Saturday, January 23, 2010

Let's talk about VEER, baby!

Or maybe that should be... "I want to VEER you up!"

Ah, yes, Veer. I have been following the film with much interest for months. From the legal troubles with parts of the historic Amer Fort Wall collapsing during filming to the reports of troubles caused by Salman Khan's on set boozing, Veer just seemed like a disaster waiting to happen.

And, yet, the more that I got the sense that Veer was Salman Khan's attempt to create an film that would get him the kind of accolades usually reserved for Aamir Khan's historical dramas, the more I wanted to see it.

I mean, this is the guy whose two biggest hits of the past few years were Wanted and Partner - he knows how to pander to the masses.

But, then again, he also brought us two of the most insufferable ego films of recent years: Yuvvraaj and Main aurr Mrs. Khanna.

And then the reviews came out...

Subhash K. Jha thinks it's extremely campy and ridiculous.

Veer is not really a freedom fighter. He’s Salman Khan with long hair and costume jewellery(the diamond ear-tops could be the envy of all his leading ladies) scowling with the same intensity into the panoramic camera as he did earlier in Wanted. British India or Fetish India, what difference does it make?

Okay, I'm liking the sound of this.

Rajeev Masand concurs in his review.

There's unintentional humour to be found in abundance here, especially in the track involving Jackie Shroff's character who after losing an upper-limb to an angry Pindhari, sports a gold forearm complete with rings and diamond bracelet, which our hero tugs off in a later scene.

Alright, now you've got me excited. Gold forearms?!

While Veer is no doubt going to flop with the Hindi-language audiences who made 3 Idiots a hit, I wouldn't give up on old Salman just yet.

Harish V. over at the Tamil-focused site Behind Woods says:

Overall it’s a movie which could have been a good commercial potboiler and it is, till the first half and by using brains more than brawn and inducing unnecessary melodrama in the climax the movie loses its way, but still a decent movie worth a watch.

This sounds more like what I want to know - unnecessary melodrama + okay commercial potboiler sounds like something I would find 'worth a watch.'

But I'll give my new soulmate over at the final word:

The film has many such moments that are so over the top that words cannot convey their full comic impact. If like me, you can find delight in the sheer delirium of a bad Bollywood film, then see Veer, otherwise do catch it on DVD. In a few years, this sensibility and swagger will be extinct.

So, I will be going to Veer tomorrow.

One more thing....

Lovely Zarine Khan is NOT FAT, so Bollywood reviewers, you had better stop making cracks about her weight.

Rajeev Masand referred to her as "overfed." WTF, dude. Because you are size zero?

And even Salman was bitching because she was "visibly chubby" in some scenes.

Well, on behalf of Zarine Khan - and Bebo, who is being hassled again, I would like to take the opportunity to tell the Thin Nazis of Bollywood to EFF OFF.

Thinness does not equal good acting skills nor does it equal beauty or sex appeal. Find something better to do with your time than policing women's weights and making sure they don't start feeling too good about themselves.

*goes back to watching Namitha dance around in a bikini*


cmleigh said...

I am going to see it tomorrow :D I have read very little about the movie before this. I like your review of the reviews.

Rum said...

Lol watching namitha in a bikini! I just found her the other day, and she is smokingly hot! Gawd I love her, she makes feel very happy that she can still attract the masses with her curves! Veer looks fantastically bad, the kinda stuff i LOOVVEE! Zarine Khan looks completely fine, those bloody Thin-brigade people are terrible! But i can't wait to see this, it looks like another Dharam Veer style "I dont what era where in" costumes!

Ness said... goodness. I HAVE TO SEE THIS. Just reading about it is making me cackle with anticipation for the juicy badness!

martoufmarty said...

Damn! It's too bad that there's nowhere even remotely near by that's playing this!

I think I'm going to wait until it comes out on DVD and then enjoy the heck out of it on the big TV.

That should be... what? Two, three months?

moviemeh said...

I read at least one of those reviews too and it made me sad, because after seeing the preview, I want to like it.

By the way, if you're afraid that Wake Up Sid is just a Hollywood-style coming-of-age movie, that is pretty much all it is. Even Konkona can't save it. The lack of chemistry between her and Ranbir is so obvious, it is kind of worked into the plot.

And I agree with what everybody says about What's Your Rashee, that Priyanka is great in it but that the plot fizzles out over the length (2 DVDs!) of the movie.

Ami said...

Zarine.. with tears flowing enchantingly from her beautiful eyes is enough reason for me to watch this film.

MinaiMinai said...

LOL at "I want to veer you up," "fetish india," and "swagger." :) Great post! Maybe I won't write this one off completely... yet.

joby said...

sdhc card

Too many of my friends saying u have to be a Veer if you want to watch this movie. Nothing more to say about this movie.

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