Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Goss!

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!

You know what that means--tomorrow is Friday! Can you even wait? This has been the longest week...

I should have my post on Dev.D up tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Let's see what the stars have been up to!

* Piggy Chops is confirmed for Don 2!

* Subhash K. Jha thinks Rann is RGV's best since Company

* Arshad Warsi talks Ishqiya

* Shahrukh Khan is going on Jonathan Ross! (I wish he could have gone on Conan... that would have been amazing.)

* Here is good news for non-Indian residents: Striker is being released on youtube the same day as in theatres--everywhere except India.

* Some kid was arrested for scamming people into thinking he was Salman Khan.

And because this song was stuck in my head: "Roop Tera Mastana"! They don't make them like this anymore...


bollywooddeewana said...

Ok i've long loved that song from Aradhana (a beautiful melodrama). I loved all the songs from the movie but 'Roop tera mastana' has be one of the most sensual songs ever recorded in bollywood, it was shot in one long take. Classic melodrama at its best is allthat comes to my mind when i think of Aradhana

bollywooddeewana said...

You might wanna add this to your news 'Zokkomon' Disney's first Live action hindi film

shell said...

All of a sudden I'm really glad that my husband subscribes to BBC.

Oh, and LOVE the song! Reading blogs is detrimental to my bank account! Must go see if it's available on iTunes now.

Michael Barnum said...

Ah, "Roop Tera Mastana" has got to be one of THE sexiest song picturizations ever.

sonia_bonjour said...

It's really good news that Striker is going to release on Youtube! I like Siddarth too :)

Ami said...

I love Isha.. why isn't she in Don 2 again?? T__T

I thought Conan is gone now?

Is it THAT easy to pose as Salman Khan? :P

ajnabi said...

So, who's Mohanlal? Have you seen any movies with him in them? I'm very curious about the next Bhardwaj film.

Sharon said...

@ ajnabi: Mohanlal's one of the major stars of Malayalam cinema, but in Hindi I think he's done a few films with Ram Gopal Varma. Company I hear is good? Plus he was the Thakur in the RGV-version of Sholay. Apparently he's playing Priyanka's husband in the next VBharadwaj film? Can't wait.

@filmi-girl: I saw Ishqiya, and it is sooo goood!!! :-D

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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