Thursday, January 14, 2010

Star Screen Awards 2010!

I've been sitting on this for a few days - sorry for the delay!

Yes, yet another function and a chance for Bollywood's finest to strut their stuff while they awarded each other things! It's the Star Screen Awards - given by the filmi fraternity TO the filmi fraternity!

Guess how many awards the Bachchans win?!

Let's see the winners!

Best film: 3 Idiots
Best director: Rajkumar Hirani for
3 Idiots
Best actor: Amitabh Bachchan for
Best actress: Vidya Balan for
Best supporting actor: Rishi Kapoor for
Luck By Chance
Best supporting actress: Arundhati Nag

Best comedian: Omi Vaidya for 3 Idiots
Best villain: Boman Irani
3 Idiots

Best male debut: Omi Vaidya for 3 Idiots
Best female debut: Mahie Gill

Best directorial debut: Nandita Das Firaaq

Best child actor: Pratik Katare
Best ensemble cast:
Luck By Chance

[Allow me to insert some major eye-rolling at this Paa/3 Idiots dominating of the "bests." I'm surprised they managed to dig up a Best male debut, honestly. I might have thrown my lot in with Arjun Mathur from Luck by Chance. And Mahie over Kalki? Really? And where is the love for Prakash Raj?! Or Amol Gupte? WTF is with Omi Vaidya?! Did people even watch De Dana Dan? Where's the love for Rajpal Yadav? Or freaking Rishi Kapoor in Luck By Chance as a comic role?]

Best actor (
popular): Shahid Kapur Kaminey

Best actress (popular): Kareena Kapoor 3 Idiots

[Of course I approve of both of these. I am the "popular" category!]

STAR Plus Jodi No. 1: Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan
Entertainer of the year: Katrina Kaif

[a.k.a. The we want you to show up awards]

Best music director: A.R. Rahman
Delhi 6

Best lyricist: Irshad Kamil for "Chor Bazari" from Love Aaj Kal

Best male playback: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for "Aaj Din Chadeya" from Love Aaj Kal
Best female playback: Kavita Sethi for "Ek Tara" from
Wake Up Sid

[yes, no comment, no, no - there were so many better performances this year for both male and female.]

Best story: Imtiaz Ali for Love Aaj Kal
Best screenplay: Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Rajkumar Hirani, and Abhijat Joshi for
3 Idiots
Best dialogues: Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi for
3 Idiots

[The devil on my shoulder wants to ask where Chetan Bhagat was when they were handing out the best screenplay award. And LAK? *yawn*]

Best choreographer: Bosco-Caesar for "Zoobi Doobi" from 3 Idiots
Best cinematography: Rajeev Ravi for
Best effects: Charles Darby for
Best action: Vijayan Master for

["Zoobi Doobi" is sooooo annoying and there wasn't even a lot of dancing. It was just kitchy! My votes for best dances are here.]

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Evergreen DEV ANAND!

And the always divine Rekha-ji!

RISHI! Hi, Chintu-uncle! I still love you!

Ah... the Bachchans. Is it wrong that I'm so annoyed at the Bachchan/Aamir domination of these awards?

Poor Shahrukh needs a nap...

Mrs. Paa! Vidya Balan is taking her style cues from Rekha these days and is looking good! I cannot wait for Ishqiya!

Rumba? Samba? Tequila? Tango? Javed Jaffrey! Please somebody make a comedic reference to "Bol Baby Bol" in a film soon? K THX.

Style-bhai Salman Khan! I'm surprised he bothered to show up, honestly. Wanted got no love from Star Screen. (Also, Justin Timberlake circa 1997 called and wants his jeans back.)

Katrina Kaif was given an award to show up! The attendance award!

Somebody get this boy a stylist. I'm tired of the sloppy jeans and untucked, baggy shirt look.

Lookin' good, Bebo! How I love me some Kareena Kapoor! It's nice to see her looking so healthy!

God damn! I love Arjun Rampal!

My girlfriend Hard Kaur! I told her the Amy Winehouse look was played but she insisted... how I can resist?

Since this is a "function", Manish Malhotra and Neha Dhupia were contractually obligated to make an appearance.

What? The party's over? You-know-who!

I think this kid is going to be big - Prateik Babbar!

Gorgeous and talented Sophie Chaudhary!

Also gorgeous and talented: Khailash Kher!

Ila Arun - I love spotting her. She's always so colorful!

The man who doesn't get enough work in Bollywood these days: Udit Narayan!

Finally, the beautiful and talented Sonali Kulkarni!


Aisha said...

So I thought it was an absolute travesty the way that Paa dominated the Star Awards... TRAVESTY!!! (I am becoming Kanye when I type this message... LOL!) Arrggh, this better not be any indication of how other award shows go... There were so many better performances out there... And I agree that 3 Idiots shouldn't dominate as well...

