Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Gossip!

Okay, folks, here is the deal!

I am house-sitting for my parents for the week, so I won't be back with my usual pithy and lengthy morning updates until probably next week because I need to take care of the dog and cat in the morning instead of playing on the Internet.

I'll try to have something up in the mornings but it might be the short'n'sweet edition.

Also, I have Wanted and Dev.D to watch this week, so stay tuned for those reviews!

Are you ready?!

* I absolutely am loving the 3 Idiots fall out! Glamsham recaps it for you. I suppose it's just my schadenfreude but I like when an actor who prides himself on being a "serious artiste" is foiled by artistic scandals like this one. All I'm saying is that this would never happen to Akshay Kumar.

* SRK is already King of Twitter.

You might be interested in two end-of-the-year wrap-ups I did for!

The BEST Tweets of the Year can be read here!

Vivek Oberoi (@vivek_oberoi) lets his good-natured personality shine through on Twitter. Vivek updates his followers on his travels and social events. He posts pictures of himself goofing around with his friends and family and tells jokes. Vivek is one of the most boisterous and enjoyable tweeters in Bollywood! This tweet captures his easy rapport with his fans. Having visited Bangalore, Vivek was being driven to the airport by his friend's driver and jokingly asked his tweeps for an appropriate Kannada phrase to tell him to slow down.

Okay urgently need help!!! Somebody pls teach me how to say 'slow down dude! I dnt wanna die' in kannada...sudeep's driver's gone psycho!!!

For all those who sent gaalis n insults conning me...hahaha!!! I've done that to my firangi co-stars so I know ;) later tweeple!!

And my Top SCANDALS of 2009 are here!

Sanjay Dutt runs for political office

Never known to be shrinking media violet, Sanjay Dutt was in the spotlight this year not for his six film releases but for his association with the Samajwadi Party and his aborted run for political office. One of the biggest surprises in Sanjay's association with the Samajwadi Party is that the Dutts have traditionally been Congress Party supporters. Sanjay's sister Priya, a Congress MP hinted in January that Sanjay's new wife Manyata put him up to it. Sanjay fired back at her in the press saying that there is "only one Mr. and Mrs. Dutt on Pali Hill and it's me and Manayata." The public bickering continued through the spring as Sanjay played with the idea of running for the Lucknow Lok Sabha seat and gave a speech in Lucknow that tied his ideology with Munnabhai's Gandhigiri and promised everyone 'jadoo ki jhapi.' The Supreme Court refused to grant him a dispensation to run for office, so he was appointed the party Secretary General instead in April and he has acted in that capacity ever since.

* Check out a review of Cineblitz's Coffee Table Book that got everyone stirred up a couple of months ago with that gorgeous picture of Aamir and Katrina.

* Indiainfo runs through a list of filmi nerds. (Why didn't I think of this one?)

* lists their top Bollywood songs of the year and I actually agree with a few!

* Can I even tell you how much I love Bebo? Who else gives me great quotes like this one:

"Everyone in one voice thinks we look good together. I think Aamir and I make a fantastic pair. I'd love to do another film with him immediately, this time I don't want share him with other pivotal characters."

Of course you do, Bebo! *air kiss, air kiss*

Here is Kangana on the cover of Verve!

And Shriya Saran on Jade!


rhilex said...

Shriya looks remarkably like London Dreams Asin in that pic, lol. :p

And LMAO-- I remember that 'clothes' tweet with Imran! I laughed so hard... Nice list! *thumbs up*

eliza bennet said...

I have read in Memsaab's blog that Mr.Chetan read the script before release and signed a contract and agreed on the sum paid to him. So I guess he wanted more attention now that the film is a super hit.

Bebo is hillarious.

And love Akshay's nerd in Jaan-e-Mann. That laugh was the best thing in the film.

Good luck taking care of the dog and the cat :)

Filmi Girl said...

@rhilex Thank you kindly, ma'am! :D

@eliza Ooo! I'll check Memsaab's blog - I think I saw that post but didn't read it. :)

And Bebo is divinely hilarious! I <3 her! :D

aham said...

about the 3i issue, i think the person who is losing more is Aamir, he should not have commented yet he did, now he says he wants to distance himself from the issue, how cane he say Chetan is publicity hungry when he himself hasnt read the book? about the agreement, yes he agreed but might have not thought the film would be such a huge hit, and since its super hit, he feels betrayed, maybe he is not right legally but morally he is right,Aamir saying he is distancing himself from the issue is a sign of Chetan's victory,Aamir has lost face he was my fav actor, and I loved him in 3i, but honestly after this I am not so sure,hopefully issue will be resolved soon.

and if any1 wants to see the agreement betn VVC and CB he it is.

Simran said...

Kangs looks too cute!!!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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