Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Gossip!

Good morning, all! It's another lovely spring day and the cherry blossoms are out in bloom here in Washington, DC!

Shall we see what is happening in good old Bolly-town?

Five questions with the guy with no patience for typical Bollywood schmoozing: Arshad Warsi!

Even Vidhu Vinod Chopra seems to have a problem with you ... he said you can’t handle success.

Vinod has an opinion about everyone, and he says that about everyone. I don’t have any problem with him. If another
Munnabhai film is made, I will definitely be a part of it.

All I know is that if another
Munnabhai film is made and Arshad isn't a part of it then I will probably not be seeing it.

* Dimple Kapadia!!! She is still so very

“I’ve worked with Rishi on a couple of films. He has been consistently good, he always had brilliant energy. But now, my god, he is an atom bomb. I am so glad he is doing so much work these days,” said Dimple.

Do you know she is about ages with Suniel Shetty and Sanjay Dutt? I don't know why that hadn't occurred to me before. Perhaps because Dimple doesn't get to romance young twenty-somethings like Suniel and Sanjay.

Can I start a petition to get Dimple opposite Suniel Shetty in an upcoming film?! Any takers?

* Bollywood is getting smart about
beating IPL...

Bollywood has smartened up and it is not allowing itself to be exhumed in the manner of the year gone by. It is making best use of the six weeks made available for itself before IPL concludes and biggies start making the round of theatres once again. However, smaller and medium budget films aren't willing to be steamrolled later in the day when audience would have a choice to pick between the top stars/banners and them.

It's actually not a bad strategy. I think
99 came out last year around this time and I definitely wouldn't have been able to see it if there had been a release out with a bigger star. Maybe IPL season can also become a mini small-budget film season!

Case in point:
Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge. The Ajay-Konkona starrer has been a sleeper hit at the box office!

* Salman Khan has settled into the next phase of
his career: remaking South hits. And Asin might be playing his leading lady...

* Shahid and Bebo are
getting together to shoot a promotional video for Milenge Milenge!! Film released in July!

* There is some fuss over Amitabh Bachchan's appearance at the Sea Link Inauguration that
means nothing to me as I don't follow Indian politics. Maybe somebody else can explain it...

* Latest link-up alert:
Neil Nitin Mukesh and Asin!

* I still can't quite sort out
Katrina's current projects. She's doing Tees Maar Khan for sure and now Khamoshi and Dostana 2 but has been dropped from the Imtiaz Ali project and Thank You. That sounds about right but who knows! Probably not even Katrina!

* Lovely Akshay Kumar has been asked to do a film with
Jacky Bhagnani. I'm sure if he is paid enough, he'll agree to it...

* Speaking of Akki, Bobby Deol has been added to the cast of
Thank You.

And Bobby's father will be seen onscreen with his second wife for the first time in TWENTY YEARS for Esha's
Tell Me Oh Khuda.

Hey, if a little nepotizzz is what it takes to get Dharam and Hema on screen together again, I'm all for it.

* A small time actor is being held
for murder.


I still cannot wait for this film... and yet I've been patiently waiting for what feels like 2 years already...

Badmaash Company TRAILER!


layla-aaron said...

I'd sign the Dimple-Suniel pairing petition. :D I think they would be wonderful onscreen together.

ajnabi said...

Badmaash Company looks like a lot of fun! That moment when Shahid pulls Anoushka in for a kiss--nice. :-)

I know Genelia isn't a general favorite in the Bolly-blogosphere, but I like her and I think it'd be fun for Ready to be remade with her in the lead again opposite Salman. All that manic energy opposite his onscreen laconic reserve might be nice.

Anita said...

Suffice it to say that Amitabh has a history of a HUGE controversy with the Congress party, so him showing up at one of their events is cray cray. ;)

Filmi Girl said...

@layla-aaron Yay!! That's at least two of us!

@ajnabi I KNOW! We haven't had a big budget(ish) heist/hijinx entertainer come out in a while - last one I can think of was Blue, which was terrible.

@anita Ahhhh... I am so involved with American politics that I tend to tune out everybody else's... :)

myrna-nora said...

Badmaash Company looks fun. I love heist films, and I like Shahid's disguises.

Michael Barnum said...

Would so love to see a Dimple/Suniel pairing also, in a nice comdey...perhaps a remake of YOURS, MINE, AND OURS!

Filmi Girl said...

@myrna-nora Doesn't it look fun?! If Shahid + disguises isn't hilarious and entertaining, then somebody is doing something gravely wrong over there... ;D

@Michael Woo! There's three of us on board the Dimple-Suniel train! Yours Mine and Ours could totally work... or just a grown-up romance. :D

Never Mind!! said...

Dimple is about the same age of Suneil and Sanju Baba!! I cannot believe it. But sure, I am all for Suneil and Dimple pairing! OK i have used up my quota of exclamation points and need to stop now.

MsBlogger said...

Thank you so much for posting the BC trailer, I have another excuse for watching it now!

I'm definitely looking forward to it badly, beacause the last Shahid film that blew me off my feet was Kaminey and we haven't had one like that after...

I'm sure it'll be a thoruogh entertainer and c'mon its hard to go any worse than Blue :)

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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