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Saturday Gossip!

I know the question on everyone's mind this morning is this - how did Luv Sinha do in the reviews?

Let's find out, shall we?

Mumbai Mirror says:

Unfortunately, Luv cannot act at all.

Go on...!

In fact, it appears he really doesn’t want to act, since absolutely no effort shows on screen. Luv has a thin, long awkward face topped by badly cut hair which sits on a small reedy body. He delivers his dialogue without opening his lips, his face registers absolutely no emotion, while he dances out of rhythm, like Pinocchio on stilts. He didn’t stand out in any scene, and not all of it can be blamed on poor direction, which of course is obvious.

And what about

And now comes the hero. Gosh, just leave aside comparisons with high profile debuts like those of Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan or Neil Nitin Mukesh in the recent times. Even relatively lesser debutants like Aditya Narayan, Himesh Reshammiya, Rajeev Khandelwal, Jackky Bhagnani or Ruslaan Mumtaz would feel mighty relaxed on seeing the act that Luv Sinha puts on screen. He just doesn't deliver. Period. Whether it is emoting, romancing, dancing or riding on the horse - he is awkward at every juncture.

Mid-day is kinder:

[S]ince this was supposed to be Luv Sinha's big ticket debut, one seriously wonders if he should have taken a drama for a beginning in B-Town. While the actor has the genes, he still has a long way to go before he can carry a film on his own shoulders. What's more, his unconventional looks will limit his choices.

The Hindustan Times feels that sinister forces must be at work:

Never mind the film, really. Sad yawns make it to cinemas every other week. It’s the leading man I feel sorry for. His dad’s the old movie-star Shatrughan Sinha. Videocon group’s pumped in the dough.

Long side-burns; receding hairline, parted from the centre; prominent lisp; slight bug-teeth; floppy ears; a disproportionate figure… As you watch this super-star bob his head to contemporary beats in checked trousers, you sense he’s been somehow forced into this. If not, the delusion is a bit worrying. Stop it. No laughing matter, this.

I'm sure it's not surprise that Clash of the Titans tromped everything in the Indian box offices this week.

Also, let me direct you to this important battle of the untalented star sons:

Two days ago, Luv, whose debut film Sadiyaan releases today, posted on Facebook: “Saw Mr Shekhar Suman at the airport...thought about ignoring him but decided my parents have raised me better so I didn't.” He added: “He’s still a clown though.”

The next day, Suman’s son, Adhyayan retaliated on Facebook: “I have journos calling me to comment on this boy’s (Luv) FB status. Don’t know if he deserves my attention but anyway I thought I’ll ask u people”.

I'm surprised they didn't take it to TWITTER - the new ground in celebrity bitch fights.

Moving on to the important GOSSIP!

* Maradona Revllo (
Pankh) spills a bit about his next film that should have us all paying attention:

"I can't reveal much about the part. But I got to work with screen divas like Zeenat Aman and Helen. Not bad for my second film."

HELEN! I will certainly be following this story with great interest.

* There are times when I really love Ram Gopal Varma. Usually those times are when I am watching
Rangeela but today, my heart pattered a little to hear that he is going to make a film on a sex scandal guru.

Stay classy, RGV!

* Ranbir Kapoor is
working hard on his characterization of Kishore Kumar for the biopic. I think he can pull it off - Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani showed that he can do physical comedy, which Kishore Kumar was all about in his film roles.

* Just because Aamir is (supposedly) taking a two-year break from films, don't expect him to stay out of the public eye. He may be hosting
Kaun Banega Crorepati.

* Reports of Akshay Kumar's
daredevil stunts in Housefull are fantastic. The reckless behavior is just one of many reasons I love Akshay Kumar.

* Bipasha Basu tries to both dismiss size zero while also fat-bashing in this
bizarre statement:

The size zero propaganda is very disturbing and on my part, I will only stress on the word fit than thin. Size zero only works for petite women. Skinny is passé, real women have the same time, curves cannot mean belly fat. What's more disturbing than belly fat is the way the media discusses size zero. Granted it is the smallest size, but one must realize that one size cannot fit all. One person alone cannot represent an entire nation of curvy women.”

Can you hear my face-palm through the screen? Nobody can fit into one body type - some women gain weight around the middle, some in the hips, some up top... we can't control that. It's genetics.

The no belly fat rule for beauty is just as restrictive as expecting all women to be size zero.

* Hrithik Roshan gives a hilariously pompous

Do your kids watch your movies? Are they aware of what you do?

Hridaan is too young, but Hrehaan is becoming aware that his dad is different from other dads, that he seems more important than other dads. You know he has a Krrish doll that he plays with. I find that weird, my son playing with a doll of me! Sometimes, when I’m injured or tired and lying in bed, he looks at me almost suspiciously, and asks, “You are Krrish Daddy, aren’t you?” (Laughs)

Ah... yes, that special day when a child realizes his father is more important than all the other fathers out there...

Mustache Slide Show!!


Kangana looking fierce on the cover of Hi Blitz!

John, Bips, and Maradona at the premiere of Pankh...

Rekha at the premiere of Sadiyaan...

And the Sinhas

And lovely Hema Malini.

Also, have a song promo for Indra Sana - I guarantee it will banish any blues!

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Hema Malini is looking great!

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