Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Gossip!

Although there is a Friday every week, it still arrives as a pleasant surprise. "Oh, I don't have to go to work tomorrow? And all the new movies come out today? Is this some sort of magical day?"

Well, it's magical that
Housefull releases today!! Reports are that the film is mostly hilarious with Akshay and Riteish in top form but that Lara, Deepika, and Jiah are a bunch of wet noodles. So... pretty much what I was expecting. Why do people keep casting Lara and Deepika thinking that they can create chemistry? Just cast them as bikini eye candy and have done with it - leave the romance to Bebo, Kat, et. al.

Let's hit the gossip!

* Akshay Kumar is ready to do
another film with Priyanka.

"I'd love to work with Priyanka Chopra again. Mujhe koi aitraaz nahin hai. But I'm only doing comedy films these days. I don't know whether she wants to do a comedy film. Even Farah Khan's Tees Maar Khan is a comedy."

Honestly, I'd prefer if Piggy Chops didn't work with Akshay again because I try to avoid her films as much as possible (because of, you know, her terrible acting) and you all know I see every Akshay film to come out...

Have I told you enough times that I love Akshay Kumar? Well, I love Akshay Kumar! He's just so...

* And look what ye olde Google Alert dredged up - a story about
some tension over Hum Tum aur Ghost. Interesting...

“Maria interacted with everyone on the sets except Dia. Maria once threw a birthday party for a unit member and invited everyone including Dia, who refused to come. However, later, Dia locked herself in a room and howled to Arshad that Maria was insecure and had not invited her. Arshad’s been known to haul up his unit members if Dia complained that they weren’t doing things right.”

* I'm so tired of Barbara Mori and I haven't even seen
Kites yet - part of it is the fascination the press has with her just because she is foreign. This interview is fairly typical:

"Then I saw some Bollywood films and realised there’s a lot more dancing and singing than we have in Mexico. I found it funny in the beginning. There was a scene where Hrithik is supposed to have blood on his body, then there were these singing and dancing sequences - it was a little funny, yet I was quite fascinated. Now I look forward to more Bollywood movies."

* Poor Katrina Kaif misses
her family.

“It’s just me alone at home... and I honestly don’t know what to do. I’m alone so I don’t bother with my meals.”

I hear that - we single ladies have it tough sometimes. That's why I go out with my friends for dinner! Kat, next time you are in town, I'll take you out!

* Dharmendra is going to play Esha Deol's
on screen father! They are really going all out to re-launch Esha... and while she may be a perfectly nice person, I can't help but feel that this energy is better spent on other projects. Esha Deol is like Uday Chopra - just not cut out to be a mainstream success.

* Vikram is
way cool!

"For many days I had to shoot simultaneously in both the languages. It was amazing. I would do a sequence then I would go and change the make-up, take out all the dirt and blood, put another design of dirt and blood and do a sequence for the second language. Usually make-up takes an hour, but for this film here I had to get ready in 10 minutes to finish the fight sequences," said Vikram.

* Our Lady of Bebo is playing a
Pakistani spy in Agent Vinod. Somebody call Sunny Deol!

Word on the street is that she is playing a
Dhoom 2-style spy, which could be good but the Pakistan aspect worries me. Think masala, Saifeena, think Dhoom 2 - do NOT try to pretend this will be a "serious" film or I will hunt you down and play Jack Bauer.

Have an adorable behind-the-scenes from HOUSEFULL! I can't decide what my favorite part is - Riteish teasing Sajid Khan? Akshay practicing his pelvic thrusts? The background goris looking baffled?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life in 2050

So... the Sci-Fi London Film Festival is showing Love Story 2050 and I have to ask why.

The idea behind the Sci-Fi festival is to shine some light on genre films - specifically the sci-fi genre, which tends to get overlooked or ghettoized as not being "serious" or meaningful. You may not know that I have a double online life working with the boys over at
GeeksOn podcast, so I know that "unrealistic" stuff whether space ships or song picturizations is not taken seriously in American pop culture.

The only thing I can come up with is that
Love Story 2050 is being screened so that everyone can laugh at it and that makes me uncomfortable.

I don't know if you remember my post on
why I watch Bollywood but part of what I try to be careful is mocking things because they are different from what I am used to. And something about an audience full of white people laughing at Love Story 2050 having never seen any Bollywood before just really pushes my "yuck" button.

