Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Gossip!

Good morning! Good morning!

Bollywood gossip, ahoy!

* Aamir Khan
flounced from a copyright panel. And, according to Indiaglitz he did so because he got into a spat with Javed Akhtar. Oh, yes, Aamir allegedly said that lyrics don't contribute much to the impact of a song and Javed, for some reason, took offense.

* One guy who is on Javed's good side:
Vivek Oberoi. He's set to star in a musical play called "The Kingdom of Dreams" written by Javed-saab.

* Manish Malhotra wants
Shahid and Ranbir for his film. I'm actually really curious about what a Manish Malhotra-directed film would look like. Designers are very visual people so it's not impossible that it could be good... also, it's MANISH!

* Priyadarshan's film with Ajay, Bips, and Akshaye Khanna will be called
Garam Hawa.

* Arya has good things to say about playing a
double role.

Arya says that he is keen on double hero subjects because it paves way for improving one’s performance. The actor elaborates that when acting with another hero, there is always a competition to outdo one another and this improves the performance level.

* Prateik Babbar is shooting for
Goldie Behl's "Copycat" which take place entirely in the rain.

* Ranbir Kapoor hates being called
"the next best thing."


(Because I need a laugh this morning...)

Shahid Kapoor doing a pretty good Aamir Khan impression at the Star Screen Awards!



rhilex said...

Faridoon from Bolly Hungama on twitter contacted some people on the Aamir-Javed issue and all said the media was blowing things out of proportion and 'sidelining the main issue' (or something like that). I think that Indiaglitz article is just out to get Aamir really, because they mentioned that SRK dog thing from ages ago, which has nothing to do with their story... I'm not a diehard Aamir fan or anything, but just sayin'.

And lmao at Shahid!! That had to take guts to do, man... And I looooove Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte!! <333

E said...

Shahid is adorable and he looks great with the new hairdo!

Ami said...

The Manish Malhotra article reminds me of Tom Ford and A Single Man. That movie garnered accolades galore and won my most fave actor of all time, Colin Firth, a Best Actor in the 66th Venice International Film Festival & a score of other awards as well as a nomination in the Academy Award for Best Actor ..errr, I'll stop going off-tangent now. On a more relevant note, Manish does remind me a bit of Tom Ford. The flamboyance, the confidence, the good looks (beauty is in the eyes of the beholder hehe)

Wow, Prateik Babbar really does look like his mom (is Barkha Dutt a relative? coz they look similar ^^;)

The things I read about Aamir, man..dunno if it's media-made or what, but the guy needs to be more media savvy. He's lucky he has a strong filmi family to back him up silently, or as talented & hardworking as he has always been, I doubt he'd be where he is right now.

MsBlogger said...

Did you see the Star Screen Awards? It was great this year, much better than last year, which had been dull partly due to Farah and Sajid's hosting. It was really funny and SRK and SK should so do a movie together! But as long as SRK doesn't hog the limelight in it like he did at SSA.

I like Manish Malhotra's designs... so maybe I'll enjoy his film...

I didn't know Aamir had said that lyrics don't matter to Javer sir because that really is a stupid thing to do. I thought they had just been ignoring him because he was the only actor on the panel.

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