Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Gossip

Hello!!! I am back as promised! Thank you for your kind wishes! I was very ill over the weekend and then took an extra-special trip to New York City on Monday, which I will tell you about shortly...

Okay, but first, your gossip!

* My condolences to Aamir Khan, whose
father passed away.

* Katrina Kaif is no longer
good enough for Saifu - which is why she was pushed from Race 2. Deepika and Priyanka are on the list instead.

I would buy that Deeps/Piggy Chops are the new line-up but I don't think that's true about Kat. If I remember correctly, she wasn't happy with her role in the first
Race. I don't know why she would want to come back for Race 2.

* And speaking of Kat, she may do a
bikini scene for Dostana 2! (Just excuse me while I fan myself before I get too overheated... I just hope that if this does happen that they don't make her diet first.)

* AW!!!! Akshay Kumar doesn't want to do the
Hangover remake because after KI he has decided to do only 'clean' films. And 'clean' in this case means NO DRINKING.

Can I cast the
Hangover remake?!

Ranvir Shorey = the Ed Helms character
Kunal Khemu = the Bradley Cooper character
Amit Mistry = the Zach Galifianakis character
Abhay Deol = special appearance as the groom

* Oneindia thinks Shahrukh and Salman should be
bonding over the boycotts of their respective films.

* Preity Zinta
stands up for SRK, while not standing up for SRK.

“Shahrukh is the most secular and fair guy I know. I think it’s unfair to judge his movie based on his opinions.”

Ishqiya is kicking Rann's butt at the box office and yours truly couldn't be more thrilled.

* The shooting for
Once Upon A Time in Mumbai is complete!!!!

* And, just to make my day even better, a little more information about
Tees Maar Khan... Akshay plays a CON MAN and Katrina is a wannabe item girl.


ILU, Farah!

* A certain
JACKIE CHAN might be Ra.1...

...which is no longer shooting in

getting married!!! To choreographer Pony Verma! CONGRATULATIONS to Prakash "Mysteriously Hot" Raj!

* Aishwarya Rai
may be doing an item number in Housefull.


Sonakshi Sinha and her parents!

Katrina Kaif at a Femina magazine event... *drool*

Bebo and Saif launching the Lonely Planet magazine... poor Bebo looks BEAT!

Also, this hair *points upwards* ? NO! DO NOT WANT!


Emily said...

Oh, Saif, Saif, Saif...my inner fangirl is weeping. Do you not have any mirrors to tell you how dreadful you look?

ajnabi said...

Now see, I'm on the other side of the Saif spectrum. I like that look very much. No bandanna, no ripped jeans or childish T-shirt, and mobility has returned to about 75% of his face? Yes. Want.

I cannot believe Prakash Raj wasn't already married? How can he be Indian and not married yet???? (J/K)

Ishqiya looks really good. Can't wait to see it. Although, I'm not happy about Rann not doing well; Riteish is a sweetie.

Daddy's said...

LOL at "NO! DO NOT WANT!" Saif's hair is a no-no. No. I don't know how Bebo has restrained herself from grabbing a pair of scissors and hacking off that flip! She probably looks so tired these days because dealing with Saifu and his questionable 'style' choices is draining her of all her energy. Poor girl.

Sonakshi Sinha looks kinda cute... will be interesting to see how she shapes up.

I do think Kat will sadly be instructed to lose weight if she wants to get in a bikini for Dostana 2. Le sigh. BTW, was she really unhappy with 'Race'? I thought she was the best thing about that movie - she was smokin'!

Cannot wait to see both Ishqiya and Rann, hoping with all my heart that they come to a cinema near me....

martoufmarty said...

Oh my god, Saif's hair is returning back to it's 90's horror!

*runs away screaming*

Also - Jackie Chan and Shahrukh Khan is a movie together??????


When is this supposed to be coming out????

Bollyviewer said...

Echoing ajnabi - how come Prakash Raj wasnt already married?! ;-)

Poor SRK - with "friends" like Preity, he needs no enemies!

And Saif... sigh! How could you not imbibe some sense of style from your Mom?!! That long hair just makes him look OLD and wannabe-young. :-(

Ami said...

But you forgot to tell us about your extra-special trip to New York City, yaar~

waaaaa.. ra.one is no longer gonna be set in Miami?? But I've already got this image of Shah Rukh in bermuda gazing at almost-naked women on the beach set in my head!

Shah Rukh wrote in twitter that he didn't know about Jackie, so I'm still waiting and watching on that.

Filmi Girl said...

@Emily I think maybe he only buys the kinds of mirror that show you only what you want to see - or Bebo has just pasted glossy photos of him circa 2000 over ever reflective surface.

@ajnabi But... the HAIR!

@Daddy's Re: Katrina I'm sure you're right but it makes me sad. Skeletal does not = hot. She is gorgeous as is.

Re: Sonakshi I'm really looking forward to her debut - if only because I lover her Daddy so much. ;P I love that all these star daughters are debuting. It didn't used to be this way, for sure.

@martoufmarty I hope it all comes to pass as you dreamed...

@Bollyviewer I just imagined Saif with Sharmila's trademarked 'flip' and it was hilarious!

@Ami I'm sorry!!! I ran out of time this morning. I have half an entry done and I'll get it up tonight as soon as I get home. :)

eliza bennet said...

"Oh my god, Saif's hair is returning back to it's 90's horror!"

This got a laugh out loud from me! Accurate observation. Saif do something yaar, you are getting worse with every pic.

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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