While I would love for Bollywood to be appreciated far and wide, this kind of ghettoizing of Bollywood as campy trash at a festival that is supposed to be about rescuing the genre of sci-fi from that
very same description is pretty ironic.

But, you know, maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe the festival organizers had no idea what kind of film they would be showing - maybe they never actually saw the film and are under the impression that it is good.

In that case, I pity the audience who walks into
Love Story 2050 expecting a sci-fi epic and getting a pile of... well, you know.

"What? The party's over?"

Thursday Gossip!

Just one more day until HOUSEFULL!! I am probably a little too psyched for this but I loved Heyy Babyy and I have a feeling that Housefull will be Heyy Babyy dialed up to 11 - especially since the dead weight of Fardeen Khan was replaced with the studly Arjun Rampal.

But let's check out today's news!

* Aamir Khan is going to be in Paris!! Fans should note that he is arranging a
fan meetup on May 2nd.

Bollywood ban stays in Bangladesh.

"Film enthusiasts can easily see good Indian films on cable television so why should we stop Indian films being screened in our cinemas?" Kazi Firoz Rashid, president of Bangladesh Cinema Halls Owners Association, told AFP.

I think they do this in Kerala, too, yes? To protect Sandalwood?

* Did I also mention that I love Sajid Khan? He's
not screening the film for the press because...

Says a producer: "My film has a monkey slapping Akshay Kumar, a dog, a tiger and sleepwalking father who suddenly comes awake to sing, 'Papa Jag Jayega'. It isn't the most logical of films. It's for the masses. So let the critics watch it with the masses on Friday."

* Aishwarya Rai offers a
nice solution to the dates problems for Action Replayy - she and Akshay are working, working, working this year!

* Do you know who else I love? Katrina Kaif. The gorgeous Kat has realized that too much exposure on the Internet can be
a bad thing and is not joining Twitter.

And do you know what I say? Thank GOD! I found out so many awful personality traits from Bollywood celebrities on Twitter that I don't need to know that Katrina eats fruit for breakfast or enjoys "hangin wit d gurlz" or whatever.

Good on you, Kat.

* Farhan Akhtar is making a
period film!

* Soha Ali Khan's long nightmare is over -
Accident is finished filming. The lady Ali Khan somehow managed to avoid shooting in Delhi, which is where Shiney is... because he's banned from entering Mumbai.

* Poor Arshad Warsi is mired in
Tobaccogate 2010 for smoking outside a school. This is so silly - almost as silly as VESTGATE 2010.

I do smoke but I was smoking outside the college campus and signing autographs near my van. There must be some mistake. Tusshar doesn't smoke at all so I don't know who is complaining about him and why. Nobody has asked us to go anywhere to give a statement and no complaint has been registered by the college. If the time comes, we shall extend our cooperation. I don't think we have done anything wrong. I would never smoke inside a school, college or educational institution - Arshad Warsi

* Shahrukh's wax version is heading to
Hong Kong for shooting!! He'll be there for 3 months so start planning your trips!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday News!

Hello, world!

Let's jump right in, there is a lot to cover today!

First, an editorial asking what happened to Indian
film critic from that overly serious folks of PFC.

So you had college students, trade analysts, housewives, marketing heads, everyone turning critics. It didn’t matter whether they have watched Kurosawa or Ray, Godard or Jarmusch, Guru Dutt or Raj Kapoor, as long as they could write a para on how Akshay Kumar lost his shorts while chasing Suniel Shetty, they had their jobs. And if they could name-drop from world cinema, whether that made any sense or not, their business was booming.

By the time the blogger logged in to write his new post, he naturally felt he was qualified enough to be a critic. His review now floated beside Khalid saab’s review in cyberspace. The lines got further blurred. It wasn’t a consideration that a blog post and a critical piece were different tubs of popcorn. Everyone had a say and they took themselves very seriously. Forget the blogger, the person commenting on his post was a bigger critic. The rediff comments by themselves could start a dogma cinema movement here.

Honestly, I never read film reviews from "professional" critics because they never write about the things I am concerned about in a film.

* Very good article on Bollywood villains who have
gone South where their villaining is still appreciated. People like Rahul Dev, Sonu Sood, et. al.

