Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Gossip!

Good morning, all! Another yucky, rainy day here - I wish I was soaking up the summer heat in Bombay but I'll just have to put another sweater on and deal with it.


Let's hit the gossip!

Actually, let's start with this interesting piece that went back and spoke with some of the
African American actors who were in My Name is Khan.

In the bigger picture, Lee said his perception of the way African American people were shown in the film’s landscape changed the way he saw the impact of his character: “After watching the film there’s a homeless black dude and then there’s the whole Wilhemina Georgia scene with the mammy ['Mama Jenny'] and the picaninny ['Funny Haired Joel'].

"I think the only Black character of any status would be the president, which is based on reality, that’s not something they made up, that already existed. If the president were still George Bush, then George Bush would have been the president. If McCain had won, the president would have been McCain. So we have the heroic black president because that’s what reality is right now. But based on the Wilhemina scene and the homeless black dude, I don’t think that there would have been any heroic black character in the film [if Obama weren’t president].

* Trisha thinks Akshay Kumar has been a
good teacher for Bollywood acting.

* Priyadarshan must be glad that he has seasoned professionals like Trisha and Akki in
Khatta Meetha because he is doing four films this year and I can only imagine how tiring it must be to work with newcomers.

* Read about how Dia Mirza thinks her link-up rumors
are good publicity.

But then doesn't all of this come with the territory of being an actor?

Ok, so all of this does come with a territory and as actors you have to get used to it. But then in a lifespan of being an actor, for how many times can you continue to defend yourself? It does hurt after all when you hear about your untrue romantic tales.

Well, it's not so much what she says as the fact that she gives an entire interview about it.

* Speaking of link-up rumors, Sussanne is accompanying Barbara Mori and Hrithik on their
promotional tour of the US.

* Abhay Deol wants to
Save the Bears!

* SRK and Hrithik are now
BFF according to the author of this article.

Now both the actors are the best friends and confirming the buzz Hrithik says, “We have our wives to thank for this. Gauri and Sussanne are very close. And yes, in a way they have brought Shah Rukh and me closer. Shah Rukh has always been extremely warm even when we were not so close. I have come to respect him for that.”

Slow news day?

* This is the sweetest and saddest thing you will read all day: Ricky Martin inspires Nepal's
gay community!

"We are absolutely joyous that Ricky Martin has honestly revealed his sexual orientation," said Sunil Babu Pant, the Himalayan nation’s only openly gay celebrity who is now also an icon for the sexual minorities in South Asia. "The coming out of celebrities helps the cause of grassroot lesbian, gay and third gender people. It raises their self-esteem and makes society regard them with a more positive attitude."

Are you listening, closeted Bollywood stars?

* Mumbai seems set to capitalize on Bollywood as a source of
tourism. And about time!

* Cutie Aarya Babbar got
carried away on the sets of Tees Maar Khan!

* Bebo has lost out on a role in the Kishore Kumar biopic because they've cast

* Sonam and Shahid are going to be
shooting in Scotland - but also, hilariously, the producers didn't realize Sonam is taller than Shahid.


ajnabi said...

That's so funny about Shahid and Sonam. I think they should write the height difference into the script and make it funnier. ;-)

That article about the African American actors in MNIK is really interesting. I'm glad you found it because it validates everything I heard others saying about it.

Filmi Girl said...

@ajnabi Isn't that MNIK thing interesting? I hope the Indian press picks up on this, too.

Shell said...

Interesting that Mumbai is only just now going to try banking on the industry as a tourism draw. Though if the city really wants to give the viewer a full experience, they should open up a public tour of Film City. I mean costumes and props are cool, but to see a set is amazing!

Christine Menefee said...

The MNIK article as certainly interesting and confirmed my own fears as the film was being made, both about the flood and the depiction of African Americans. I too hope it will be read in India!

OTOH speaking of cultural research, the author might have learned something about the different naming systems in Indian cultures. It's about the first thing you have to learn when you live there. It's irritating enough that Kajol is now called Kajol Devgan in all these articles, it's even more so when she's referred to as Devgan! And even in Western entertainment, it's not that unusual for a performer to go by just one name. So why do they find it so hard to just call her Kajol?

honeycombveils said...

Have I read correctly? "Kites" will have a premiere in New York?! Alright, I'm there!!! I wish I had some strings to pull to get an invite for the party!

Filmi Girl said...

@shell There also needs to be somebody stepping up the Star House tours like they have in Hollywood! Amit-ji's house isn't going to find itself, Mumbai!

@Christine That bothers me a lot in articles about Indians in General. It's always weird seeing Shahrukh Khan being referred to as Mr. Khan. Shahrukh-ji, people, get it right! ;P

@honeycombveils Hee hee! I'll try my best... and break apart the feuding Barbara Mori and Sussanne.

lvrplfc4l said...

