Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Morning News!

Is everyone ready to "Zoobi Doobi" and "Chiggy Wiggy" today? I don't know what either of those things mean but I'm going to just assume they're dance moves.

So... 3 Idiots-gate is still dominating the press. CB offers his closing remarks.

The TOI gets a few more industry voices to weigh in.

Another wrinkle that's been added is that some folks are accusing the film of encouraging bullying and suicide - and Aamir is saying that just the opposite AND 3I should be tax free because it preaches AGAINST bullying.

And an interesting take on the film from a tech geek, playing an angle I hadn't seen mentioned in the press yet.

Had enough yet? I think I might call a moratorium on 3I talk for a while.

Okay! In non-Idiotic news:

* Rani Mukerji is going to be working with Deepa Mehta on an adaptation of Midnight's Children!!! I have four letters that express how I feel about this: ZOMG.

* Um, like we didn't already know Akshay Kumar was a total sweetheart - he helped Arjun Rampal with a back problem. (And Akki is working with Deepa Mehta, too! in 2013!)

* WTF?! Genelia and Riteish are getting married? This smells like total bullshit with a side of there's a reason K.Jo. never got married.

* Debuts of 2010? The only one who interests me is Shotgun Sinha's daughter. She seems like a firecracker!

* Rohan Sippy is not too pleased with Farhan Akhtar for ditching his film, but I think Rana was probably the better choice.

* And from the run-up to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics comes a small piece on Davis and White and their Bollywood-inspired ice skating routine.

What strikes me more about this than anything else, is that the songs are edited weirdly together but I guess if you didn't know them, you wouldn't notice. Also, I kept waiting for them to do that elbow move in "Dola Re Dola."

It's a cute routine! Watch for yourself!


Rum said...

OMGGG for that Olympics skating routine, i was almost swayed in my dislike for the olympics with that! And i echo another ZOMGGG for rani, it seems like a great role for her

Emily said...

Youtube isn't working for me today; I'll have to check back later. But how funny, I was watching figure skating over the weekend and thought how cool it would be if someone did a routine to Bollywood music!

honeycombveils said...

The skaters chose a good medley for their routine and her costume was great, too. There's nothing more eye catching than a colorful Pseudo-Bolly costume on the ice.

Oh, and Riteish is NOT getting married... He was tweeting about it and positively poo-poo'ed the entire thing. Apparently thomebody thtarted a rumor...

ajnabi said...

Really? Riteish bats for K Jo's team? Huh.

I love the ice dancing routine; although you're right, it is edited very weirdly and probably no one noticed.

lvrplfc4l said...

Sendhil Ramamurthy will be seen in Gurinder Chadha's "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" staring Shabana Azmi which has it's premiere at Sundance at the end of January.

Anyone see any of the contest videos for the Chance Pe Dance contest? I've seen Shahid's intro to the contest but have only seen one video entry so far on youtube.

jholomorphic said...

the lack of such commentary doesn't surprise me; the critique of the educational system in 3I was sufficiently unsubtle that there doesn't seem to be much reason to write of it.

i like how the color commentator called "kajra re" a 'folk dance'.

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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