Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Gossip!

Good morning, all!

Don't forget to keep e-mailing me all your favorite places to go in Mumbai! I'll be there for a week and I don't want to miss anything!

* The most important story of the day: HEMA MALINI HATES SIZE ZERO GIRLS! (I hate them, too, Hema!!!)

Read it here!

Hema Malini is quite against size zero figures. Her reason for this is that she believes the structure of one’s body is God-given. According to her, when in public, an actress needs to look good. Looking too thin or too fat is not the sign of a healthy person. She adds that she has asked her daughter Esha Deol to not be very thin as she doesn’t need to change the look.

My Name Is Khan is still a big story.

Wall Street Journal has a debate up on the Shiv Sena fiasco.

"Therefore the political dialectic is such that the state government is inherently complicit in the My Name is Khan fiasco— for the Congress-NCP's secular credentials can only be constructed and remain relevant when there is a virulent and imminent threat from the Shiv Sena. This, above all, is the most disturbing thought because it means Indian secularism is defined in relation to what it opposes (i.e. Communalism) and not what it stands for (or its intrinsic value). The recent controversy is only a litmus test that reaffirms this contention."

You can read about
the marketing of the film.

The movie also had the largest brand participation, worth around Rs 25 crore, for any Bollywood movie so far. The movie had formed marketing alliances with DishTV, Neo Sports, Bharti Airtel, Century Plyboards, MakeMyTrip and for co-branded commercials, besides Samsonite and Reebok for in-film placements. The movie shows Khan using a Samsonite backpack and wearing Reebok shoes as part of his attire right through the film as he travels to meet the President of the US.

Here is an
interesting take from a non-Bollywood fan.

The longer "My Name is Khan" goes on, the worse it gets. The varied settings lead to geographical shortcuts, with the California desert around Joshua Tree passing for Kentucky, and a Georgia small town filled with singing black churchgoers looking right at home in the rainy Indian highlands.

The film's Indian-centric TV newscasts (which everyone watches) and odd editing suggest it wasn't designed for Western consumption. But Shahrukh Khan's "Rain Man"-by-way-of-"Adam" performance is consistent and affecting.

I think that echoes almost everyone's take on the film. "Shahrukh is amazing - but WTF was Karan thinking with the script."

Karan Johar
talks MNIK and Kurbaan.

Having said that, Kurbaan was very cinematic and interesting in its approach but it didn't offer a solution. Rather it just tells the problem. MNIK offers you that solution. But we have to give it to both the films as both films were applauded for their own reasons. I liked Kurbaan and was very happy to produce it. At the end of the day, our audiences like to leave the cinema hall with a little bit of hope in their heart rather than a question in their mind.

Can we all stop pretending that Karan Johar makes serious films? Please? I love the guy but
Kurbaan IS the problem - it didn't show any remotely related to real life but instead offered up some hideous Muslim stereotypes.

New York was the film that actually took a look at what happens to ordinary people caught up in things.

The film will be dubbed into
Turkish and German.

Audience turn out is
dropping fast but I, for one, really want it to beat 3 Idiots. If only because it annoys Aamir Khan, who reportedly thinks that the box office reports are fake.

(And on a related note:
Aamir's FLOUNCE letter from the copyright panel!!!

I would like to bring to your notice a number of articles which appeared in the media in the past few days, it seems to me that there is an attempt by certain people to attack me in public by printing lies about me, thereby turning the attention away from a genuine debate about copyright issues.

Oh, like the genuine debate that you fostered with Chetan Bhagat back in December?)

Kites is fast approaching!! Are we all excited?!

Anurag Basu
talks about the film.

"Kangna has a kind of guest appearance. I like her tremendously as an artiste. When she heard I was making a film with Hrithik, she called me and said, ‘Since you’re making a big-league project, you’ve forgotten me. Why am I not a part of your film?’ I explained to her that the lead actress had to be a Spanish girl. So Barbara Mori suited the part. Kangna understood my requirement, and she was happy to do a cameo."

Hrithik Roshan
talks about the film.

"We all had conviction in the concept of Kites and always felt that this film can cross boundaries and break the borders of language and geography. Kites can become something that will be completely new to what we've ever seen in India or in the world."

Ah... I love Bollywood hyperbole...! (I'm totally serious.) If by 'completely new' you mean
Dhoom 2 but in Las Vegas, I am on board.

The Hrithik and Barbara
sex scenes have been axed. Although maybe they will appear in the international edition?

* Do you know what else is coming up?!
Housefull!! Yes, directed by Sajid "I'm not gay - no, really, I'm not. We're just good friends." Khan, it stars Akshay Kumar, Ritiesh Deshmukh, Arjun Rampal, and a bevy of Bollywood's finest B-List Beauties.

You can read about
Jacqueline Fernandez's item song.

Sajid talks about sister

"See, Farah and I share a separate personal and professional relationship. In fact the last person who got to know about the script of OM SHANTI OM was me. Same holds good for HOUSEFULL where Farah didn't have any clue around what the film was all about. I have never gone to any of her shootings while she has never come to my sets."

Aw! Sajid "Gay? Who said anything about gay? Oh, right I did." Khan thinks people are as curious about
Housefull as they are about Farah's new film. *pats his head*

* Aishwarya Rai has
stomach TB whatever that is. Of course, any sort of illness to the gossip rags must be related to Aish's potential pregnancy plans. Because all she is good for is incubating babies. (That last part was sarcastic BTW.)

