50 - is just too darned young to play the role played by Steve Carell, age 47.

* Bipasha Basu wants to raise awareness of the crime rates against female tourists
in Goa.

* Film piracy is a terrible problem but I don't think it will ever be completely erased - and certainly, treating people who purchase pirated goods as if they are human traffickers is
not the way to go.

Each state’s Goonda Act enumerates activities considered prejudicial to the maintenance of public order. Originally, these statutes were applied to drug-smugglers, human traffickers, bootleggers, and the like. Beginning with Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, the homes of India’s huge ‘Kollywood’ and ‘Bollywood’ film industries, states have begun adding copyright violations to the list of precrimes punishable by a year’s detention. Tamil Nadu, the IIPA’s poster child, recently added mere possession of infringing CDs and DVDs to its Goondas Act at Kollywood’s request. It would seem that in Tamil Nadu, you can now be imprisoned for up to a year to prevent you from coming into possession of a bootleg movie. “This remedy should be expanded to other states,” says the IIPA; and the BSA wants this expanded to include bootleg copies of Microsoft Word as well.

* Kangana's foot injury delays
Once Upon A Time in Mumbai.


Anishok said...

Arjun Rampal in Rajneeti plays Ranbir's older brother - his "flamboyant" older brother.

Rajneeti is sounding more and more interesting by the minute! I really wanna see Arjun "grave face" Rampal attempt flamboyancy!

Shahrukh keeps trying to make jokes and everyone keeps taking them seriously.

Oh, no...I was prepared to root for KKR with more fervour than before! :-D

eliza bennet said...

I really can't like Ritesh I don't know why. It seems to me that he is someone who is in the film industry due to connections, not talent or looks. I liked him in Naach but that's about it.

SRK's statement is a joke but sportsfans are a different breed. Football (soccer for people in USA) is a very serious business even if you don't like it (I have been exposed to so much of it that I know all the rules and support a team even though I never watch a game). If a famous actors says something like that (obviously a joke) to the press, some people are bound to fail to see the humour. Cricket seems to be pretty intense in India and I can just see how some people would take it seriously (here lots of people make bets like this and they always keep it even if they didn't mean it at the time). I love him and support him but this time he should have known that there is a good chance that his words will be taken seriously. So he shouldn't complain about the consequences.

(Just to be clear, I do not agree with people taking it seriously, I just know for a fact that some people do, when it comes to sports and statements like that)

Sonia said...

Why does Rajneeti sound so much like a biography of the Gandhis? Flamboyant brother who stayed back in India and went into politics to assist mother.. Arjun = Sanjay Gandhi. Is Katrina the foreign girl who marries the other brother? She does look like she's playing Sonia Gandhi in the posters.

claire said...

i got the impression katrina played arjun's wife in rajneeti. and that arjun gets killed.
anyway i agree that this film sounds really interesting (barring katrina's presence). there's quite a few fun behind-the-scenes videos on the rajneeti youtube channel

Kiran said...

Saif is seriously deluded. He needs to come to terms with his age.
I am really happy for Manisha. I wish her all the happiness in the world.

Filmi Girl said...

@anishok I've been excited for Rajneeti just because of Ranbir and Katrina but it just sounds better and better... :)

@Eliza I know! We disagree on this one. :) I love Riteish's acting and dancing...

@Sonia @claire I think there is a big wink implied when they are telling us she's not based on Sonia Gandhi...

@kiran LOL!!! I agree re: Saif (and re: Manisha!)

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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