Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Gossip!

There is nothing more satisfying than a strong cup of black-as-doom coffee while sitting here and typing up the morning's gossip for you lovely people out there in the Internets.

Just a note, there is SO MUCH out there about the Bachchan-Sea Link flap but none of it seems important. Well, nothing except Shotgun Sinha's
comments (via @daddy'sgirlali) on the matter which, as always, are hilarious. Can we just get the guy a talk show and be done with it?

Sinha, who is apparently not on good terms with Bachchan despite the two working together in many a box office hits like Dostana, Kala Pathar, Shaan, and Naseeb, said "it is not a national duty of Amitabh Bachchan to propagate and promote, become brand ambassador right from digestive pill to hair oil or opening Bandra-Kurla sealink express.

* You know what story I'm all over, though: the one where Arshad Warsi does stuff! He
talks about his upcoming film.

"My next step will be direction. I am working on a script," said Arshad. "The film will be a quirky, action comedy. It will be a Guy Ritchie kind of film with effective one-liners and stuff."

Dude, I have so many ideas for this - all excellent, of course, you know I have great taste - so hit me up!

Also, apparently
Shortkut 2 is go. I can only hope that it's better than Shortkut 1, which was abysmal. I couldn't even finish watching it and I'm probably as big a fan as they come. Also, I could never finish Goal.

* See, this is why I loathe most critics: they hated Ranbir's Youngistan Ka Wow commercials! Who could hate this?

Thankfully not the public, who embraced Youngistan and now Ranbir is doing a super-pricy
Pepsi ad which we all already knew about but it's still fun to see "Youngistan Ka WOW"!

Indian ads really are the best.

* Mumbai's gay community applauds Ricky Martin's decision to come out of the closet.

Make-up artiste Cherag Bambboat agrees. "I see so many people in the entertainment industry who are gay, but secretive. Though, now, things are changing. This gives Ricky so much dignity and self-respect, I am sure he would be more at peace now," he said.

* Shahid Kapoor travels back in time with
school memories!

Remember any girls from your school days?

Yes. There was a girl in my school when I was in Standard 8 whom I had a crush on and I used to go to tuition class only because she went there but she was also keen on another guy and dhokha happened!

* Deepika Padukone is trying a new acting style in
Housefull and believe me, I am excited to see it. Also, how did I miss that Housefull opens April 30th and not this weekend like I thought it did.

Clearly, I am in need of a professional scheduler. Any takers? I can't pay much (or anything) but I promise you that most of my life revolves around knowing things like when the new Akshay Kumar film opens.

* I love
this story from Gurrinder Chadha:

"Sendhil flew to London and we had lunch," informs Chadha. "He said he was determined to be in one of my films and happily he was perfect for the role; a good-looking out of towner who has not been in touch with Roopie and her family for a while. Sendhil was great on set, extremely disciplined and conscientious, and he made many a female heart flutter when he did a take - and some guys too!" she laughs.

And read an interview with

How’s your on-screen interaction been with Shabana Azmi?

I didn’t have too many scenes on camera with Shabana. The only dialogues that we have were limited to me saying, ‘Hello Aunty’ and she saying, ‘Hello Raj’. Off-screen, we had a good time. When I was in Mumbai to shoot Shor [note from FG-Ekta Kapoor's film], we had exchanged text messages. Someday, I’d want to do another film and even, a play with Shabana.

* Bebo is going to be playing a role based on the
Marilyn Monore in Madhur Bhandarkar's next film. If I trust anybody to get the tragic life of Marilyn right, it's Bebo. Well, Kangana, too, but Bebo is a great choice.

* Jacqueline Fernandez didn't want to
dub for herself in JKSAH.

"I am new to Hindi and this is why I was relieved when someone else dubbed for me in my debut flick ALADIN. For obvious reasons, I was always under the impression that same would be repeated in JAANE KAHAN SE AAYI HAI as well since my Hindi still hadn't reached perfection while I was shooting for the film."

But if she's an alien, then her Hindi wouldn't have to be perfect! Score! Maybe all aliens sound like they are from Sri Lanka... I mean, we can't say for sure that they

* Bipasha Basu threw a
temper tantrum at a promotional event and it sounds pretty bad. I wonder what happened to make Bips so upset...

The source adds that because Bipasha had come in late, she could only meet half the contest winners. The event had started without her, She refused to wait for an hour saying she was in a hurry and had to leave. The event managers and the brand folk refused. The actress got up, almost rudely ticking them off and stomped out to her car. In fact, she was so upset that she even left her managers behind before anyone could even react!

* Ranvir Shorey is going to be in a
new movie!! Hooray!

The story talks about a group of people who find themselves in various situations that threaten their survival and when they try to get out of their respective mess, their greed and karma takes over them. The mixture of funny yet real life gives you a full dose of entertainment and comedy.

And one man who can easily handle a mixture of 'funny yet real life' is Ranvir Shorey!

Speaking of the man, I wish WISH I could go see his
new play.

Based on "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat" (the book recounts the case histories of patients lost in the bizarre, apparently inescapable world of neurological disorders; patients who have lost their memories) by Oliver Sacks, the play saw temperatures soaring inside a city auditorium, even as Kolkata experienced thunder showers on Saturday evening.

* Oh, I love Miss Thing! Katrina is only going to do
solo-heroine films from now on.

"I am not saying I won't do films with other leading ladies, but for now, I'm happy in the space I am. Why should I unnecessarily rock the boat? And yes, I am finally about to lock the deal to produce my film. It's a fabulous role and I've been angling for the remake rights for quite some time. I'd like to get down to it as soon as possible."

This had better be the remake of
Hors de Prix that we I have been angling for!


Shell said...

I'm finding this whole Ricky Martin thing interesting. I wonder why people are applauding him so much when he stayed in the closet sooo long (despite rumours flying around after his first successful album which was what 10 years ago?). I would think the gay community would be applauding people like Adam Lambert who are proud about who they are from the get go.

Bebo as Marilyn-esque? Could be okay, but I always saw Marilyn as much softer then Kareena.

lvrplfc4l said...

Any idea on the French movie she wants to remake? If I could pick one for her it would be to remake Hors de prix (Priceless). I'd love to see her in Audrey Tautou's role of Irene.

Filmi Girl said...

@shell I see your point - but I think for Ricky Martin to announce that he is gay when for years he was Mr. "rumored to be dating" some random woman, is encouraging for other people who may have led high profile and closeted lives.

Bebo would have to gain about 15 pounds to play Marilyn properly but we all know she won't. :)

I do love me some vintage Monroe films... "We're just two little girls from Little Rock..."

@lvrplfc4l From all the hints it HAS to be Hors De Prix - I can't think of another that fits.

I wonder who they are going to cast as the male lead. Somebody vaguely goofy would be perfect - like Ranvir Shorey!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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