Talk about Arundhati, and Sood’s timbre goes up a register. “No question. It was the hardest, most challenging and most satisfying role I’ve done. It was the most difficult 250 days of my life. It would take me four hours to put on the make-up and nearly one hour to scrape it off. I was living on adrenaline while doing that role. What mainstream film in India can do away with the idea of a male hero in an action/thriller/mythological film?” he asks. Arundhati stormed the halls in 2009. And Sood won the Nandi Award (Telugu cinema awards) for Best Villain.

Having seen only 45 minutes of
Arundhati before I had to go to bed the other day, I can say with certainty that Sonu Sood looked like he was having the time of his life during the film - it's an electric performance!

* Katrina Kaif
is blunt.

Katrina feels that finding good friends was a very difficult task in the film industry.

"It's a reality, actresses are forced to accept. You can be friends with a director and he may not take you in his next film. You may find people who you counted on, not standing by you during your low phase. One has to be careful on what basis you are building your friendships," she said.

* Akki continues his
Housefull press blitz!

"Yes, it is my duty to pull in the crowds but then it is also my duty to keep them coming film after film. Even if a movie isn't the best as it should be, as a superstar one must be great enough to still convince people that the film is worth seeing even if it is just to see your performance and not the film."

That is the Bollywood spirit right there and there aren't too many of the new generation who are up to it. Ranbir, bro, you should start taking Hero lessons from Akki. Maybe the two of you should do a two-hero film so you can see how he works...

this is how you have a work ethic: Akki agreed to do an episode of K.Jo.'s new show but only if they filmed at 6am.

* The erstwhile chat show host wanted Imran to
look like John Abraham in Dostana for I Hate Luv Storys!

* People need to calm down about cigarettes - Arshad Warsi got scolding for
smoking by a college campus. What's the big deal?! Do you know how many college kids smoke?!

* Stealth hottie
Prakash Raj is going to announce his marriage soon! Congratulations in advance!


Housefull promotions are in full swing! These boys always look like they are having a blast!

Poor, sleepy Akki!

Sajid and Arjun camp it up!

And how is it possible that Riteish looks
soooo sweeeeeeeet?!

Lovely Sushmita Sen at her beauty pageant "I Am She"

Rajneeti promotions with gorgeous Kat and Ranbir!

luuuuurve the two of the them!

Akshay on

Siddharth on

And I promise that you will not regret watching
Minai's Southern Dance Extravaganza video:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday! Newsday!

Good morning! Let's see what the PR people in Bolly-town have stirred up for us!

* The reason behind the Akshay No. 1 Ladies Fan Club... Akshay Kumar gave an interview for Bollyspice!

How does it feel to still be called one of the hottest guy in Bollywood?

Was I ever called that? If so, I'm hugely flattered!

This iz my question! I iz a serious journalist!

* Akshay's
Housefull director Sajid Khan continues to amuse me by positively comparing Housefull to 3 Idiots!

Quite honestly I would be disappointed if Housefull does not do record breaking business. Heyy Babyy released in 2007 and Housefull is arriving in 2010. In 3 years, business has grown tremendously. I am extremely confident about the film because I know that the biggest hero I have here is the screenplay. This is a kind of movie that people would enjoy watching 2-3 times. For any blockbuster, it is a bare minimum requirement to have repeat value. This is what I kept in mind when I wrote Housefull with three other writers. 3 Idiots wouldn't have been such a huge blockbuster if people wouldn't have seen it 2-3 times.

* AR Rahman wants a
global stage but I think he's going to be disappointed if he thinks there will be a significant percentage of non-desis in the audience for his US tour.

* Govinda is diplomatic about his role in

“I did the role because my wife Sunita told me to. I’m glad I listened to her. Although mine is just a guest appearance, I’ve learnt so much working with Mani Ratnam. It was like going to an acting school, something I had never done in my career.

I was simply a student on location. I surrendered completely to Mani Sir’s vision. I really don’t care how big or small my role is. To me,
Raavan is a new beginning.”

* Ajay Devgn is pragmatic about

"I think power corrupts people. People who want to do good things...once they come to power, all become corrupt. You can't just blame the politicians. Where do they come from? From our society, we bring them. If they become corrupt, then we are corrupt, society is corrupt. Whom do we blame?"

There is the guy who made
Halla Bol... Ajay has a very serious side for sure.

* A development company wants to build a
Sholay-themed resort at Ramanagar and environmental activists are out in force.

* Somebody was teasing Katrina Kaif with boxes of her
favorite cakes.

