Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Gossip!

I don't know what to lead with... so, I'll just dive right in!

ETA: I found my lead story. Prepare to be amazed at this filmi sting operation!

* Randhir Kapoor throws a party and doesn't invite Deepika Padukone. "So, does he have to invite the whole world to his parties?" you might be asking yourself. Well, the cleverboots behind this piece not only got a source to tell her that it was a party for the Housefull cast - which Deepika is a part of - but she got Jiah Khan to text her basically confirming the fact.

Jiah, Jiah, Jiah!! First your castmates prank you into stealing silverware from a restaurant and now you're falling for the last minute deadline machinations of Mumbai Mirror journalists?! Somebody get this girl a secretary to answer this stuff for her.

* Ishqiya director Abhishek Chaubey thinks most Hindi films treat actresses like mannequins.

"I always felt that women characters in our films are like mannequins who are dressed well but don't have much to offer in terms of narrative of the story, which is driven only by men. But Ishqiya is a film where you will see a very believable woman character."

Maybe he just saw Race?

* Salman Siddiqui gives you Pakistan's pop music history in 60 seconds.

Pop pioneers The Bugs (1963) comprising five youngsters Neil Qalandar, Parwana, Bundah, Muchar and Munna also released their debut album Soz-o-Saz (SOS) in 1970. The album included four English-language songs, ‘I go there,’ ‘Might as well face it,’ ‘Blue ships,’ and ‘Give her a pill,’ that even back then balanced eastern influences of the bansuri and tabla with western instruments.

My only question for Salman is: WHERE CAN I FIND THIS ALBUM?

*checks ebay really quick*

*album is not on ebay*

Question remains unanswered.

* Prakash Jha insists that after Rajneeti, Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor will both deserve National Awards. Well, if Priyanka can win one, why not Katrina?

* The IIFAs will be in Seoul this year!

* Cute moon-related tweets from @iamsrk!

* Riteish Deshmukh hope people will take him seriously after Rann.

* The BBC tackles the Pakistan/IPL fiasco.

Director Anil Sharma—a veteran journeyman who scored a homeland hit with Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001), about the 1947 partition of India—and his action director, Tinu Verma, use a restless, roaming camera and inventive angles to propel the story, even as it shifts from desert battlefields to the real-life University College of London to gladiatorial combat and a climactic clash at a mountaintop fort. Stateside Bollywood fans more accustomed to modern-day musical romances or stylish crime thrillers will be pleasantly surprised to find a period piece that's more “Xena: Warrior Princess” than A Passage to India.

Fortunately, I have the genes necessary to appreciate works on the same irony level as "Xena: Warrior Princess," so Veer and I are totally good.

You guys, I'm so sorry I didn't get to go this weekend. I promise you that as soon as it is out on DVD, I will review and SCREENCAP the heck out of it, so sit tight!

* Ramya may be up for the lead in the Kannada remake of 3 Idiots but she's not feeling the love for remakes these days.


Beth said...

That was an interesting review! I think I'll get to see it tomorrow and cannot wait!

Sharon said...

So much word on what Abhishek Chaubey said. I think things are changing lately, but still for the most part, it's still the male characters alone who move the plot.

Also re Ritesh Deshmukh - I took him seriously after Bluffmaster, I'm just not sure that he himself did the same...

leeqa said...

In reference to Salman Siddiqui's article, never heard of The Bugs(!), but I did find this recording, after a bit of research.

It is essentially an instrumental version of this classic pakistani film song

Ami said...

Ok, I've been mumbling this for days now..so can someone tell me: what in the world is the deal with this Chand? Who is Chand?? *ish an ignorant foreigner* ^^;

*IPL can never run as a purely independent business operation in the subcontinent"
They just figured this out now?

Filmi Girl said...

@beth wasn't it though? I checked and that guy writes for Entertainment Weekly (which I subscribe to)

@Sharon re: Riteish, I agree 100%. We might be the only two people who came out of that film blown away by him. :)

@leeqa Ooo!!! Thanks! I will listen to that! If I find more, I will pass it on.

@Ami Chand means 'moon' :)

leeqa said...

So, I'm hoping its not overkill (because somehow i wasted my afternoon on this)..I'm going a bit OCD on these (rather rare) older recordings, and got these... (I guess its even more weird for the uninitiated)..


(I will check out India section later for sure, because the jingle bells on sitar sounds too good to miss)..


and, then.. lo and behold.. and kitschy "Lollywood" filmi compilation from the 1970s.. bloody brilliant....
(Press Release)

Beth said...

There is much Riteish love! I liked him a lot after Bluffmaster and he cemented being in my good books for how amazing he was in the Unforgettable Tour. Plus he's an architect! What's not to love? (Okay, nepotism, maybe, but still.)

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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