Sunday, February 7, 2010

Adavi Ramudu: Unironic Masala Ahoy!

I took part in about half the Striker watchalong this afternoon but found the film didn't really hold my attention, so instead, I turned back to trusty old Prabhas in a 2004 film I got from Netflix: Adavi Ramudu.

Directed by B. Gopal with music by Mani Sharma,
Adavi Ramudu is a rip-roaring full-on masala entertainer! Everything you could want is in this film.

Adopted by a kindly village priest (or something!), the baby grows up into an adorable little boy!

One day the local MP visits and brings his little daughter (!). This is the perfect excuse for a song!

The two kids become great friends and the little girl encourages the boy to become a great man!

Fast forward a few years and the little girl is now Aarthi Agarwal and she is at college!

There is a great running joke where she and her best friend dress EXACTLY ALIKE at all times.

Guess who else is at this college? Well, a bumbling country boy played by Prabhas shows up!

Some upperclassmen try to rag him. You can imagine how well this is going to go! The tell him to throw a rock and hit a mango in a tree.

Can he do it?!


The girls are suitably impressed.


A few more teases later and Prabhas is pretty much king of the school.


He gets to sing a song at the school assembly!

So, you think it's going to be cool when the song starts with Prabhas playing guitar, right?

Sooooooo cooooooool.... how could it get better?

10,000 more guys and lyrics about treating people with courtesy!!!!

There's more college hijinx and Aarthi falls hard core for Prabhas - who is hung up on the 'little madam' who encouraged him to go to college all those years ago, not realizing that AARTHI is that girl.

She figures it out, though, and has an amazing dream sequence about Prabhas being a dacoit!

And I love that not only this song but a lot of these college sequences are told from Aarthi's point of view. And let me tell you that Aarthi finds Prabhas attractive. Very attractive.

Check out those dancers! The choreography is very, very good!

The costumes, too!

Adavi Ramudu!

Aarthi invites Prabhas to her birthday party. We all know that this can't end well... and, yes, it is a disaster because (!!!!) Aarthi's mother has invited her creepy cousin and uncle there in order to arrange Aarthi's marriage! Her cousin is rich and Prabhas is poor!

On the plus side, when Prabhas sees Aarthi's dad, he finally realizes that she is the 'little madam.'

Her cousin has brought her a super-expensive diamond necklace that she flings down in disgust.

But he's embarrassed by his gift!!!!!

She's not be bitchy here - she is trying to make Prabhas understand that she doesn't want diamonds!

A simple strand of beads!

Her cousin breaks it and sends the beads flying - poor Prabhas is going to leave... but Aarthi stops him and asks for the beads.

We get her POV...

And then there is some blah blah blah and Aarthi's parents send her packing to her uncle's house and Prabhas returns to the forest village but THEY MEET ACCIDENTALLY AT A REST AREA!

See, he ran off thinking she
didn't love him and she is sad that he left before he could tell her... so there is an angsty Raja Hindustani-style gypsy song!

After some tortured glances, the gypsy tells Aarthi that she'll dance for her song only!!

Mission Accomplished!

They run away!

There's a monkey!


They have such good chemistry!

The monkey sends them off on a mysterious boat ride!

There is a song about how much they love each other!



"Oh, I'm just a monkey, just casually sitting here..."

And the six most beautiful words in the English language: MONKEY HAS TAKEN MY CLOTHES!

Lead in to the remake of this song!

The rest finishes up in this epic battle in the forrest where Prabhas kicks a lot of put and uses woodsy contraptions to take people's heads off and they ride around on horses.

All in all,
Adavi Ramudu is am extremely entertaining romantic masala film. Heavy on the comedy and light on the revenge, with a strong heroine and an ultra-charismatic Prabhas, I highly recommend this one!


Kiran said...

I'll have to rent the old Adavi ramudu to see if there is a special appearance by the monkey in that one too.

martoufmarty said...

I was trying to watch Striker, but nine minutes in the HD decided to hate me and it started lagging on me so I turned it off. *shrug*

I am interested in this Prabhas film which involves 'Monkey has taken away my clothes'.

rhilex said...


*is dead* Omg. Best line ever.

MinaiMinai said...

Brilliant review! ;) I feel as if I have experienced the joy that is this film by proxy. "Oh no he didn't!" LOL. :D Oh, and Prabhas' fluffy lopsided hair is fabulous!

Louella said...

That's the only movie with Prabhas which I haven't seen. I've heard a lot that this is a crap so I'm careful. anywya, your review is great :D

Liz C said...

I'd forgotten that this had an elephant AND a monkey. And any movie that has Prabhas in a cowboy hat is ok by me. (Which is to say, every Prabhas movie.)

ajnabi said...

Aw, this looks adorable! "Your mischievous looks are giving me shivers..." Well, any looks from Prabhas have that effect. ;-)

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