Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Gossip!

Good morning, folks! I'm disappointed to report that due to my poor time management skills yesterday and the decision on my local theater's part to play on TWO SHOWS of Veer instead of the four that they usually screen for new films, I did not get to see Veer.

Never fear, though, because I am determined to watch it and as soon as I do I will report back to you about Jackie Shroff's golden arm and how many times Salman takes his shirt off.

Now that we have that settled:

* Siddharth talks Striker and has a kind word for his fans in Germany and Poland!

"More people in Germany and Poland watch my films than people in the north. They’re kind enough to follow me, although I haven’t had the chance to visit them yet. I want to do more work and be less bratty and lazy for them."

* I think somebody has been slipping drugs into Katrina Kaif's water supply. First she starts running her mouth off on winning a National Award and now she is talking about getting married in 2012.

Kat, please tell me this is just you joking with the press.

* And now Deepika says she is not single. I don't think she's patched up with Ranbir, since Karan was just telling the fangirls that Ranbir was single, so who knows who Deeps is dating now.

* Here is an interesting profile/interview of Anil Kapoor from the Boston Herald that doesn't mention Anil's Bollywood career at all. It's so funny to read about Anil Kapoor from a non-filmi perspective. Nobody asks about Sonam or when he and Sridevi are making Mr. India 2 or the infamous THERMOS INJURY...

* Another problem for Veer!!!! Copyright violation! Is this film already the biggest fiasco of the 2010s?

* And another wrinkle in the Pakistan-IPL public relations fiasco: Preity and Shilpa are now claiming that they were threatened into snubbing the Pakistani players.


Arjun Rampal threw a success bash for his National Award win and guess who showed up?! The most tired and haggard celebs you will ever see!


Preity Zinta!

Gorgeous Bebo!

And can I just say that this is the best I've seen Saif looking in... months, if not at least a year. Saif!! Your widow's peak is cute! Stop covering it up! And is it me or does his face look mobile?

Keep on, keeping on, Farhan! (Somebody should make an icon of that...)

Aspiring actor Purab Kohli!

And the lady of the evening... Shahana Goswami!

Isn't she lovely? She came with her lady friend, costume designer Niharika Khan.


eliza bennet said...

I agree with you on Saif looking good despite the fact that you can land an airplane on that forehead. At least it is better than the bandana or wig alike hair.

ajnabi said...

Hmm, after those pictures a couple weeks back, I wonder if Deepika's guy is Shahid...

Saif does look good! He's back to the sexy TPTM look, which I *greatly* prefer.

cmleigh said...

It is a nice article on Anil. He is lloking very handsome in the photo. Too bad I don't watch 24 anymore so thanks for the link.

shell said...

Thank God Saif shaved off that badger that had taken over his face. Could be he was a victim of Gilette's new W.A.L.S. movement(Woman Against Lazy Stubble) to clean India up of unwanted facial hair? LOL!
Could be everyone looks so exhausted because they simply do no sleep! Yikes. I never got it until I started really following everyone of twitter. Shah Rukh, for the love of God, catch some shut eye!

Aya said...

YAY! Saif!!! I can see your face again! haha i forgot how handsome he is!

I wonder who deepika is dating now if its not Ranbir.

Ami said...

Nooooo.. I was waiting for your review of Veer~~ T___T

*Siddharth: “Likewise, many Bollywood heroes haven’t succeeded in the south."*
You mean, they actually tried?? Must be some unknown coz the more successful ones are too busy making films in Bollywood.

About Katrina..waaa, this is big news! Coz this came at the heel of that Koel interview where Salman just confirmed that he's dating Kat. No wonder he's been talking about fatherhood lately.

Deepika is alwiz in a relationship. She's not the independent type, is she?

About Veer.. oho, and who's the writer for that movie?? :P

Well, India has to make up her mind whether T20 is gonna be a national or international sporting event. This whole bruhaha thing about Pakistan and Australia players/coaches disgusts me.

Shah Rukh! You look ill! Oh, I forgot.. you ARE ill! What are you doing going to a party??! Go rest!

jholomorphic said...

hah, haggard indeed! i didn't even recognize pz at first.

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