* John Abraham is
back in business with a whole pile of films!

RAAVAN Trailer!!

I cannot WAIT for this!

Arshad and Shilp's salsa trailer!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Gossip!

Good morning, my darlings! What is in store for us today...?! You'll never guess! There is such goodness...

* Top Story today - Duggu to romance Bella! (
That's KStew and Hrithik in Shekhar Kapoor's latest film.)

* I know a lot of you don't like her but I think Katrina Kaif is SO CUTE!

She's releasing an album of
children's songs inspired by her niece.

And she'll be playing
Madhubala in the Kishore Kumar biopic!! YAY!

* Mallika Sherawat's
Hisss is finally releasing at Cannes! I've been dying to see this one - it's directed by Jennifer Lynch!

* Dia Mirza is
quitting Bollywood.

(cue cricket chirps)

* Maybe she can find work with Ram Gopal Varma, who is working on
a million new scripts.

"But the moment I start working on an idea with a writer, it'll come out to the media. I'm at any given point of time developing 10-12 ideas with my writers... For that matter people know only five [ideas/scripts], actually I have 10 more."

* Sunny Deol doesn't do
remakes. There are so many jokes just waiting to pour out on that one but I'll be good and resist.

No... Ah... Sunny Deol is a remake of Dharmendra! Bad, Filmi Girl!

* Apparently, Akshay Kumar is not happy about some comments made by
Karan Johar on the nature of the films that Akki does.

* And Shahrukh is furious as Yuvraj Singh for insinuating that SRK and Karan Johar are a real life
Dostana - as in the movie.

* Aishwarya talks about her role in

* Akshaye Khanna is fond of
sulking. No, really. Also, click the link for the worst/most hilarious picture of Akshaye's hair ever.

* Neha Dhupia continues to charm me by picking projects like
this one where she plays a dacoit.

* It's Akshay Kumar's turn for the
celebrity diary on!

11:15 am: Hope Tina does not kill me... got the kids a lot of horror toys they had asked for... scary masks, fake blood capsules that burst when you squeeze them, whistles etc... Heh heh! Aarav plans to use them on Tina.

Suck it, K.Jo.! Akshay is clearly awesome!

* And finally, Amitabh Bachchan cannot do anything without getting protests from somewhere - this time it's the Tamil diaspora protesting his visit to
Sri Lanka.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Raavan Music Launch!

Mani Ratnam's Raavan isn't out for another month but the music is already available!

Americans can check iTunes for the Hindi songs and the Tamil version of the OST should be out on the 30th.

1. "Beera Beera" sung by Vijay Prakash, Mustafa Kutoane
2. "Behene De" sung by Karthik, Mohammed Irfan
3. "Thok De Killi" sung by Sukhwinder Singh, Am'Nico
4. "Ranjha Ranjha" sung by Rekha Bhardwaj, Javed Ali
5. "Khilli Re" sung by Reena Bhardwaj
6. "Kata Kata" sung by Ila Arun, Sapna Awasthi, Kunal Ganjawala

Raavan team at the music launch!

Aishwarya with her two Raavans - Abhi and Vikram!

And with Mani Ratnam!

AR Rahman and Gulzar...

Aishwarya and Vikram!

And the always delightful Ila Arun!

Sunday Gossip!

Good mornings, my darlings!

Ready for a little Bollywood gossip?!

* The Guardian has a nice piece on the
IPL Scandals!

For Indians the IPL is the Champions League, FA Cup and Premier League title race rolled into one, uniting and dividing hundreds of millions of fans gathered wherever a television can be found, from the depths of the jungles to the highest mountain passes.

But it is becoming increasingly obvious that there is a dark underside to the glamour. Ever more popular, the IPL has fallen prey to the whims of politicians and the vast corporations benefiting from India's rapid transformation into an economic superpower: the plaything of a world riddled with financial skulduggery, allegations of match-fixing and rigged betting, and a unhealthy dose of political revenge.

* Bangladesh has lifted the ban on

* Shahid and Bebo are still clashing over
Milenge Milenge.

* Vikram's role(s) in
Raavan explained...

Have some cheesecake with your breakfast... a song promo from
Badmaash Company!

And one week to

Riteish, Arjun, and Sajid were promoting the film at Infiti Mall!

What a cutie pie!


I can't wait until

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Gossip!

Another day at the Twilight Convention today! And tomorrow is The Blue Mug!

