Sunday, March 14, 2010

Banphool: A Waste of Time and Space

Do you ever do that thing where you request something from Netflix and then let it sit around until you forget why you requested it? Well, that is what I did with Banphool.

Banphool begins with the scion of a plantation (Ramesh Deo) and his lady-friend that he married in the eyes of God but not of society. The scion is ready to get married to his lady-friend for real but there is a problem: his father is dying and insists on one last wish.

The scion must get married to his father's friend's daughter. His lady-friend hears this and runs away... and while the scion is packing up her stuff:

Dun dun DUNNN! She was knitting baby booties.

And here it could have gone two ways: either Shotgun is the angry bastard who takes revenge on his father or Shotgun gets to play the good-for-nothing legitimate son.

Banphool went with option B - Jeetendra plays the horribly insipid Haria.

He is some sort of Elephant Whisperer and considers his elephant Raja to be a brother. Haria and Raja get work on the plantation but there is a problem. Well, a couple of problems...

First of all, Haria is a real dick and goes around acting better than everyone. He tells people how to do their jobs, despite the fact that he just started, like, yesterday.

And then there is Gulabi the
chaiwalli - see, Haria is SUCH a good employee that he refuses to take tea because it would wasting company time. Not content with being an uptight prick, he doesn't just decline to have tea, he goes as far as to have Raja throw away her tea kettle. Because he's an unlikable jerk.

Thankfully, Our Hero is about to enter... the king... Big Pimping... The Master of Swagger... he's introduced to us by his father:

His mother claims that Ajay is 'still sleeping' but the scion is dubious. He's heard that Ajay "flirts with all the ladies in town."

Damn, yo! Look who rides up having been out all night - and not just out... Awake. Probably up macking on ladies. Check out the sweet striped blazer and checked shirt combo.

So, Ajay spies the
chaiwalli, too... check out that openmouthed look of desire...

But she is having none of it... but is still grateful for Ajay to give Haria a talking to.

Ajay tells Haria to get lost and not come back to work for a week.

Would you really pick that jerk who gleefully tosses your tea kettle around over this stud?

Clearly, Babita does not have great taste in men.

The rest of the film follows this mindnumbingly dumb trajectory.

Haria and Gulabi do that thing where they yell at each other until they fall in love.

Ajay decides that he is going to just take Gulabi by force.

He hires some thugs to help out... meanwhile, the scion goes to 'foreign' on business for two months and Ajay manages to run the plantation into the ground in that time... being awesome and throwing cool parties.

The accountant tells him that if they don't get their goods to market before their rival, the plantation is ruined! Ajay decides that the way to ensure this is to hire Haria to set fire to the rival's warehouse.

Unfortunately, Haria was drunk when he agreed, which in his world, means that any promises that he made WHILE drunk are null and void.

Ajay is unimpressed with this.

I am impressed with this (see above.)

Clearly, I am not advocating kidnap and rape but within the context of
Banphool, I was in favor of Shotgun Sinha being badass.


Oh, yeah, and there was some nonsense with Haria discovering who his real father was and being all uppity about it. The scion is going to change the will but not before Ajay can do something about it!!

Like patricide.

Or throwing Gulabi off a cliff.

Look how studly he is - Shotgun
knows that he is better than everything in this entire film put together.

And that is
Banphool: not worth watching except for Shotgun Sinha big pimping all over the place.


cmleigh said...

Huh? I got lost somewhere. hehehe so I definitely won't watch. Lol! at this comment though. "First of all, Haria is a real dick and goes around acting better than everyone."

Filmi Girl said...

@cmleigh Don't worry - the plot is really, really dumb and not worth understanding. I screencapped all the good stuff anyways! :D

ajnabi said...

I do that forgetting why thing *all* the *time*, mostly because every time I hear of a movie someone likes I add it to my queue (assuming it's available) and now my queue is like 100 movies long. LOL

Christine Menefee said...

What ajnabi said - and you - I do that all the time too. I've learned that it's much more fun to read your versions of these! Your recaps are great, and much better than slogging through the films. Thanks!

Beth said...

Must...resist...bad movie...despite...Jeetendra, and elephant, and pimp-stylin' Shotgun! AIEEEEE what to do!!!!

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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