Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Gossip!

Can you believe it? I have no idea how I made it through Arshad Warsi Week in one piece... little did I know how much work was in store for me.

I think I'll wait a while before starting up the RANVIR SHOREY EXTRAVAGANZA WEEK 2010! All interested participants, let me know what dates work for you!

So, let's get ready to rummmbbbbbllllleeeeee!

* It's always a good day when I can start with some unselfaware and pompous quotes from people!

Vikram Bhatt:

"Well yes, it is true that in horror films, it is the director who is the star. In fact that's a trend across the world where most of the horror classics too haven't quite boasted of big actors. Have you ever heard of a Tom Cruise or an Arnold or a Stallone in a horror film?"

See, Vikram-sir, the actors may not be big but you know who is really the star of those horror films? ACTRESSES! Jamie Lee Curtis, the ladies of
Scream, etc. etc. Not to mention Kangana Ranaut in Raaz 2...


"We share an amazing chemistry. When Shah Rukh and I shot yesterday the spark was there - it was as if no time had passed since Asoka. And it's been almost a decade."

"Bebo main Bebo!" Love you, girl!

Rajkumar Santoshi:

"But let me make it clear, Ranbir and I aren't doing another comedy like Ajab... This time I have a far more subtle and understated comic subject in mind. It will be a new language for comedy, nothing like what we've seen already."

Really? Like NOTHING we've seen already? I'll await it with baited breath...

And basically
everything Dev Anand says or does fits into this category. Right now, he's mad that people are remixing "Dum Maro Dum."

Dev Anand confirms the news, saying, “Yes, I have spoken to my lawyer. Let’s see if I can stop this remix. Why put your stamp on somebody else’s classic?”

I always think of Uncle Rico from
Napoleon Dynomite 'living too much in 84' when I read things like this. Dev-saab, it is no longer 1974. Let it go...

* The Wall Street Journal takes on the
Indian fashion scene:

The celebrities who really do inspire people to buy a particular designer's clothes are usually paid to attend or are sponsored in some other way. They even end up walking the ramp with the models. It's great advertising. Some newspapers during a recent fashion week gave more coverage to the fashion than the finance minister and his budget.

But for people who don't have celebrities as confidantes, it's a tough market to break into. My friends in the industry say the problem is the many fashion weeks here are not taken that seriously by buyers. Indian merchandisers aren't sure what they want so they tend to pick up pieces on consignment. This makes it expensive and risky for new designers to build their brands.

Fashion designers, I am totally available to walk the ramps for you - I'm way cheaper than hiring Bipasha Basu
and there will be tons of coverage due to the extreme novelty factor of getting a gori blogger (even one a talented and beautiful as myself) to walk the ramps for you!

* You have to love a man who
loves his wife! I hope the link-up rumors between Arshad and Dia aren't true... he and his wife always look so cute on the red carpet.

* Mr. LSD Dibakar Banerjee is
thrilled with the response to his film!

The critics have praised the film tremendously...what kind of audience reactions have you been getting?

Audience reaction has been very, very good. In the first weekend, we are the highest grosser among all the three films which opened this week. Our film is actually taking head on the IPL mania and all our shows are holding fort in spite of the IPL matches. Even on Monday, when Mumbai had a big match against Kolkata, most shows of LSD had very good collections which is really heartening.

* I think we might have known this already but the 11th IIFAs are going to be
Sri Lanka and then it's on to VANCOUVER for 2011. Bollyblog meet up? Yes/Yes?

* Neil Nitin Mukesh can now add the word
director to his business cards. He's directed the action sequences in an underwear ad. Also, any underwear ad that includes stunts is the kind that I want to see.

Miday Masala has up pictures from Ranbir and Sanjay's new Pepsi commercial.

And Sanjay Dutt has an important message for the Youngistan Ka Wow Generation:
stay away from drugs.

Either that is a clever reference to Pepsi's competitor Coke or Sanjay Dutt is just kind of spacey... from all the drugs he's taken.

* Vivek Oberoi's guru has been caught in a
sex scandal.

* Vidya Balan and Rani Mukerji are
too well known to do lots of candid filming in Delhi.


I should start one of those "Who Wore It Better?" features like they have in US Weekly.


And bonus John Abraham promoting the Mumbai Marathon... because he is sooooo cute!


ajnabi said...

Wow, as always Deepika rocks in still pix. :-) I'd pick her for wearing the look better.

I love that Bebo and SRK are both in Ra 1. Her item number in Billu was the best, and of course I love Asoka--I don't know if it's true or not but it looks like they love to work together.

Anita said...

...IIFA's coming to TORONTO, not Vancouver!!! :P (I would know, I am SOOO THERE!!!)

Filmi Girl said...

Oh, Anita - thanks for keeping me honest!! :D

And Bebo/SRK FTW! :D

lvrplfc4l said...

Love the t-shirt Arshad has on in photo accompanying the article.
Also the quote for the Tanushree Dutta interview is awesome, "Even if I try hard I cannot look boring."

Filmi Girl said...

@lvrplfc4l Hee hee!! Arshad wears that shirt in Sunday - I have a screencap of it somewhere. :D

And as long as clueless celebs keep giving ridiculous statements, I will be here to enjoy them! That Tanushree Dutta quote is a gem!

honeycombveils said...

No offense to Deepika but nobody wears ripped jeans like my boy Hrithik. Utterly cool, devastatingly sexy.(The cap could've been left at home but even Hrithik can get bad hair days, I guess...)

Filmi Girl said...

@honeycombveils If you ask Anita, EVERY day is a bad hair for Hrithik... :D

Still, I don't know about either pair of ripped jeans... ;P

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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