But right now is gossip!

* Top Story today isn't Bollywood but it is interesting in the wake of the
Queer Film Festival in Mumbai - Archie Comics is going to feature an openly gay character! I'd like to give a big cheer to Archie Comics!

* Deepika Padukone
talks Housefull!

In case of a family entertainer Housefull, you must be having a far better comfort feel about the eventual outcome of the film, right?

I think Sajid (Khan) is good with this genre. I remember watching
Heyy Babyy and enjoying it tremendously. What I liked about the film was that despite its comic treatment, there was a lot of emotional depth to the narrative. The film had some meaning after all. The same holds good for Housefull. From an out and out commercial family entertainer like this, you would definitely come out feeling quite good. There is drama, action, romance and above all a beautiful bond of relationships right through the course of the film. It is a film that you would come out loving and enjoying. Even though the film is a comedy, the content has a lot of soul to it.

* Another one of the songs Aishwarya and Akshay are doing in their tribute to the 70s in
Action Replayy is "Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Band Ho" from Bobby!

* And speaking of Akki, Imran Khan has apparently based his character in
I Hate Luv Stories on the Khiladi himself!

* Kishore Kumar's son Amit is singing for
the Kishore Kumar biopic!

* The
Raavan OST is released and the Hindi version is up on iTunes - Vikram was in Mumbai for the release.

And SRK tweeted a pic from
Ra.1!! I can't wait for this movie!!

Catch you on the flip side!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hum Tum aur Ghost International Watch-Along!

Anybody interested in joining the INTERNATIONAL
Hum Tum aur Ghost watch-along please e-mail me at filmi.girl (at) gmail (dot) com or comment with your e-mail so I can get a head count.

Time: Evening of 7th May EST
Place: An exclusive chat room!


Friday Gossip!

Good morning, all!

Posting is going to be a bit light this weekend because I'll be attending the TWILIGHT CONVENTION!

(Because I'm just that awesome.)

Have a Friday gossip post!

* Top Story: Ram Charan Teja

“Why do I need to be in Bollywood when I have such a large base here? The amount of publicity and financial support that is given to us in the south cannot be matched in Bollywood."

Aisha is releasing August 6th!

This review of Kuch Kariye is hilarious - and probably more entertaining than the film.

Years ago, my friends often shot amateur videos involving themselves on a handycam. Dancing on popular songs and mouthing the same lines that were popular then, the amateur videos would be played amongst friends during a chilled out evening or during one of those relaxed evenings. The laughter while watching the amateur videos still resonates in my ears.

this review has the subtitle "brain hemorrhage."

* People interested in the non-lesbian drama
Apartment should know it's releasing online. Apparently, it's based on Single White Female. *sigh*

* John Abraham refuses to
grow a moustche for his Southern remake.

* Read an interesting take on
Bollywood casting.

Bollywood does multi-starrers. It swears by casting coups. But as stories get more realistic and less dependent on ‘star value’, the industry has begun to care about getting the ‘right cast’. And casting directors like Kishanchandani and Nandini Srikent (Luck By Chance, Karthik Calling Karthik, Wake Up Sid, Rock On!!), Atul Mongia (Love, Sex Aur Dhoka) and Abhimanyu Ray (Chak De! India, Teen Patti, Yuvraaj and Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year) have expertly slipped into the new role. Mongia put together a cast of unknown faces for Dibakar Banerjee’s latest film that got as many stars as the critically-acclaimed director. Luck By Chance won the Star Screen award.

* Will
Raavana be premiering at IIFA?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Gossip!

It may be raining outside but I'm wearing a cherry red skirt so the watch out, Thursday!

* I really like
Sushmita Sen! She talks about her latest project - a beauty contest called I Am She:

What kind of a winner are you looking for in ‘I Am She'?

Through this platform, we are looking for a girl who is a representative of the 21st Century. She should be good academically too because the winner of our contest will not only get glamorous prizes but also a scholarship. We have a few scholarships already with us — one is with The Milan Fashion Week and another with the New York Film Academy. This is the first time such a scholarship is being announced wherein another country will sponsor her education and provide her with food and shelter. If she wants to join Bollywood, she is welcome; I too did so. But I want them to also look for other opportunities — if they want to be a political analyst or a microbiologist, great.

