Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday News!!!

First of all, I have a big announcement... ATIF ASLAM AND SHREYA GHOSHAL ON TOUR in the USA!

So, yes, I am excited about this.

You will not be able to keep me away from this show!

But let's see what else is happening!

* Shahrukh continues to suffer
blowback from his comments about the IPL. Also, his television documentary thing for National Geographic is costing a lot of money to produce, but clearly it will be worth it.

* The
jerk selfish asshat who threw acid at Kangana Ranaut's sister is already out on bail.

* Anurag Basu
talks Kites:

"I wouldn't call them creative differences. Because we were both creating the same film and moving in the same direction. But yes, Rakeshji's vision of cinema is quite different from mine."

* Bipasha Basu talks

“John has the best butt, and everyone has seen it too; I think even Shah Rukh Khan has one of the best butts around.”

* Sameera Reddy loses points with me for fat-bashing.

“I was always chubby, always picked on. I’m telling you, I was so unassuming in college. But I think it only makes you more grounded, honestly. If I was like slim and like this since I was a kid, I would have been so vain. I was the ugly duckling, especially in school. I was an introvert, I was plump, bespectacled... sometimes I’m still in shock about all the adulation.”

Slim != beautiful, people, get a clue.

Wow, I must have a ton of character then for all the wearing glasses, being non-size zero, and introverting I do everyday. I am so freaking sick of the weight policing in Bollywood!


Ameya said...

and hollywood! I have a feeling that it is losing steam here (very slowly..) , thank goodness... but it seems to have just got on with ferver there recently ( As in, sa, Rani used to be much softer in her old films, then for KANK Karan had her get too thin.. :( )

Bombay Talkies said...

Holy $&!%, I'm so going to that concert. <3 Shreya!! I never would have known about this if you hadn't posted it!

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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