Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Gossip!

Hello and good morning! Yet another week is upon us and another weekend's releases gone into the ether.

Coming up this weekend is
Pathshaala with Shahid and Ayesha Takia, which should be cute!

* Top story today: There will be a special
Helen-themed episode of Dance India Dance... starring HELEN!

Prince has done very well at the box office!

Says a prominent film [critic], "If till last week, someone would have said that a film starring Vivek Oberoi would take the third best opening of the year after Shah Rukh Khan's My Name Is Khan and Salman Khan's Veer, he would have been pronto sent to an asylum."

Dhoom 3 is still kicking around YRF.

* Farah Khan is
very happy working with Katrina Kaif for Tees Maar Khan. Lucky Farah has also had her husband helping out on the sets!

And Kat has been offered an
item song in Prabu Deva's Ich that would be set in Paris... yes. Just, yes.

* Murli Sharma is going to be in
Dabangg! I liked him quite a bit in the Rohit Shetty genre, so some classic masala should be right up his alley!

Orange is only mentioned in passing in this interview with Genelia D'Souza - the interviewer preferred to grill her on her dating status. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? I don't who Genelia is dating but I do want to know about what is happening with Orange. She's not all of a sudden going to start talking about how she and Riteish are getting married (they're not!), so stop asking about it and ask her about her films.

New interview with my girl Hard Kaur!!!

Kings XI Punjab is not doing too well. Any words of encouragement for them?

No, just because I’m a Punjabi I don’t side with them. I feel bad though when anybody loses. At the end of the day, every body is an Indian. I’m not at anybody’s side. I’m at India’s side.

* Rajesh Khanna is
scaring the neighbors by wandering around topless.

And have some MONDAY SPARKLE!!!

Katrina Kaif at the Filmfare Awards! There is some classic bitch-face in the audience while she performs, so keep your eyes peeled!

Old is gold! Helen dancing at what appears to be a Long John Silver's restaurant!


MsBlogger said...

Paathshaala is definitely looking like it wil be uber cute...

I really like what Hard Kaur said there, she sounds like she has some basic common sense which is pretty rare these days :)

Anonlee said...

Filmigirl, sorry to be the voice of doom. I wish VO well but he always takes missteps.


Prince after mixed opening dropped over places where it was opened to good response and refused to pickup at Multiplexes where it was already performing poorly. First weekend is around 11.5 Crore. This is way below average collections and movie need to sustain very well over next weeks in order to get rid of disaster tag (due to costly affair).

Taran was wrong about Prince as he has been wrong in the past about a lot of movies.

Vivek is going to have egg on his face and should not have started celebrating so soon. When will he learn to be quiet and stay away from the media?

Filmi Girl said...

@MsBlogger Hard Kaur has so much common sense! I love her to bits... she's very down-to-earth.

@Anonlee I think the celebrating is because the film exceeded expectations on all levels, not because it was objectively a super-hit. I can give that if nothing else. :)

Anonlee said...

filmigirl, how did it exceed expectations? I'm confused. It has gotten bad reviews for the movie itself and Vivek's performance and bad WOM - D+(41%) -

The movie is a dud but let's hope the RGV movie does better.

honeycombveils said...

According to Abhishek's tweets - yes, a most reliable source indeed - he's trying to persuade K.Jo to direct Dhoom3! I've got nothing against Karan but I just don't see that one really gelling well.

Bombay Talkies said...

Re: the Filmfare performance anyone else annoyed by the applause track that gets added into every awards show performance? I'd love to score a ticket to one of those shows to get a real sense of the noise level of the audience...most of the time when the camera pans over the audience people could barely look less interested in what was going on on stage (even up in the cheap seats).


Shell said...

I'm with Bombay Talkies with the canned applause being annoying. I would love to sit in the audience one time and see what it's like for real. I imagine hearing a lot of crickets.

In other news, Shellie has decided she must go as a cowgirl for Halloween this year! OMG, I never realized Helen was so freakin adorable!!!

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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