Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sevanti Sevanti: Un-politically correct and LOVING IT!

Sevanti Sevanti is a gleefully un-politically correct romance! I loved every second. At times, I couldn’t quite believe what the hero was doing but the heroine never let him get away with any of it. Like Chellata, the heroine of Sevanti Sevanti is an alpha female and her man, despite excellent dishoom-dishoom skills, has to face up to her courage.

The film starts off with our heroine, the epynomous Sevanti. She’s the daughter of wealthy parents and has a real craving for music. She loves folk-songs but the servants always stop singing when she is around. (Oh, also there has been a drought for the last three years in her heart.)

Imagine Sevanti’s surprise when the clouds start building over the horizon… just as a bus pulls up into town. As a certain gentleman gets off the bus, the heavens burst open and rain pours forth… as does his song!

She cannot see him but she hears him sing and that is enough to get her all fired up with passion. Sevanti has her father call all the men in the village to get them to sing for her one by one to discover him!

Eventually, she happens upon the very dashing Vijay Raghavendra. He had a rakish charm that worked for his character Dev. Dev immediately falls for Sevanti’s pushy ways and her incredible beauty – where do these actresses come from? Seriously! They are all drop-dead gorgeous!

It’s fairly clear that Sevanti falls for Dev, too, but she is kind of emotionally dense – remember the “drought”?

Sevanti is so dense that she goes and accepts the proposal that her parents arranged for her. And instead of declaring his love for her and telling her to break it off, Dev freaks out that he’s not good enough – being the son of a lowly butter salesman, and keeps silent.

In fact, he’s so upset that he turns to black-and-white!! Could there be anything worse in the colorful world of Southern films?!

Dev tries to let Sevanti go but his love is too strong. And here is where things get massively un-politically correct and I have a feeling that this will lose the feminists from the audience. On the eve of the wedding, Dev sneaks into Sevanti’s room while she is sleeping and ties the sacred marriage thread around her neck and sneaks back out.

The rest of the film is spent untangling the knots – will Dev man up and tell Sevanti that he loves her? Whom will Sevanti marry? Will she ever discover who tied the sacred thread?

The Filmi Girl of about 10 years ago would not have liked this movie at all. However, the me of now really enjoyed it. Sevanti may have been married against her will but she knows that she didn’t do anything wrong and she is pissed off that the village is treating her like she did.

She treats the thread like a beacon, assuming that the man who tied it to her will come back and when he does she is going to kill him with a giant knife. She's not going to remove the thread and get married to another guy before she can have her revenge...!

There are a couple of close calls and some suspicious-looking guys get a face full of knife.

Dev, meanwhile, tries to be supportive all the while not telling her he loves her because he is afraid of her. And until he conquers his fear, he cannot hope to have an adult relationship.

In a realistic film, this plot would be very problematic – marriage by force is not something I would wish on anyone. In the realm of the masala film, however, everything is heightened. What Dev is really doing is breaking Sevanti free of her conventional life. She probably would have had a perfectly fine life with her arranged-marriage husband but with Dev, she’ll have music and passion. When Dev claims her for his own, he’s making her acknowledge what had been there all along: her feelings for him. Dev grows up, too, and realizes that you can’t have what you want without SPEAKING UP. If you never ask, you never know.

Besides the wonderful chemistry between Vijay and Ramya, Sevanti Sevanti features some of the best – and by best I mean trippiest - song picturizations I have ever seen.

This is what a green-screen is for, people! DANCING ON THE MOON!

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