Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Gossip: Valentine's Day for Dumbos edition!

You know, some ladies might be sad that they aren't dating anyone on Valentine's Day but those ladies aren't FILMI GIRLS! Much like Helen in every movie ever, as long as I have good tunes, a sequined gown, a couple of peacock feather fans, a blond wig, and a bottle of 'whiskey' filled with Diet Coke, I'm good to go! Men? Who needs 'em!


* Karan Johar spews some delightfully
purple prose about Shahrukh Khan!

"There is no limit to some actors and Shah Rukh is one such actor. He has no limit and no limitation. He can give a role much more than what you can dream of. He can do anything and be anyone. He can be Mohan of Swades to Kabir of Chak De India to Rizwan of My Name Is Khan and show the same amount of dedication and commitment. Also, what really makes him stand apart is the fact that he goes by the tonality of the character. For example Kabir and Mohan required him to be restrained and he succeeded in doing that to perfection. Now Rizwan requires him to stretch himself further and he has done that with aplomb. Come on, he is somebody who has no boundaries."

My Name Is Khan trounces the record set by 3 Idiots!!!!! King Khan FTW!

* Dude, Sajid Khan, I loved
Heyy Babyy and am looking forward to Housefull but here's a tip from me. Don't go on record claiming that you aren't gay because then everybody will think that you are.

Unless that is his plan...

* Sanjay Leela Bhansali is adapting
The Jungle Book into a children's film. I will be seeing this.

* The Backstreet Boys are
playing two shows in India!! Please somebody tap them to do an item song!

Teen Patti has ladies in charge!

* Also, I knew there was a reason I like Shryia Saran:
she's smart!


This looks SO CUTE!!

"Do you know Jadoo?"


MsBlogger said...

I like the look of Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai but Ritesh seems to always do such roles, look at Aladin for example. I like the Jadoo joke.

Sajid has often hit me as gay...

Ami said...

I really want to review MNIK by solely focusing on Rizwan and simply relegating the movie to the background. Because I think that's what KJo did with MNIK. The film is Rizwan Khan, not 'about' him.

The shock over MNIK 'smashing 3I record' thing was such a joke. Going by prints alone, one should have known that even b4 it's released. Why the surprise?

KJo has become so fiery and defensive nowadays. If he keeps being stressed out over some stupids, he'd be dull b4 his time.

Waah.. who'll play Mowgli?? Want to watch too! Hindi cinema not latching on to stories like The Jungle Book from early on is like japanese drama letting Taiwan get to Hana Yori Dango and Hana Kimi first. What a loss.

I dunno what the fuss about regarding gender in filmmaking. Madhubala got into production and nearly directed a movie b4 her untimely death. And that was in the 60s. Nobody bat an eyelid back then. Sometimes I swear these chauvinists strut around more cockily in these modern times than in the past.

What is this "thinker's actor"/"thinking actor" thing? First it's it's Shriya. Are they implying that the others not in the list are dimwits? I take umbrage (lol..ok, just mocking. Couldn't care less, really).

Ami said...

..oops, I have to clarify about my 2nd para. I mean, the media gasping over the subject all over the net (been stumbling over it everywhere). I didn't mean it towards you.. sorry ^^;

Lobelia said...

omg, that Helen clip is to die for. *fans self*

Simran said...

I thought Ritesh and Jaqueline looked cute in Aladin. I can't wait to watch this movie , I love cute romantic films. :)

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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