Specifically what about Kareena in Kurbaan (heard that she was excellent in this...)? Shahid in Kaminey (I am a Shahid convert now - think he is underrated)? Or what about Dev D (also heard this was great)? Last but not least, Ranbir in Wake Up Sid (Love this movie... Absolutely luuurrrrvvveeedd it!)

Hopefully this will be the only time I hear of the fraternity sucking up to or quaking in the boots for fear of the Bachchans. But alas, I fear that this is only the beginning... Le Sigh!

Anonlee said...

What is with all the Bachchan bashing? ABCL produced a good movie under Balki's direction. We should be happy to see a good movie get some recognition in a year of mainly bad movies. To be honest, I expected Paa to be crappy and was pleasantly surprised to find a sweet funny movie.

Amitabh, Vidya, Arundhati Nag and Pratik were all excellent performers in the movie. I could see if they were terrible or undeserving like Katrina but they were not and earned their awards.

Although 3 Idiots was not my type of movie, it was a good movie so I can't quibble about the awards.

I thought Kaminey, LAK and Dev D were overrated but I'm in the minority so I'm not going to argue about any awards or lack of awards.

To even suggest Kareena in that travesty of a movie called Kurbaan is distressing. At least she got the popular award for 3I.

martoufmarty said...

What? The party's over?

Ahahahaha! It's so fun mocking him with that one line.

Sometimes I feel a little sorry for him, but then I think, "... What? The party's over?" and just go back to laughing.

Filmi Girl said...

@Aisha I think we're soul mates! LOL! Bebo was okay in Kurbaan. I don't mind that she won the best popular actress for 3I. From everything I heard she was great in it! :) Shahid was very good in Kaminey and could have done best actor with maybe John Abraham for New York for best popular actor or maybe Salman Khan for Wanted for best popular actor...

@Martoufmarty HA HA HA!!! You and me both! I'll stop laughing if and when he ever pulls out a decent performance.

Louella said...

Best choreography for 3 idiots? Chi, is it a some kind of new trend of giving this awards to songs, where dance wasn't present at all?
I've catched a glimpe of Wanted and I think that Salman role was just bad if I we comare it with Mahesh Babu in telugu original (and Prakash was also better^^).
LAK is defenitly overratted. I do not agree with award for Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - Mohit Chauhan was much better with his Dooriyan!
No awards (despite of well-deserved for female playback) for WUS makes me sure that is a good idea to stay in SI cinema nowadays:P

Ami said...

No matter how much we bash, things have alwiz been that way and alwiz will be, if some PTBs continue to have their way.

I'm only glad that Aamir "I don't care about awards" Khan didn't win Best Actor. In fact, I don't want him to win any Best Actor ever however good he is in a movie. I don't understand his unsporting-ness in not wanting to go along with all this I-give-you-then-you-give-me Bollywood award culture. It's fun! Look at Shah Rukh..he's having lotsa fun! I think being in a movie industry is all about having fun. Seriousness bores me after a time.

What did SRK win in Star Screen? I thot his award was only in Apsara?

I swear Rekha is living in a different timeline than the rest of us.. *love*

Manish looks like a college kid with that sling bag and the stripy short-sleeved shirt..ack!

sirius said...

its very dissapointing to see Kaminey not being awarded generously!.It'll take another decade to bring out a movie like Kaminey and they give awards to chick flicks like LAK!,i mean Best story,Really?,and why was just awarded because of sick politics within the industry.No wonder bad movies are still being made and good film-makers shunned.

Filmi Girl said...

@louella I KNOW, RIGHT?! *hugs Prabhas DVDs*

@ami I agree with you about Aamir - and I don't know what SRK won. Maybe he was just presenting?

@sirius Well, I don't think you can bash LAK just for being a "chick flick" but I do agree that it clearly wasn't the Best Story of the year. Even if you eliminate the remakes etc. there were still plenty of unusual and original stories out there this year from Gulaal to Raaz 2 to 99 and even Kaminey.

And bear in mind that these are the Star Screen Awards which is basically the industry patting itself on the back - so of course the Bachchans and Aamir are going to be heavily represented, even if actual quality might be lacking.

E said...

Well, I'm happy to see that Rishi got recognized for his fantastically funny turn in "Luck by Chance", but kinda disappointed that Konkona wasn't. She was just brilliant!!

Daddy's Girl said...

I absolutely LOVED the performances in 'Paa' and '3 Idiots', so I'm thrilled that they did well. But I would've liked to see some more love for 'Wanted' (although maybe Best Action was enough of a nod) and even 'New York'. I think the award to LAK for best story totally missed the mark, as did almost all the music awards (no Ajab Ki...?).

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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