Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Gossssssip!!

Good morning, lovelies!!!

How are you today? Just one more day until

*cue "O Mere Khuda"*

I hope everyone is ready for your daily gossip round-up!!

* Read about the successful

* Karan Johar gives himself
some advice:

1. Please stop that one profile pose mixed with a pointless pout, if you don’t have another angle to present, I suggest you just walk past the shutterbugs with dignity. Right profile, top angle, you’re going to look the same either way.

* In perhaps the funniest news of the day a jaded Bollywood critic has
this to say about the potential for the Shoaib-Sania story to make a good film.

Said one critic: “We’ve seen too films where a woman turns up and claims ‘Main tumhare bachche ke maa banne wali hoon’. This story is not going to interest anyone.’’

I love the idea of some guy hearing the saga and being all, "Pfft! What is this 1986? People are tired of all this shaadi-wadi family nonsense. Add in some gangsters and make the girl an R&B star from New York City and maybe we have something."

* Enjoy part one of a
massive interview with the man I now know way too much about from Twitter - namely, I can never erase the fact that he likes Nickelback (just typing their name made me kind of nauseous.)

The way you dress, people have started calling you the 'dapper dude'. Talk us about your brands, street shopping, etc.

I'm probably the world's worst person when it comes to shopping. I hate shopping. I can't handle trying on clothes. But having said that, I have an eye for what I want when it comes to my films. It's very important for me to know what the character looks like because I believe that the way the character dresses, determines a lot of his persona. Then comes in the costume designers, the stylists, etc. In my personal life, I still steal my father's clothes. I don't shop for myself. I have my mother, my father, my sister, my wife, Karan Johar and my stylist who shops for me.

A quick Google search reveals that NOBODY has called the Junior B a "dapper dude" before in print, which only makes this question funnier. The take-away for the viewers at home is that to get the AB look, just call KJo.

* Akshay Kumar is the kind of guy who will come to your event
at 7 am if need be.

* Saif and Bebo are really the gift that keep giving. Saifu was awarded the Padma Shri for
being Sharmila Tagore's son his acting and he had this to say:

"[My family are] quite tongue-firmly-in-cheek, though, when they address me with this new title,’’ jested Saif. “My family is always teasing me mercilessly. But Kareena is the only one who is actually encouraging me to strut around with my head held high. She feels this is an honour I must cherish and she is especially proud of me.’’

I'll let his words stand on their own.

There is discussion swirling around about whether
Agent Vinod or various Hollywood remakes are going to be the next project for Saif and Bebo, who have yet to figure out that they don't make for as engaging a pair onscreen as they do off.

What we all want is for her to get her act together and
hurry up with the Milenge Milenge promotions!

And is it just me or is Bebo's career flying much higher than Saif's these days. Sure, he had
Love Aaj Kal but she has three high profile projects coming up and he's got zippo.

* Shahrukh Khan rushed off to visit Juhi's brother
Bobby, who has taken ill.

* Dimple Kapadia gives such charming

You and Rishi Kapoor go back a long way. Now you’re working together again in Patiala House.

We are very fond of each other. You know what, Rishi and I keep talking nonsense on the sets and are constantly fighting even off it. Yesterday, he asked Randhir how many takes I needed. When Randhir told him I was like any other normal actress, he told Randhir, ‘No yaar, she is Anil Kapoor part 2’ (laughs). Rishi’s family is very dear to me. Even today, main
Bobby ka kha rahi hoon. I haven’t had a real hit after Bobby.

Oh, Dimple! I would consider
Dil Chahta Hai a hit for you... actually, you can call whatever film of yours you'd like a hit and I will back you up.

And now, you need to make a film opposite Suniel Shetty, because you guys would make the cutest onscreen couple!

* Is Vivek going to go BAD

"Ramu called me and asked me whether I’d like to work with him in a film. He told me that it would be the best role in my career after Company. Ramu added that every time he thought of a serious character, he could think only of me... I play the character of Ravi in it. Ramu wanted to cast me in it, because the film needed an antagonist who is powerful and intense. Rakta Charitra has been made in two parts I have acted in all the three languages- Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.”

Sing yourself to sleep like Hrithik with "Kites in the Sky..."

See, guys, this is why we have professional playback singers. I'm not saying that he's bad but he's not "a good singer"- no matter how far you stretch the definition of the word "good" .


eliza bennet said...

God I'm so over Abhi. Seriously his tweets killed the illusion. I used to think that Aishwarya is very lucky but now I think Abhi hit the jackpot.

Filmi Girl said...

@eliza You got it! I'm over so many Bolly-celebs after reading their tweets... ;D

honeycombveils said...

I need an extra cup of coffee after listening to the boring "kites in the sky"... What a snoozer..
But Hrithik's voice is surprisingly quite good, of course he's not as polished as a trained singer but I gotta tell ya, I've worked with performers on the Broadway stage that sounded worse, so I'm actually impressed! He should hang on to his day job, though..

martoufmarty said...

Prince just seems so ridiculously awesome. That whole picurization reminds me of 'Dum'. I love it.

And Hrithik singing? It's not terrible, but I found myself cringing whenever he said 'kites'.

pardesigirls said...

WHY did Hrithik have to start singing in English? The English lyrics are usually awful, and these are no exception. They don't do much to help... neither does the tune.

I'm really aching for some Sonu Nigam right now.

Christine Menefee said...

Ditto the comments on Hrithik singing. I'd rather watch him than hear him sing in the shower.

RE Abhi interview - thanks for choosing a highlight. lol. After the ridiculously inflated praise of the first paragraph or two all I could think was "But CAN HE DANCE?"

Filmi Girl said...

@honeycombveils Yeah... I'm just not feeling the song OR his voice. I'm fed up with actors who think they can sing and singers who think they can act. There is a reason the whole playback system was set in place, people and "Kites in the Sky" is it!

@martoufmarty I KNOW!!! (On both counts!!!)

@pardesigirls Heee! The English lyrics are sooooo bad and I doubt they would sound better even if you didn't speak English!

@Christine We all know Pappu Can't Dance!! Ha ha!! I like Abhi well enough but sometimes his entitled attitude really gets to me... we all know the only reason anyone cares about him is because his father is Amitabh Bachchan.

dayshaze said...

FG, I'm getting the distinct impression that you don't like Saif. I mean, yeah, he's a bit over-the-top sometimes, esp. when it comes to Bebo, but OMG Bebo is so much more irritating. More than that, Saif actually has talent!

Even I, as a diehard Saif fan, can acknowledge that his career is in a bit of a downswing since Kurbaan (which I liked, BTW). Saif has reportedly signed to do another film with Kunal Kohli (Hum Tum) and Shyam something-something (Ek Hasina Thi) after Agent Vinod. I hope that he uses this opportunity to explore more parallel, indie movies like he did post-Hum Tum.

Filmi Girl said...


You know, I really don't like Saif all that much these days. I used to but then I don't know. Somewhere between his insisting on playing "young" opposite Deepika and then really making an offensive film in Kurbaan plus all his new botox look really turned me off.

I quite enjoy reading Bebo's clueless quotes and I think she generally makes good films.

*shrug* We like who we like... :)

eliza bennet said...

I think Bebo is as talented as Saif (seriously I think both are decent actors - pre botox Saif was not that bad)

Ami said...

i confessed that i went from liking abhishek quite a bit to feeling a mild annoyance towards him after following him on twitter. he's so determined to 'be himself' on that platform. i've stopped following him quite sometime ago. i think i'd rather remember the abhi i liked b4. i don't want to know anymore about him than i ought too.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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