So is the article made up or did Dia forget what she tweeted two weeks ago.
When I'm asked abt wht I feel abt being linked up w/ my co actors film after film ive only 1 thing 2 say, actresses R not prostitutes.
I'm not standing on a moral pedestal saying that, but i admit it sickens me when idle minds create hurtful stories 2 sell their tabloids!
She seemed quite peeved about at the time she tweeted so which do you think it is?

Filmi Girl said...

@lvrplfc4l I suspect that she realized keeping herself in the media by talking about link-ups was better than angrily tweeting about how insulted she was... especially since HTAG was a big flop and she doesn't have a Golmaal 3 to fling herself into.

(Plus, I suspect from Arshad's maudlin tweets about not wanting to look for love anymore that the alleged fling must have be over.)

d said...

Thank you for linking to the article on the African-Americans' thoughts on MNIK. Some things are certainly on the mark, but the fellow quoted underestimates the power of the Obama image in India. (Like so many other places!) He's iconic there in a way that McCain is not; Bush is iconic in a very different way (cf. Kamal Hassan's Bush in Dasavatharam) that wouldn't have been appropriate there. Whether there would have been a movie without Obama, who knows; I don't know what inspired MNIK and when; but I think it's highly unlikely that it would have been identical up to the choice of presidential double. While Bollywood loves them some black people in their own slightly disturbing fashion, it's not clear whether there would have been a reason to have all of the other black characters without Obama.

You might also have a look at another local article regarding the depiction of the suburb SRK and Kajol move to in the film:

"Devgan" for Kajol is obviously problematic, but I think it's probably just confusion by people who don't know anything about her or her famous surname. However, I don't think "Mr. Khan" is quite the same situation; Khan saa(ha)b would be a reasonable polite form of address for him, and is captured reasonably well by Mr. Khan; I don't know any appropriate analogue in English that would use his good name, given that he's not a knight/OBE. (But there's a print/spoken difference; newspapers, in Hindi or Urdu at least, wouldn't write either shahrukh ji or khan saab, but simply his (first) name, and since English newspaper conventions demand some form of politeness , I can't think of a better solution.)

Certainly no newspaper, in Hindi or Urdu at least, would refer to him as Shah Rukh ji;

bollysupersonic77@gmail.com said...

Thanks for the link to the article about African-Americans. That was one of my gripes with MNIK... Actually, I think I shouted my disgust or rather my dismay when I saw the portrayal of African-Americans on screen much to the embarrassment of my friend at the time. Actually, this is a long-standing gripe for whenever they portray African-Americans or Africans it is a exaggerated caricature is often derogatory in nature.

As for the Kites premiere... I am here in NYC... If the weather holds up, I am up for doing a Hrithik stakeout. Don't really care too much about the film due to them doing 2 different edits (really?) and the poor advertising campaign but hey... bollywood stars outing I am down for :)

I share Shell's surprise on Mumbai just now capitalizing on the industry as a tourism draw... I think all of the industries (Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengal, etc...) should do this as well... I am still saving my pennies in hopes of making a trip there and could definitely see myself wanting to visit the other industry's film studios/sites.

Filmi Girl said...

@d You make some good points - I was being a bit facetious, hence the winky emoticon, but it is so weird seeing SRK called "Mr. Khan" rather than Shahrukh, which is what I am used to seeing him referred to in the English languge Indian media.

I would love to pick Karan Johar's brain over where the idea for MNIK came from - it would certainly be interesting if Obama inspired the entire film...

@bollysupersonic I plan on trying to make it up to at least stalk him on the red carpet! We should try to do a mini-"Kites" meetup that weekend!

Ami said...

regarding the MNIK article..i'm not saying these people should stop whining or anything..but i don't see popular films from african american communities that give us a heroic depiction of an african american character in a society. oh, except when will smith is on. he's always doing heroic stuff in his movies.

i think it's just too much to expect a movie made by people from another culture championing the case of your case by inserting a heroic character from your community. hey..muslims are depicted horrendously by Hollywood all the time. Know what I did? I turn off my TV. can't complain too much about it coz i don't see good popular movies produced by prominent movie makers from the muslim community.

just wanna say, let's not just complain..show a prototype. then good works from others will follow.

Christine Menefee said...

Regarding the idea for the movie, I don't know how much weight should be given to this, it's probably just sound bites, and maybe you've already seen/heard this and discounted it, but SRK has said in a couple of interviews that he gave KJo a copy of the book, The Curious Case of the Dog etc., suggesting to him that he make a story about an autistic boy, and his idea was to be the father, and then KJo came back later with the MNIK story starring HIM as the autistic character. For what it's worth.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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