Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Bollywood Gossip!

Well, well, well, people!! Have I got gossip for you today!

Let's kick things off with my music review of Rann which you can read here. Spoiler alert: It's not bad-it's intense but there are a couple of tracks that stand up on their own. The IANS review is the only one that I could find when researching for mine and the review totally misunderstood the musical aspects of the album, so read mine before deciding to give up on Rann.

And here is some more food for thought about 3 Idiots and the state of Bollywood from The Business Standard.

But, now... THE DIRT!

* One of my favorite bitchy Bolly writers Subhash K. Jha tears apart Pyaar Impossible, which doesn't look like it will be Uday Chopra's career-saving film.

* Zayed Khan joins the cast of Anjaana Anjaani. You know, Zayed isn't a great actor but I actually kind of like him. What he lacks in talent he makes up for giving 150% to every shot. Did anyone see Blue? Sanjay and Akshay sleepwalk through most of the film but Zayed is there, trying his best in every frame. Same in Yuvvraaj - Salman might as well have been a cardboard cutout but Zayed poured his heart into every word.

* Shahid Kapoor talks about the challenges of dancing in Chance Pe Dance. (Although I don't see the need for him to hire an American choreographer to make things "professional.")

* It's Katrina and Ranbir for Imtiaz Ali's next film - to be called Rock Star! YAY! Finally, an Imtiaz Ali film with a cast I can get behind! (And Ranbir is going to learn how to play the guitar!!!)

* OH MY GOD! We all know I have a total crush on Hard Kaur but apparently, she has the same trashy taste in comedies that I do.

What’s your DVD pick?
I love all comedies. If I had to pick a film, it’d be Strange Wilderness.

Yes, Hard Kaur's answer to 'what is your favorite DVD' is stoner comedy Strange Wilderness, whose main selling point was Jonah Hill in a thong and made-up facts about animals.

You guys, I think I'm in love. Hard Kaur, baby, if you stick with me, we can bhangra all night at the clubs and then come home and watch Grandma's Boy and Benchwarmers and laugh our asses off until dawn.


Did you know that Hrithik Roshan and Farhan Akhtar threw a joint birthday party?! Well now you do!

And look who showed up!

The birthday boy and sister Zoya and that must be Javed in the back.

And somebody let Old Man Grizzly out of his cave for the night. How sweet! Even crusty old prospectors like birthday cake!

The highlight of this photo is not our beloved Shahrukh Khan smoking a cigarette - no, it's the person capturing the event with their cell phone.

Aishwarya Rai looks ridiculously pleased with herself. Then again, if I was her, I would be, too.

Vivek Oberoi auditions for Dhoom 3!

Naughty, naughty Saifu! I didn't know he smoked. We all know it's you - the bandana and glasses are not a good disguise.

Bebo looks soooooo embarrassed! (And is that a Manish Malhotra she's wearing?)


RITEISH! (How is he always so adorable?! I want to pinch his cheeks like WHOA!)

Karan! Where is your partner-in-crime aka Kajol?

First Wives Club! Gauri Khan and Susane Roshan

Cutie-pie Prateik Babbar!

And woman of mystery (and plastic surgery!) Kangana Ranaut!


eliza bennet said...

Thank you for all the gossip!

Ok SRK and Saifu smoke we know that Aamir quit (again) recently and does the other Khan smoke?

Zayed is bad but he is not even Uday bad and nowhere in the black acting hole zone which currently is only occupied by Bobby Deol.

He just is not enough you know. He doesn't have that charisma and lovability (ok let's pretend that is a word) that would make up for his lack of acting talent (Akshay has great comic timing but he sucks at dramatic scenes but he has the "it" that makes me watch him no matter what non acting he does (take it from one who willingly suffered through Waqt, Bewafaa etc.)

Anita said...

Finally, an Imtiaz Ali film with a cast I can get behind!

Ugh, and I was just thinking the opposite, that I totally have no interest to see that movie, even though I loved Imtiaz and he made me like the Kareena/Shahid, but...*sigh*, nooooooo! ;_;

Anyway, I thought Saifu had quite smoking after that heart issue for his kids? Oh no, is he smoking AGAIN?! :'(

Ami said...

*no, it's the person capturing the event with their cell phone. *
O wow..the angle is so good. I can totally see the photo taken by that guy's mobile..brilliant paparazzi work O_o

Zayed Khan in Main Hoon Na was quite okay, actually. I dunno how the Bollywood PTBs determine who's gonna succeed & who won't..such a confusing game.

The joint b'day party was all over twitter where members of the gang drove their fans crazy (well, at least I was) with curiosity by messaging each other in secret codes and private jokes. Apparently, some of them continued the party later at SRK's house.

Ash looks like a wax doll in Madame Tussaud. I like her better when she's moving. And Preity looks so much like Lara Dutta in that photo.. huh?

rhilex said...

I personally like Zayed. Though I've only ever seen him in MHN, so it's hard to say... :P He may not be the best actor ever, but there are definitely worse who are getting more work and better roles.

Simran said...
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Simran said...

Ranbir in another movie? YAYYYYY!!!! Katrina with him? Noooo!!

Ohmygosh! Kangana looks so different! What happened to her adorable features? Or is it just the angle in which the picture's taken?

bollywoodfoodclub said...

Saifu is looking like he's pulling a faux Sean Penn / Johnny Depp / Brad Pitt casual hipster biker look. Contrived casual and not matching his date. Too cool = uncool.
All the best!

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