Monday, January 18, 2010

Stardust Awards 2010!

Here are the winners of the Stardust Awards!! I'll be honest that I have no idea how these work. The Readers' Choices seem fairly straightforward but the others...?


Best film (Comedy): All The Best
Best film (Action): Wanted
Best film (Drama): 3 Idiots

Dream director: Imtiaz Ali for Love Aaj Kal

Star Of The Year (Male): Amitabh Bachchan
Star Of The Year (Female): Kareena Kapoor

Best actor (popular category): Akshay Kumar for Blue
Best actress (popular category): Katrina Kaif for New York and APKGK

Best supporting actor: Abhishek Bachchan for Paa
Best supporting actress: Kirron Kher for Kurbaan

Best comedian: Ajay Devgn for All The Best


Superstar Of Tomorrow (Male):
Ranbir Kapoor
Exciting New Face: Jacqueline Fernandez for Aladin

Breakthrough Performance (Male): Abhimanyu Singh for Gulaal
Breakthrough Performance (Female): Shahana Goswami for Firaaq

Hottest Film Of The Year: Love Aaj Kal
Hottest New Director: Ayaan Mukherjee for Wake Up Sid


Best actress: Preity Zinta for Videsh
Best film: Chintuji
Best director: Ranjit Kapoor for Chintuji


Who wouldn't want to get right in the middle of that?

Or this? Did Rekha present something or did they just let her pose with it?

Hi, Ajay! Where is Kajol?!

Lovely Jackie Fernandez! I liked her in Aladin!

The lady of the hour!!! KIRRON KHER!

Hello, Farah darling! *air kiss air kiss*

Sophie Chaudhary with Mrs. Manyata Dutt

Sharman, dude, just because you were a popular movie doesn't mean you can wear jackets with a crest on them. No.

ASIN! You look beautiful!


Three very handsome gents!

Don't worry, Kangs, you'll be back in the spotlight next year with Once Upon a Time in Mumbai.

This was the only picture I could find of Shahana Goswami! Come on, photogs, get with the program! I don't need 8,000 pictures of bland Mughda Godse and Lara Dutta while you give me just one of the actually talented Shahana.

The Big B! Star of the year!

Twinkle and Akki!

Riteish, Lara Dutta, and Shahid...

Boney Kapoor, Sridevi, and the kids!

I love Sridevi!

Rishi and Neetu...

Best actress PREITY ZINTA!

Best actress... OF OUR HEARTS! Rekha-ji!

Look how the crowd is all facing to the right but Karan and Amitabh are just chatting casually, like nothing is going on.

What a cutie! The chunky glasses work for Riteish, I think.

Asin catching a quick gossip with Celina Jaitley...

And can we play name that starlet because I need a little help with these lovelys:

I have dresses like this one...

And these two are gorgeous!

But what was happening ON STAGE?!

I can't wait until this gets up on youtube...

Bebo is looking good but could Saif's hair look more like a wig?

"Go ahead and hate on me hater..."


Gauhaur Khan!

Co-host Vivek Oberoi!

Best comedian AJAY DEVGN!

Female star of the year KAREENA KAPOOR!

Best actress PREITY ZINTA!

Isn't she loooooooooveeeeely?! KIRRON KHER!

Look how genuinely thrilled Rishi Kapoor is. That just made my week!

Mr. Best actor Akshay Kumar doesn't look too psyched...


Rum said...

Hahaha I love how Amitabh looks like he's running past Rekha! That must be soo awkward for both of them!

Anarchivist said...

Oh, I'm so happy for Rishi! Glad to see a little love for "Chintuji," since it didn't seem to get much publicity.

dayshaze said...

Did something actually go down b/w Big B and Rekha? Could this be why Amitabh and Mrs. Amitabh (I can't remember her name right now) look so awkward on the red carpet.

Also, why is KJo in every picture, hanging on every arm? Is he like the Ryan Seacrest of B'wood?

Amit said...

Diva Rekha looks so fabulas.
her appearence in any award function makes that function Beautiful. I m so happy that Rekha ji also receives Editors choice Award. for more you can watch

eliza bennet said...

Yay for Akki (and he looks very good in the pictures) .

I can't seem to like Rekha, she is beautiful and not really a bad actress but she looks scary with that make up.

Katrina, ILU too!!!!

Amitabh wrote in his blog that Karan entertained him his comments on the people around.

And Mrs. Amitabh is called Jaya (Badhuri) Bachchan who is a great actress and at the earlier stages of their career she was actually more famous than Amitabh.

And Kareena looks great while Saif looks worse with each photo.

Ami said...

That wig comment reminded me of how SRK used to say that he's probably liked only for his full head of hair coz guys around his age are already starting to lose theirs.. :P

You know, sometimes I want these juries/judges/whoeva award nominees with those trophies to attach the reasons why they chose this and that winner in the envelope to be read by the award hosts. That would be fun~

Whenever I want proof that love is truly blind, I look at the happily-married-for-decades Sridevi & Boney. I love her. Why isn't she acting in movies anymore??

Katrina..when r u gonna be in a movie with SRK?! *love*

Simran said...

That first picture of the "Name the Starlet" thing was Mauli Dave. She was on one season of the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa series and she became an instant favourite of Bappi Lahiri. Maybe that's why she got to come. :)

THANKS FOR ALL THE PICTURES !!! I loved all of them, especially: the VIVEK PICTUREE !! Good to see him again :D LOVE LOVE LOVE KJO to death. :) ANd Kareena looks gawwwwwjus...Wonder why she doesn't tell Saif how ugly he looks. LOL, didnt he tell her to gain weight? So why not return the favour by chopping his hair off? :P Preity looks adorable and LOOOOVE Shahid Kapoor !! Wish Kunal Khemu was here too. </3

Aisha said...

Thanks for posting these pics and including a recap. I echo filmigirl's request...Can someone please explain how the Stardust Awards break down? Shahid Kapoor supposedly won an award but for what? what is the difference between searchlight and reader's choice? I think there is also an editor's choice? It seems that they create a category so everyone can get an award... It is sooo confusing.

Grrr for Big B winning an award but squee for the screencap of Big B and Rekha... Clearly Big B is running away from someething... Some other site posted this right above Abhi paying respects to Rekha. I thoguht the juxtaposition was hilarious.

Lobelia said...

omg Shahid Kapoor! What a sight for sore eyes! *stares* How is it that I've not seen a single film with him??!

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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