Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Gossip (Yet Another) Snow Day Edition!

More and more and more news about My Name Is Khan - some say it won't be opening in Mumbai and others say it will.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow.

And be sure to check out the man himself - Mr. Shahrukh Khan - on

And in non-
MNIK related news:

* Apparently we all need to be following the
fake Deepika Padukone twitter account because she (or he?) is hilarious.


I commit, Shahid will be my Valentine this year!
Agent: Hello, this Deepika Padukone's Agent, I'm the one writing for Deepika Padukone and she is the one telling me what to say here.
* Akshaye Khanna is playing a superstar in Tees Maar Khan. This leads me to an important question - have we seen Akshaye/Akshay before? And, if so, how was their jodi? Akshay pairs well opposite almost anyone and I have a feeling that their interactions will probably be reminiscent of vintage Sakshay.

* Hrithik Roshan talks
Kites and I have to say that based on the leaked trailer - I'm getting kind of excited for it, too!!!

Bollywood Hungama lists out 10 albums to watch out for this year!

My potential faves:

Action Replayy (Pritam) [note: the extra 'y' is for YES WE CAN! - FG]

Pritam is expected to carry forward the great run that he has been enjoying during last 3-4 years. Action Replayy is also special because it brings together the hit team of Vipul Shah, Akshay Kumar and Pritam together after Singh Is Kinng. Vipul has been known for roping in different composers for each of his films, whether it was Aankhen (Jatin-Lalit, Aadesh Srivastava), Waqt - Race Against Time (Anu Malik) or Namastey London (Himesh Reshammiya). However, after London Dreams (Shankar Ehsaan Loy), he has gone back to Pritam and in the process repeated a composer for the first time ever.

Housefull (Shankar Ehsaan Loy)

This is one 'houseful' affair waiting to happen. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy may not have created a blockbuster score in 2009 but they did deliver good quality music all through the year. Sajid Khan directed Housefull is touted to be that BIG project for the composer trio where they are expected to go all out in getting a huge commercial soundtrack in place. With a huge star cast to boast of and Sajid's eye for mass appeal to vouch for, Housefull is expected to be the first musical success for Akshay Kumar in 2010.

Raavan (A. R. Rahman)

From a techno Ra 1, it's time to jump on to mythical Raavan with A.R. Rahman promising a lot for this Mani Ratnam directed modern day tale. From Dil Se to Yuva to Guru, Rahman has always delivered the best for Ratnam and expectations are gargantuan from this Abhishek Bachchan-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan starrer. The soundtrack is expected to be attached to the roots and set in a characteristic Indian backdrop. From the Oscar award composer, Raavan would be one of the biggest efforts to watch out for in 2010.

* People are still throwing around
Mungaru Male remake gossip. Somebody needs to get Boney Kapoor to confirm whether or not he bought the rights. AND then he needs to cast Ranbir in the Ganesh role because only Ranbir has the charisma to equal Golden Star.


The Dubai premiere of

And how about some posters?

Badmaa$h Company! The only question I have about this movie is WHY AREN'T I WATCHING IT RIGHT NOW?! Based on the poster alone, I'd have to say that this will be one of my favorite films of the year.

Also, who is the cutie Asian guy on the far left? *checks the Google* Ooo! He's Meiyang Chang and here is something from
Ultra Brown about him!

Prince--It's Showtime ... showtime in my dil. VIVEK!!!! *fangirl faints*

And this is for the Deol fans out there - plus IRRFAN KHAN and KOKO!

Right Yaa Wrong!


rhilex said...

I want to steal Kajol's saree. O_O *preeeetttttyyyyy cloooootheeeessss*

...That is all. xD

Ami said...

Can I just comment about that parkour thing here? Akshay was rad in that CM! ..and I love watching clips of random ppl doing parkour on youtube. Such a cool activity. Wish I were younger and more fit so I cld join in ^^;

Like SRK said, what happens tomorrow will be the fate of the film. I know I'm going to watch it in the cinema more than once..for so many reasons other than just to support the MNIK team. Hope everyone in Mumbai will get the same chance too.

P/S: what is it about this repetitious letter in film titles?? The editor in me feels irritated.. LOL

E said...

Oh, Hrithik, my boy, what are you saying?
Now we know how to heal all our knee and joint problems - forget surgery or any other medical solution to fix torn cartilage - just get booked on a action-packed, sizzling song and dance movie located in New Mexico, eat lots of almonds and raw eggs(which will also do a lot for your breath during the love scenes) and PRESTO! you'll be healed.

I'm on my way to Santa Fe! I'm tired of the snow anyway..

lvrplfc4l said...

Did you Hrithik's first tweet....
Spread humanity with a vengeance, GO WATCH MY NAME IS KHAN. ..and for the record, my name is HRITHIK ROSHAN...

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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