Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Gossip: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

My family is pretty secular these days, although I did grow up Catholic, which is maybe why I've always hated the months between Christmas and Easter. There's nothing but Lenten self-denial and bulky sweaters until the Easter Bunny drops off the massive basket of candy and toys to reward me for making it through to spring without packing it all in and moving to the tropics.

I will say this - I may now be 30 years old but that didn't stop me from seriously eyeing the cuddly, plush bunnies at Target yesterday with an intent to purchase. I resisted... but just barely.

And now you know my weakness... cute things.

Anyways, there is some interesting stuff happening in the gossip world...!

* Like the epic real-life
Veer-Zaara romance between Indian tennis star Sania Mirza and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. The TOI gives the latest update in their rundown to marriage!

* Shabana Azmi discusses

"It is rather sad that today people want to learn acting instantly. I would say that acting is a very serious job. I should know because in the last thirty six years, I have acted in around 140 films. Acting is not a horse race about who runs the fastest in the shortest time, because an actor who plays the role of Hamlet well can be bad as an actor when he sets out to play the role of Othello, especially because versatility is the main quality of any actor. Only those who have passion and feel that they would die if they do not take up acting should actually take up acting as a profession, not every one who is just glamour-struck. There is a long struggle ahead for actors because there are thousands of new comers who want to take up acting".

* Sanjay Dutt is in
trouble with the law again - this time it's for using the phrase 'jadoo ki jhappi' in public. Yes, really.

* I honestly don't know what to make of
this profile of Shahid Kapoor.

If the industry rumours are to be believed, Shahid’s habit of interfering in his women’s lives from the choice of films to the clothes they wear forces them to call it quits. “Yes, of course, I will lock my next girlfriend in a room and say, ‘Kahin nahi jaayegi tu..yahin reh..samajhti kya hai apne aap ko?” he jokes. He defends himself saying, “Arre bhaiyya, all men have to accept that it is the woman’s world. I have no qualms in saying that the woman in my life will take most decisions for me. Couples fight but when two tears drop, the man is forced to say, ‘Ok, I am sorry it was my fault.’ So it is better you put all your weapons down in the beginning and agree with your woman,” he adds.

So, Shahid thinks that women have all the responsibility for a relationship? I hate that attitude - although I would hate it more if he admitted that he enjoys bossing around his girlfriends. We'll just call this lose/lose.

Also, he's now being linked not only to Amrita Rao but also to
Shraddha Kapoor.

This story made my day. Remember how everybody was making a fuss about Akshay insisting on having a helicopter to take him to the shoots of Tees Maar Khan? Well, PR just released this suspiciously convenient story about how the helicopter saved somebody's life!

"See, it wasn't wasteful," yells the
TMK PR firm, "this poor unnamed crew person would have died!"

Dudes, I don't think anybody in the target audience for an Akshay Kumar film developed a negative opinion of the guy because he insisted on a helicopter. In fact, it made me - and I'm assuming many others - like him
more because I, too, would enjoy a ride in Akshay's helicopter... if you know what I mean.

* Already, I have another target interview for a massive bullshit detecting analysis:
Ferena Wazeir.

I'll give you a taste but the whole thing is worth reading for the LULZ.

Ferena, who is Bollywood's answer to Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz, insists she could never have dreamed of becoming the sweetheart of the Asian silver screen.

Really? Because it seems awfully suspicious that I haven't heard of Bollywood's answer to Cameron Diaz before reading this article.

She said: "I'm still taking it all in as it has happened so fast. One minute I was living in Glasgow and the next I was working alongside some of the biggest names in Bollywood.

Some quick Googling reveals that by 'biggest names in Bollywood,' she is referring to Luv Sinha - because Ferena was the heroine of
Sadiyaan, which is why I hadn't heard of her. I think I - and most other members of the Bollywood chattering classes - were too concerned with mocking Luv Sinha's performance to pay any attention to anything else in that film.

It just gets better from there, folks.

* Speaking of eternally aspiring British-Asian Bollywood actresses (or 'heroins' as the article refers to them as), Jiah Khan hopes Akshay Kumar will be her
lucky mascot!

* Belgian photographer Geraldine Langlois is releasing a book of
Bollywood photos - you can sample some here!

I could not find a single copy for sale anywhere, so perhaps it's not released yet? If you find it, be sure to comment and tell me where!

* Finally, enjoy this tidbit of Easter joy - a rundown of all the
filmi family squabbles!

Sunny and Bobby Deol take no interest in their half-sister Esha Deol’s film career nor do they bring up her name in a conversation, whatever the provocation. A National Award winning actress hates the audacity of her equally feted film aunt; and a young star aspirant Naveed went back to his parents; after spending a year in Mumbai because he reportedly felt his actress aunt Rekha didn’t do enough to help him with his launch.


Bikram Singh Bathh said...

I wish like Sania Mirza, Rakhi Sawant also goes out to Pakistan :D

Shabana Azmi is correct but time has changed now,,, acting has become a subject more than just art,,,

Sanjay Dutt is unnecessarily being dragged into it :X

Shahid Kapoor looks out of senses these days,,, the other day I read his interview where he said that he would love to do Successful films rather than Good films,,, :O

Looking forward to Akki films this year,,, 6 of dem coming up one after another,,, :D

And the last article is really interesting,,, would do a feature for it soon,,, :D

Also check the trivia quiz in my blog,, a real tough one,, :D


dishoomdishoom said...

Oh Filmigirl! Just noticed the "NOTE FROM FILMI GIRL" on the side! Don't let the haters get to you!


Filmi Girl said...

@dishoom That song is a guaranteed pick-me-up! :)

And thanks - I had to delete some nasty comments and felt that I should put up an official notice about it. Arguing with Trolls is never a good idea... I just had to weed out the haters. :)

memsaabstory said...

Maybe it's global warming or something, but I've been deluged with stupidity and insults in the form of comments lately too and instituted an official comment policy finally.

Filmi Girl said...

@memsaab Really? I'm glad I'm not the only one singled out... it must be global warming heating up the rhetoric or just erasing all sense of perspective among some people... :(

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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