Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Gossip!

Another week is upon us - how did this happen? Did I dream the previous weekend? Did I really see ASHA BHOSLE in concert? (YES!)

This coming weekend I'll be going to check out
The Blue Mug, which is on tour and soon Sukhwinder Singh is coming through town, too! There is just so much going on here in little, old Washington, DC!

(Now if only there were some film shootings...)

Let's see what is happening in Tinsel Town!

* The
Times of India lists the 10 things they miss in Bollywood!

Tun Tun & Mukri Inc

The newer generation of character artistes are so slicked up that one forgets that there was a time when Tun Tun was happy being the fatty, Mukri the shorty, Keshto Mukherjee the drunkard, Iftekhar the policeman, Shetty the mean bald bastard.

Thespian aspirations and vanity have pretty much wiped out the genre of the stock character artiste. Some might say it is a good thing. But there is no denying that Leela Mishra portraying the brassy chachi film after film fulfilled the comfort of familiarity that was Bollywood: it was not what was going to happen next, but how it was going to happen next. So long as Amrish Puri was shot dead at the right point.

* Milan Luthria is almost ready to announce
his next film - Once Upon A Time in Mumbai comes out in JULY! I feel like I've been waiting years for this one.

* Is Suniel Shetty replacing Surya in

* Arjun Rampal is getting
better roles post-Rock On!

* Hindu nationalists in Nepal are angry over the film
Hifajat because:

The group’s feathers have been ruffled by a three-minute song sequence and a brief fight scene in which the heroine wears an outfit that is a cross between a tank top and a bikini, a scarf round her head and a strip of cloth around her waist.

I did some digging around youtube and I'm pretty sure that this is the song:

And I am filled with a sudden desire to seek out this movie... especially since Rekha Thapa is apparently famous for doing her own stunts!

* With his film yet to be released, is Sukhwinder Singh
already a diva?

Says his co-star Vikrum Kumar,
"Having a good acting caliber not only made Sukhwinder angry but his obnoxious behavior made me feel sick. I remember we had a scene together where everyone praised me right, left and center. Sukhwinder just turned red and blue and walked into his van keeping all of us waiting for hours together for the next shot. I fail to understand this attitude from a well-known singer but I understand his state of mind as he is fully aware of the fact that he is debuting in the film and is unable to give his best.”

* Kamal Haasan may be playing
the Sex Guru in an Italian film.

* A remake of
Ready causes a rift between Deepika and Asin.

* Ram Gopal Varma has allegedly told Riteish Deshmukh to stop playing
nerds on-screen. I don't know how I feel about this because I really, really like Riteish's Beta Male persona. He comes across very much like a Michael Cera-type of guy in films like Aladin, with such a lovely vulnerability. But on the other hand, the audience for such roles seems to be me and maybe three other people and I would rather give up seeing Riteish in vulnerable roles than see him suffer through a string a flops...

Mabye he could just do a Beta Male role in the occasional art house film just for me...

* Saif Ali Khan wants to work with
Vishal Bhardwaj again. I have two words: Yes, PLEASE!

* Aishwarya Rai has
125 costume changes in Action Replay but the real reason to click on the link is to see Akshay Kumar looking shockingly like Rajesh Khanna circa Dard.

* If
Anjaana-Anjaani is really based on La fille sur le pont, it is going to take all of Ranbir Kapoor's charm to get me into the theater.

La Fille ¦ is the story of knife-thrower Gabor (Daniel Auteuil) and Ad le (Vanessa Paradis), a girl who intends to kill herself by jumping off a bridge. Gabor intervenes and persuades Ad le to become the target girl in his knife-throwing act. The film follows their relationship as they travel around Europe with the act, ending in Istanbul when they get separated and their lives once again becomes luckless.

Or knife-throwing. If Priyanka pulls a Helen in
Mr. India (the first one), maybe I'll get excited...

* Speaking of Ms. Piggy Chops, she has been pulling a me and flailing
all over Twitter.

* Finally, Happy Birthday to my favorite Arshad Warsi!! He has been doing promos with Shilpa Shetty for
Zara Nach Ke Dikha.

Look at that face! DAMN! I don't think that much smoulder is legal... Shilpa Shetty is one lucky lady...


Karan Johar launched a new menswear line...

And the incredibly dapper Rahul Khanna showed up to support him!

As did the ever-lovely Bhagyashree...


ajnabi said...

I feel confused about why Hindu fundamentalists are objecting to her costume. It's better than tons of stuff I've seen elsewhere. Is she Nepalese or something? (And I'm totally with you about the movie, that's a catchy promo.)

Rahul! That Twitter polygamist! He looks awesome. :-D

eliza bennet said...

"soon Sukhwinder Singh is coming through town"

Lucky you! I love his voice. I don't care if he is a diva on film sets.

"told Riteish Deshmukh to stop playing nerds on-screen."

Hmmm. Then what will he play? He is not hero material yaar.

Saif should sleep on Mr.Bhardwaj's doorstep to get a good, age appropriate role.

La fille sur le pont is one of those films that look bad on paper but is good on screen. I liked it very much. But the male lead is considerably older than the female lead. Yeah one film in which the leads an older man and a young woman and they remake it with a young actor!

Filmi Girl said...

@ajnabi I think it had something to do with the colors used and the fact that it was 'racy'... and she's Nepalese.

@eliza I love his voice, too!!!!! And that's good to know about the French film, I may have to check it out, then. ;D

Kaitlyn said...

Saif in another Vishal Bhardwaj movie?

Damn, I avoid gossip and now that I've peeked I'm all excited and all it says is he "wants to work" with him. No Omkara 2 - Dolly's Revenge! Yet.

And Arjun in more roles? Yes please. That man has been making me drool since I saw him in Om Shanti Om last January. (And I liked I See You.)

Now I can't wait for the Stepmom remake!

That is a terrible picture of Aish. Is that her?

Omkara or French homework? Nay, nay, Omkara or meeting with a professor to discuss a paper due in less than two weeks?

O why does Bollywood torment me so? Why do I have so many DVDs?

Kiran said...

Thanks for the Bhagyashree pic. Awww...she is looking adorable. She hasn't aged much in 20 odd years.

layla-aaron said...

First you gave me that delicious shot of Ajay's look for Golmaal 3, and now these smolders from Arshad. I am now retiring to a corner somewhere snuggled between the two smoldering men. ;)

Filmi Girl said...

@layla-aaron You are SO WELCOME! :D

Shell said...

It would be so nice to see Saif actually come away with a good movie, so a pair up with Vishal Bhardwaj could be FANTASTIC (sorry I'm on a bit of an Ishqiya high!)

Add me to the list of three that likes Ritesh' vulnerability (I adored him in Aladin), but I suppose it's important to spread your wings every now and then. It pains me to say RGV could be right!

And finally, I don't fully understand what has come over me, but geez Arshad, I don't think I can handle all the smouldering goodness coming from you. Good lord!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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