Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Gossip!

Let's do it, to it!

* Top Story Today: Salman Khan is
still on Twitter.

You know, I think we in cyberspace - especially us
gori-types forget just how popular Salman Khan really is. The news coverage of his tweeting is really incredible.

* Ashutosh Gowarikar is looking for a
new face to play Buddha in his new film.

"I need a fresh actor who can portray the innocence of Prince Siddhartha and the compassion of the enlightened one. This is why we have this worldwide search. I welcome actors from all over the world to visit our website, download the sample scenes and upload their audition videos and pictures.”

* It's model Diana Penty in Imtiaz Ali's
new film with Ranbir. Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

* Shahid Kapoor continues to deny that
Paathshaala has any similarities with any other film made - like ever.

Well, since you are so excited about the film, can you also confirm if the film is akin to Mohabbatein meeting 3 Idiots? After all the promos give that impression.

(Comes up with a hearty laugh) Now that's the most original reference that I have heard. Maine
Taare Zameen Par ka reference point toh suna tha but yeh first hai! Come on, there is no similarity here. We had shot Paathshaala well before the release of 3 Idiots. On the other hand, Mohabbatein was a love story about three students. Haan yaar theek hai, yahan bhi ek school hai but then that's about it. When people watch Paathshaala, they would realise that there are no similarities with anything that have seen earlier. May be as a journo, you want to come up with an angle but sorry, I don't see any broad generalisation here.

* Hollywood cutie Sendhil Ramamurthy loves
Ekta Kapoor!

How is it working with Ekta Kapoor?

I wasn't even aware of the fact that Ekta was involved in the project till about two weeks till I got to Mumbai. The whole project was brought to me by the directors. I wasn't even aware of Ekta. But, once I met her, I was in awe of her. She is someone who I really admire. She absolutely knows what she wants in life. She was incredibly warm and hospitable; Tusshar Kapoor and Ekta threw a wonderful party, a truly unforgettable one! I really admire Ekta Kapoor for the person that she is!

Love Story 2050 is screening in London as part of a sci-fi movie fest. If you haven't seen it yet - don't miss out!! Just show up at the interval to watch the 2nd half - the first is painful.

* Shahrukh Khan proves to have an eye for talent (yet again) - Shahana Goswami is playing
his colleague in Ra.1.

[T]he source says, “Shahana plays Shah Rukh Khan’s colleague and both are videogames designers. She plays an important role wherein she helps in taking the story forward by helping SRK’s character. She is young, lively and suits the character to a T. She will be sporting a completely new look for the film.”

1-800-Love is delayed.

* Our
Prince is getting a retiring from Bollywood? (Say it isn't sooooo!)

* And an interview with My Favorite
Arshad Warsi!

Was working with Vishaal Bhardwaj an eye-opener?

Not really. My eyes are always open. It’s just that one doesn’t get too many opportunities to do the kind of work one wants to. When one does, you see it and know what he is capable of. I’ve just started tweeting and Twitter has opened my eyes to a whole new world that I was unaware of. (Laughs) There are people out there who actually find me awesome. They like the rough, sexy look

Yes, yes we do!

Hottie Riya Sen on

Housefull press meet!

SUPERSTARs Ka jalwa!

And VIVEK promoting


Anishok said...

I’ve just started tweeting and Twitter has opened my eyes to a whole new world that I was unaware of. (Laughs) There are people out there who actually find me awesome. They like the rough, sexy look.

He's talking about US! :D

And Vivek!!! How adorable!

never-evil said...

We love you Arshad!

Oh and re: Salman tweeting. Well to be honest no one expected it. Especially since he is known to have that no pangas personality and isn't much into technology. Hence the buzz. Frankly I was surprised when he did that blog. But am even more surprised about twitter. But it seems to suit him lol. Am enjoying the one liners and Arbaaz's hindi tweets.

eliza bennet said...

Katrina looks adorable.

Sorry Vivek is just not my type of man and/or actor. And even though Prince was not a total flop, it didn't turn out to be a success either.

I wish Akshay's Housefull will do good business (though it probably will be hard with co stars like Arjun and Ritesh), the man needs a hit !

layla-aaron said...

*flails arms a bit* Yes, Arshad, we do. We really, really do. :)

doonboy said...

I like Salman's tweets. Pure mumbai style.

Bombay Talkies said...

Whoa, is that Shahid under the Katrina photo? What's happened to his beautiful face? He looks so gaunt. :(

Filmi Girl said...

@anishok @never-evil @layla-aaron I KNOW! I like knowing that my fangirling is being appreciated... :D

@eliza I think with Prince, everybody is just glad it wasn't a total flop... :)

@doonboy I agree 100%! Salman's tweets are the best!

@bombay talkies I don't know, dude. I think he's on some crazy muscle weightloss diet. Have you noticed that all the stars (except Kat) are looking extra gaunt these days?

cmleigh said...

Salman's best tweet of the day.

Use bbm , primitive man don't kno hw to use laptop , all this is new 2 me , tweeting is a big thing fr me , vil learn tho. 4 nw itna kafihai

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