Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Gossip!

ETA: Sorry, guys, my browser crashed while I was typing this so I had to some quick refinding of links and don't have time for my fashion post this morning!!! I will get the last bit of Lakme up tonight!

Good moooooorning!

It's been Akon-central in the gossip papers today! I hope Ra.1 lives up to the hype...

* Stardust explains it all for you...

The main reason for Shah Rukh Khan to bring in Akon for his upcoming home production was the edgy nature of his song which forces people to dance on his tunes. King Khan feels that the combination of his own charisma and Akon’s edginess should do the trick for ‘Ra 1’ at the box office, as his earlier home production ‘Billoo Barber’ had failed to make much headway at the box office.

Although, to be fair, the Billu soundtrack did very well.

* When not partying with Akon, Bebo is getting behind Milenge Milenge! (I can't wait for this one!)

"I have absolutely no problems sharing stage with Shahid for the film's promotion. When I am willing to do films with him, why would I hesitate from the promotional perspective? I also heard recently that I had said 'no' to shooting for a music video with him to promote MILENGE MILENGE. Now someone has to tell me where did that come from? Was any quote of mine seen anywhere? Puhleeze, I am there for the makers whenever they call me".

Ah... any day that starts with a quote from Bebo is a good one! I like the way the transcriber did that 'puleeze'...

* Katrina and Ranbir are shooting a promotional video for Rajneeti!

Says the director Prakash Jha, "We certainly don't want to pitch Raajneeti as a dry political drama .Ranbir and Katrina are big commercial stars. We want their fans to see our film as an entertainer. At an edited length of about 3 hours' playing-time, we want viewers to be glued to the edge of their seats. I wouldn't call it a multi- star cast film .I'd call it a multi-actor film."

* Deepika Padukone suggested some changes to a script by Nana Patekar... this did not please Nana.

* Subhash Ghai is feeling confident about Right Yaa Wrong - and I have to admit that a film with Irrfan and Koko is something that I am interested in.

* Irrfan may not be getting along with Sunny Deol but one thing he loves is working in international cinema.

* Siddharth is turning producer!

* Housefull should be good for my Akshay Kumar! Also, Hard Kaur confirms what we all know: he's naughty!

* Kailash Kher thinks his voice suits every hero.

* Attention Americans: along with recutting the film Brett Ratner is having Kites dubbed into English.

IFC explains it for you...

The danger of recutting, of course, is risking choppiness and/or total incoherence. My favorite example was the Weinstein Company's drastic sheering of "The Protector," the lavishly entertaining follow-up to "Ong Bak." Displaying a nearly total mistrust of the audience, the Weinsteins went all out, removing 25 minutes, changing entire plotlines in the subtitles and even cutting down the fight scenes (the film's very raison d'etre).

Interesting... I almost want to see both versions of Kites and then do a compare/contrast in the interests of science.

* Steven Baker covers Abhishek's London trip!

* And gorgeous Sandalwood star Aindrita Rai is not heading for Bollywood! She likes it just fine in Bangalore, thank you very much!

The new king of Bollywood!

DAAAAAAMN! SRK is looking fine! Check out that slouch... #SRKAngels, this one is for you!

I love the expression on Bebo's face here... she makes it at me all the time.

The gorgeous cougar Dimple Kapadia!

And hot uncle Suniel Shetty at the music launch of Tum Milo To Sahi - the film releases April 12th and is about 'love at different ages.'

Well, I love Dimple at all her ages!


Anita said...

Lol, #SRKAngels shout-out, whoo!!! XD

shell said...

LMAO!!! Uh, oh, #SRKAngels are gaining popularity if we've made the gossip blog!!!

Ah, Bebo, you are divine!

I admit that I'd lost interest in Kites until I saw the preview before MNIK. I'd like to see that comparison. Something tells me though that the home version is going to kick the international version's ASS!

martoufmarty said...

Dubbing is EVIL. Unless it's something like the old Gojira films, or a Bruce Lee flick (or something like that).

But nowadays? Just say no to dubbing.

I love all cinema but I walked out of Old Boy a few years ago when my parents were watching it because it was dubbed.

Anishok said...

LMAO!!! Uh, oh, #SRKAngels are gaining popularity if we've made the gossip blog!!!

Damn, we're the bomb! #SRKAngels for the WIN! XD

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