* Vidhu Vinod Chopra
talks about his English language debut.

"There is nothing Indian about the movie except the director. The heart of the movie is the relationship between these two brothers, but within that is a story about how we destroy what we love. It's about the choices we make in life."

* Farhan Akhtar's
Crooked is not going to be called Crooked.

* Akon might be working on

And that's all she wrote today, folks!


Gauri said...

Interesting take that, the Non Bollywood one, but can I just say how much I resent the last paragraph of that review?
"My Name is Khan" suggests that while the ambition, technical skill and acting talent are there, India's writers are going to have to sit in an American cinema seat for a few hours, no breaks allowed, and structure their screenplays accordingly."

Makes me want to disagree with everything else he said

MsBlogger said...

I don't think my last comment made it... I apologise if it did!

I think the media should leave Aamir Khan alone for a while considering his father's recently died. It is perfectly understandable for him to be quite touchy right now.

I hope Akon in Ra1 turns out better than Kylie in Blue.

Stephanie said...

Kinda surprised that you call out Newsweek and NYT regularly on their bollyreviews (and I agree!) when you gave that MNIK review a pass, comparatively. He seems to share my opinion on the film, and it's more of a legit review than anything in NYT and Newsweek .... buuuut still incredibly condescending and stereotypical about bollywood.

Filmi Girl said...

@MsBlogger If Aamir wants people to cut him a break, he needs to stay out of the public eye. It's harsh but he's a public figure and he needs to expect that people are going to analyze his behavior.

@Stephanie I actually didn't have time this morning to write anything in depth on it - too much GOSSIP!

Just passing on the link today. :)

E said...

Now, I love Hrithik and will certainly go see "Kites", but are the Roshans that removed from reality that they believe that it will be something the world has never seen before?

Hrithik has a lot to offer but just thrusting him out there in a manufactured-for-the-west product and expecting the world to bite is not the right way to do it.

Instead of focusing on making a fun, exciting movie with a good script(well I guess that would require actual work) they set out to make a "huge splash" from the get go. That's a businessman's approach to movie making as opposed to a creative person's approach which is to make something great regardless of hype.

Sorry about the rant guys - Rakesh Roshan's attitude has bugged me about this for some time.

JaneHeiress said...

@Gauri, I am complete agreement about that review! I read it on the Dallas Morning News', and was so offended about the condescending remarks about Bollywood that I had to read it a second time, before his praise of a few choice things registered. I have never commented on a professional review before, but I sure did on that one.

Christine Menefee said...

Just a quick comment zooming in on the geography issue - it's always a delight when a filmmaker gets geography of a place I know right, because I've seen a great many films where those crazy sorts of juxtapositions happen. And they were movies made by Americans, and the shortcuts or liberties were done presumably for reasons that had to do with storytelling (as opposed to documentary making). I hate to think how American films set in other countries look to the people living there. I wonder if the reviewer ever considered any of that.

Ami said...

You know, I alwiz end up wanting to apologize for rambling so much in yr comment pages..but yr gossip posts are infectious. The juices just make me want to blabber/vent/rant..pls forgive me.

I love reading MNIK reviews. The critics/wanna-be critics amuse me for taking themselves so seriously. I think regarding the BO collection, I'd rather hear it from the Fox guys coz they're the ones handling the distribution..and contrary to what "intelligent" people like Aamir wanna think, the Fox people are currently 'very happy' & monitoring MNIK progress 'very closely'. I love hearing SRK's interviews where he 'pretends ignorance over any aspect of business' while spouting strategies on taking Indian movies on the global stage.. like how collection will be totaled up over a 6-month period now instead of 6 days.. how production must be controlled by the filmmakers so that investors don't have damaging control over creativity but the distribution vehicle will be handled by an international entity more well-versed with global market.. how MNIK is just a first step for Indian movies to go global and this move will afterward be taken on by other films and (SRK said this, really) hopefully they'll do better than MNIK (!!). Oh, and how some untapped markets will now hopefully be turned into traditional markets for hindi movie s (i.e. the remaining 25 countries to open MNIK in April). I think even the Minister of Culture in India doesn't plan this thoroughly to promote India at a global scale. No wonder the politicians take whatever SRK does so seriously. He's doing the jobs they should be doing (that includes Minister of Sports' job, actually..with SRK's plan to build a stadium & promote other sports like hockey & football after he's got phenomenal success with his cricket project).

*takes a breath*

Ok, I'm calmer now LOL. And b4 I go on, KJo went on record to state that the screenplay was all Shivani's and the direction all his. So if the story sucks, blame her..if the filmmaking aspect sucks, blame him.. ho ho (I'm completely in it for SRK and he's blameless in my universe)

Hrithik has alwiz been a completely serious, flawless, and one-tracked minded individual. I hope Kites works as he wants it to, I hate to see him feeling sad. I love Hrithik. He's absolutely lovely.

I wish they'd stop hounding Aish over this pregnancy thing. Being a celebrity doesn't mean everyone can take a dig on her over a completely personal issue..IMO. But I know it's no use ranting about these stupids.

Akon in would be SO AWESOME LIKE OMG! I'm so leaving MNIK behind and concentrating on that movie now! :P (ish waiting for MNIK to be released on DVD so I cn review it thoroughly,but that'll probably happen end of this year..too far in the future to worry about now)

Tady Rox! said...

Akon?!?!?! NAHIN!!!!!!!!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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