* Tanushree Dutta says that the
lesbian-angle of Apartment was all just made up by the PR department. Considering all the fuss made over Neetu Singh's fake-lesbian photo shoot last year, they probably knew they would get press. This whole thing feels so dirty...

* Yash Raj's financial woes have forced Kabir Khan to put his
latest script on hold. Why they would do this to the guy who brought them on of their only hits last year... they must be in real financial trouble.

* Choreographer Saroj Khan
defends Bollywood!

Speaking to reporters at the press conference of Chak boom boom yesterday, Saroj Khan didn’t like the few media volleys thrown at her. She appeared pretty upset when of the scribes asked a very pertinent question whether Bollywood is having too much influence on today’s kids.

An irate Khan chided, “I don’t agree with this. We earn our daily bread from Bollywood. For decades, our industry has embraced classical dancing. Don’t degrade Bollywood by such comments”

Bollywood Hungama delivers the goods - a hilarious interview with Sajid Khan!

"Everybody who watches films for entertainment will like my films. I'm not talking about the art house cinema goers and the one to two percent of such critical critics. I have seen so much change in Akshay, not as an actor, but as a performer too. His sense for comedy is like a clean slate. You can write something and rub it off and again write. He absorbs a lot. More than anything else, I have yet to see any actor do a better comic role than Akshay when it comes to slapstick comedy. What Kishore Kumar used to bring on table with his physical comic roles, Akshay brings the same."

* We're getting two heroines for
Double Dhamaal! At the insistence of Sanju and Arshad, apparently...

* Are Saif and Farhan now

* John Abraham
refuses to promote 1-800-Love.

Tere Bin Laden starring Pakistani Rocker ALI ZAFAR

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Gossip!

Good morning!

Let's see what the heck is going on in Bollywood!

HOUSEFULL - as April 30th has inched closer and closer I've been getting more and more excited for this one. Sajid Khan, don't fail me now!

Akshay Kumar
says: "My heart and soul is wherever Sajid's is. He had me completely sold on Housefull the first time he gave me just a solitary scene idea. That man is mad. He is not only the funniest guy that I have ever met; he also carries tremendous confidence with him. No one can touch him and even if you were to try and mess with his logic, he will whip the carpet from underneath you."

And as for Sajid Khan -
he says:

"HOUSEFULL may not get the praise of 3 IDIOTS, but will get its business."

Music to my ears, brother!

And don't forget my epic essay on Hey Babyy if you want my take on Sajid Khan.

* Abbas Tyrewala scrapped a song shot for
1-800-Love because it was too Western - because he used a Western choreographer. Can we all just *face palm* here for a second.

"It doesn't fit my definition of a Bollywood song. I realise Michael [Gracey] is good for Bollywood-styled music videos. But he can't integrate his vision into a Bollywood film."

* The
Mr. India sequel is going to be shot in 3-D - Salman Khan is playing the villain. I'm torn between want and do-not-want.

* Sendhil Ramamurthy doesn't speak Hindi but had to memorize 15 words for Ekta Kapoor's
Shor. He says this:

"When I was here the last time my producer Ekta Kapoor had thrown a party for me to meet the Bollywood actors and actresses. When I apologetically confessed that I didn't speak in Hindi, they said, 'Neither do we.'"

* IIFA is belatedly trying to get Southie stars to show up to the even in
Sri Lanka. "Oh, so NOW you want us," seems to be the response...

* AR Rahman is preforming his music from
Raavan live for the launch on April 24th.

Screen India runs down the films held back from release in 2009.

Himesh Reshammiya seems to be affected the most with all his three under-production movies, Kajraare, A New Love Isshtory, and Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh Mud Mud Ke being stuck at various levels. Sanjay Gupta’s Alibaug has been in trouble ever since he split from the film’s lead actor Sanjay Dutt. Only 70 per cent of the film has been shot so far since its inception in 2008. Buzz is that shooting for the movie will resume in September 2010.

* And just because I like when people zing Aamir Khan for taking himself too seroiusly - Naseer Khan on his tiff with
The Perfectionst:

"I believe Aamir is the only commodity in mainstream Hindi cinema that is being used productively and to make statements about the quality of our lives. As for the past, let's not talk about it. All I will say is, I had misjudged the extent of Aamir's contribution to Sarfarosh."

Oh, Naseer - never change!

And how about some MOVIE POSTERS!!

Allu Arjun's


And Salman Khan on the cover of Cineblitz!

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