Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Gossip!

Why is it so much easier to motivate myself to get up and going in the morning when I know I'll be seeing ASHA BHOSLE live in concert in the evening? I don't know... funny how that works!

Yes, I am going to see ASHA BHOSLE tonight! Stay tuned for the concert review but (spoiler alert) I'm sure it will be amazing.

Let's hit the GOSSIP!

Paathshaala is out today and Shahid Kapoor has not skimped on the promotions.

visited his old school in Delhi.

Dressed in a black jacket and sporting the much talked about bearded look, Shahid visited his old school- Gyan Bharti Public School- in Delhi, wherein he studied till the 4th grade. He met up with the students and the entire faculty of the school who welcomed him and took him on a short tour of the school. The star also had an opportunity to visit his old classroom which brought back memories of the days when he used to just be a carefree kid who enjoyed his school days. Shahid also got to meet two of his teachers who reminded him of his school days when he was a naughty but lovable child.

Reviews have been
pretty tepid.

Phoonk 2 also releases today - and RGV has already gotten his quote in all the gossip rags about how today is about a CROW vs. CHOCOLATE BOY SHAHID.

The actual writer/director of
Phoonk 2, Milind Gadagkar, is a bit less cocky about it all.

But then you do arrive along with Paathshaala. Don't you see any competition there?

I don't know much about this competition business yaar. May be after I have done 2-3 films, I would truly get an idea of what really is competition. Since this is my first film, I am not even thinking about the other film. I totally believe though that every film finds its own audience if it deserves so. We all know that
Lagaan and Gadar released on the same day and still they were huge. Now how do you explain that?

I said A BIT less cocky - I may enjoy me some Shahid Kapoor but I would say it's reaching to compare this showdown between
Paathshaala and Phoonk 2 to that of Lagaan and Gadar.

* Tired of merely reporting that Salman Khan is on Twitter - the big story today is making up a fake competition between him and
Shahrukh Khan. Believe you me that is NOT the only article like this to appear today.

Not everything is a showdown...

* Ranbir Kapoor - bless his heart - is still trying to revive the
RK Films banner! And good luck!

* Poor Asin trailer had a
gas leak - she is fine, though.

* Genelia and Riteish spotted
out and about.

* One of my favorite directors, Gurinder Chadha, is all about
It's A Wonderful Afterlife - which releases next weekend.

The film features ghosts, reincarnation and a wedding scene heavily influenced by Brian de Palma’s Carrie, but is nonetheless lighthearted. (A zom-rom-com, as Sanjeev Bhaskar, who plays one of three ghosts, calls it.)

“It started out as a horror film, then I realised I didn’t want to make a horror film,” Chadha says. “We [her husband and creative partner Paul Mayeda Berges] took a break. Then one day I cracked it. I realised it had to be about reincarnation. Without that, it’s just about killing people.”

* Rohit Shetty wrote some
new gaalis for Golmaal 3!

Have a teaser for SUPERSTAR KA JALWA!

You know who I want to see... about one minute in - watch the audience go crazy for my main man... ARSHAD WARSI!

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Shell said...

I totally forgot about It's a Wonderful Afterlife. I would have had no clue from the trailer that it was supposed to be a horror - looks more like a comedy to me. At any rate, I want to see it, but will have to wait for dvd. Sigh.

Also, thanks for sharing the Superstars Ka Jalwa clip. God, I feel like I've been starving on a desert island and Arshad's the fish I just caught! I just can't get enough!!! LOL! When does the show air?

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