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Arshad Warsi Week: Top 10 Song Picturizations

Welcome to Arshad Warsi Week!

To celebrate of one of the most talented and most consistently underrated and overlooked actors in
Bollywood, I’m planning a week of reviews counting down to the release of his first home production… Hum Tum aur Ghost.

The reviews will start Monday but as a little teaser, here are my top 10 – yes
TEN - Arshad Warsi song picturizations.

#10 “
Sajaan Tumse” from Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya

Arshad, always the bridesmaid and never the bride, like we say here in the States. Don’t you love the part where he dances with the aunty?! And all the other parts where he is charming the camera with a jaunty swivel of his hips?!

#9 “
Dekho Dekho” from Dhamaal

While not the… classiest song, “
Dekho Dekho” has a certain proletarian charm that hooks me every time and perennial Filmi Girl favorites Javed Jaffrey and Riteish Deshmukh only add to the fun!

Basically, I feel there should be a “
Dekho Dekho” in every film – trashy gori dancers in red booty skirts and bras, coordinated pelvic thrusts, and me wishing I was right in the middle of it!

Dhamaal is also extremely representative of the type of work that Arshad was offered (and if I may – totally killed) through (approximately) 90% of the first decade of the 2000s.

#8 “
Bheega Bheega Sa” from Chocolate

This might be an unusual choice but just watch
Arshad at work. He takes a totally ridiculous set-up (writhing wet girl, rap, picking up a guitar) and makes it seem effortless and cool. He’s just such a natural on screen!

#7 “Tune
Mera Chain Vain Le Liya” from Anthony Kaun Hai

For all you latecomers to the
Arshad Warsi No. 1 Ladies Fan Club – please to be checking out this song from Anthony Kaun Hai! Not only does he smoulder like crazy, the song picturization itself is really pretty and almost Southie in composition! One of my favorites!

#6 “
Tere Mere Sapne” from Tere Mere Sapne

The baby face! The classic 90s club scene! The white three-piece suit! What’s not to love about
Arshad’s adorably innocent look… you almost don’t want to tell him what the next 10 years will bring…

#5 “Loot
Liya” from Sunday

There are so many reasons to love
Arshad in this song… and this film, which came alive every time he and Irrfan Khan were paired together on screen and making fun of Himesh Reshemmiya. The combination of giant swooping dance moves with the teeny little hand gestures just kills me every time. Try not to be mesmerized by the magic of Arshad as the entire camera rotates around him about 1:55 in.

La la la la la
lalaaa loot liya!

#4 “
Samandar” from Mr. Black Mr. White

Uploaded by fUcKuTuBe. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

Sexy, wet pelvic thrusts on the beach? Yes, please! Sexy denim booty shorts? Back that ass up,
Arshad! I’m so glad he doesn’t mind being objectified…!

#3 “
Chand Nazar Aa Gaya” from Hero Hindustani

In a common theme of
Arshad picturizations, watch him PWN (as the kids say) the background dancers with his dance moves. Unlike other heroes who sometimes require fancy camera work to make it appear that they can move their feet to the beat, Arshad jumps, leaps, and, yes, PWNs this song hard core. I just love how he moves like he knows that he is clearly the best person on camera.

#2 “
Ibn-e-Batuta” from Ishqiya

This one was hard to place in the final ranking but
Arshad was just so…winning all through the film that I couldn’t resist putting it up high. You (or maybe just I) can’t take your eyes off of him as he swaggers through the song like Shotgun Sinha on a good day!

#1 “
Naach Meri Jaan” from Mujhse Meri Biwi Se Bachaao

Like I would have picked anything else! Y’all know I love this song and the way
Arshad manhandles Rekha… the confidence! The cockiness! The sensuality! Is there anybody else in Bollywood today who has the balls to sex up Rekha? I didn’t think so. Arshad is totally the man!

He has talent, charisma, dancing ability, and a great ear for a story! I wish him the best for
Hum Tum aur Ghost and a long career to follow! I’ll definitely be supporting him all the way!


Anishok said...

As a recent member in the Arshad Warsi fangirl club I must thank you very much for feeding my obsession.

I love how unabashedly sexy and sensual all his dances are. Hrithik and Shahid who???

Filmi Girl said...

@anishok I have seriously loved Arshad Warsi almost as long as I have loved Bollywood. I remember trying to find movies with him in them and being frustrated that there were so few. I might be one of like 5 people who got excited about things like Anthony Kaun Hai as 'the new Arshad film'!!

I do love my SRK, too, but damn! Arshad is one sexy MoFo!

And don't you love that one of him with the booty shorts?!

Anishok said...

I do love my SRK, too, but damn! Arshad is one sexy MoFo!


And booty of the reasons I love Bollywood so much is SRK in short shorts in Baazigar, so....Arshad Warsi in booty shorts is MUCHLY appreciated.

Daddy's Girl said...

What a treat!! like Arshad a lot and I love his dancing, but I hadn't seen most of these picturisations, so I've really enjoyed this. I'm looking forward to the rest of Arshad Week.

Filmi Girl said...


Arshad Warsi in booty shorts is MUCHLY appreciated.

This is like the theme to this week!! :D

@daddy's girl I'm so glad you enjoyed!! I'm here to spread the word about Arshad's sweet dance moves! :D

Never Mind!! said...

Most of my favorites made it to this list except for Aankh Maare from Tere mere Sapne.

Was an iconic song in our teens :)

Filmi Girl said...

@never mind!! Glad to hear it! :)

Ness said...

Filmi Girl, thank you. Just....THANK YOU!

And phwoarrrr. Bookmarking THIS page :)

Filmi Girl said...

@ness I'm preaching the gospel! Arshad is... hot. It was the booty shorts that sold you, right?! :D

Shell said...

Wonderful post! This has confirmed many thoughts for me:
#1 - I want to hang out with Arshad at a club

#2 - A wet Arshad is a SEXY Arshad!!!!

#3 - Forget the sidekick business, give this man MORE LEADING ROLES!

#4 - Make way for the hotness. Damn.

#3 - There are many more movies I need to watch (starting with Ishqiya)

There's something about Arshad that had me from the first scene I saw him in. And I agree that he and Irfan are absolutely amazing together.

I am firmly planting myself in the Arshad Warsi No. 1 Ladies Fan Club.

Christine Menefee said...

Thank you! Just put “Naach Meri Jaan” into a capsule and distribute to ladies everywhere for an afternoon tonic. ZOMG. #1 Ladies Fan Club - where do I sign?

Filmi Girl said...

@shell I agree firmly with every single one of your points! :) From everything he's tweeted this week, I've decided that I want to hang out drinking rum and cokes with him in the Banana Cafe, which is this awesome Latin-themed piano bar by my house... and then make him dance to salsa music with me!!

@christine menefee HEEE! I love "Naach Meri Jaan" so much! I went back and looked at all my old posts that mention Arshad and I think I've posted this video like 5 times over the last two years... LOL!

Koci said...

Why do I feel like this post is pretty much all my Arshad-Warsi-filled dreams come true? Oh right, because it is.

It's so great to see him getting some much-deserved appreciation.

Sami Saayer said...

on a personal choice, i would replace some of the songs in this list with
AANKH MAARAY (entertaiment factor)

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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