Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Gossip!

I'm sure it's not a good sign that I woke up this morning both unsure of where I was and what day it was. The answer to those questions is a) in my bed and b) Monday.

The day can only go up from here!

Tees Maar Khan! Poor Katrina's head somehow collided with Akshay's face. And then he bit her. Or something.

This article wins for most ridiculous tag of the day. After basically rehashing the fact that Kat is doing an item song in Tees Maar Khan the author chooses to end it this way:

Wonder how Salman Khan will react to Katrina's latest move!

Gosh, I don't know! Will he punch her?

Oh, for the love of Sarcasm, never change, gossip writers!

* More information on
Arshad's cop movie!!

This film by Bejoy narrates the tale of an out of job cop (played by Arshad) who is brought into a case when a few drunk rich kids run over pedestrians. The incidents don't just shock the nation but also snowball into something bigger in days to follow.

That sounds really, really good! I wonder who Kalki will play - one of the rich kids? And then she falls in love with Arshad's cop?!

(Can I be watching this movie already, please?)

And check out his
Celebrity Diary from Our boy is looking so thin!! It must be all that stress - have something nice and fattening for lunch, Ashu-ji!

* I genuinely think Riteish Deshmukh is one of Bollywood's great and underused talents. He has such a natural charm about him. He talks about
his upcoming films.

"Comedy in HOUSEFULL is completely whacked out. It is over the top where things would be really on your face at one moment and then suddenly, the next scene would be far more subtle. There is a fine balance. On the other hand JAANE KAHAN SE AAYI HAI follows a romcom mood throughout. It is extremely youthful though the subtlety element is prevalent right through its duration."

* Nana Patekar is one of the more interesting actors in Bollywood - read
a new interview with him promoting Tum Milo Toh Sahi!

When you were offered this role in Tum Milo Toh Sahi, of a south Indian middle aged guy, did you ever consciously feel like doing something different with this one?

This one is interesting; you can figure that out from the get up itself. He is a meek guy, a complete loner. According to me, he has his share of eccentricities, and he is extremely whimsical. This is an outcome of the fact that he is all by himself. When his loneliness passes him by, he is a different person. Like some people forget to laugh, it's not like they don't know how to or they have never laughed in their life, but they get used to not laughing, especially such events are happening in their life that they never find the opportunity to do so. He is like that.

* Piggy Chops will be in
Brazil for filming of Katron Ke Khiladi 3. It won't be the same without Akki... he's moving into producing television.

* Poor Kangana Ranaut injured her foot while shooting for
Tanu Weds Manu.

* Pratik Babbar shot for Dum Maro Dum with the chickenpox!

* Interesting look on who is
to blame for poor box office showings this past weekend.

Seriously, can one blame the makers of the films, especially in cases like ‘Hum Tum Aur Ghost’ and ‘Well Done Abba’, when buyers like Studio 18 and Big Pictures apparently didn’t even go all out in their marketing and promotional campaign. Ok, so these were not masterpieces in the offering but then they deserved much more than approximately 20%-30% opening that they fetched. As for the remaining three films, well the shoddy production values and treatment made them just the right candidates for an early exit from theaters.

* And finally, more spillover from the
Big B attends Sea Link Ceremony scandal:

In his latest blog, Modi strongly defended Bachchan's right to be at the ceremony.

Bachchan's presence at the function had triggered resentment among some Congressmen, as he is the brand ambassador for Gujarat and said to be close to Modi.

"These Talibans of Untouchability have lost all their sensibilities in their pursuit of anti-Gujarat attitudes," Modi said.


ajnabi said...

I think Salman'll settle for a head butt. ;-)

Filmi Girl said...

@ajnabi But Akki got there first! If Sallu-bhai does it now, it will just seem like sloppy seconds... ROFL!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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