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Jab We Met: Jab Kareena Stole My Heart!

Ah... yes, I'm in the process of slowly transferring all these reviews over! Jab We Met remains one of my all time favorites, so sit back and enjoy my picspam of it!

(Don’t miss your train, Geet!)

Jab We Met is an undeniably great film. There are three reasons for this: Kareena Kapoor’s charming performance as Geet, the strangely compelling chemistry between Shahid and Kareena, and the beautiful song picturizations. The second one is the most interesting to me. When Jab We Met director Imitaz Ali was on BBC’s Love Bollywood a few weeks ago, the boys were – of course – trying to get him to spill the beans on the famous break-up between Shahid and Kareena that happened during the filming of Jab We Met. Imitaz Ali was not going to gossip on the radio but he did have this to say – watching couples who are together in real life act opposite one another in a romantic comedy are usually boring. The stuff that is supposed to be exciting to the characters – and the audience – is already old news to the two actors.

So where does Jab We Met fit into this?

The break-up of Shahid and Kareena was a really lucky break for the movie. Instead of the boring chemistry of the established couple – as seen in Chup Chup Ke - the two have this uncomfortable spark between them that works for the characters. The hesitations before touching, not wanting to meet the other’s eyes, the tears and pain when intermission brings a parting… Honestly, I don’t think this movie would have been as good without this tension. Kareena is a good actress and Shahid is okay but neither of them have the ability to create this kind of emotion from nothing. [Note from FUTURE Filmi Girl - I have since changed my opinion on their acting talents but I still think the break-up contributed to the emotion in this film.]

This brings me to Kareena Kapoor. Oh my god, yaar! This was the movie where I finally fell in love with Kareena and I dare the rest of you to watch and not do the same. Shahid is Shahid. He’s a bit wooden at times and the glasses only do so much to counteract the baby face but Kareena… Kareena shines.

“Yeh meri seat hai.”

The first meeting! I love how she assumes he can’t understand Hindi because he is ignoring her so then she does these big gestures – THIS IS MY SEAT.

*is emo*

*is going to emo-jump from the train until Geet stops him*

Then she’s all protective of him and is worried when he gets of the train at a random station! (I love her pajamas, by the way! Where can I get a pair? Anyone?)

Hee! Taxi ride of infinite slowness! The train is way faster, yaar…

This is one of my favorite scenes – “Of course I’m not going to miss my train again! Just give me this water… wait, HOW MUCH?!”

“I am unimpressed and will glare until you do things my way.”



In another of my favorite scenes, Geet is sure that Aditya is going to try something funny. How to prevent that?

“Oh, BTW, I know karate.”

Look at his face!!! He could not be more amused – and this is where he falls for her!

“Don’t be sad, I brought you chocolate!”

“And a Kareena!”

The tourist quality to this picturization always amuses me and seeing Aditya opening up to the world is too cute!

Meeting Geet’s Panjabi family is way too much fun - Grandpa Dara Singh! You do not want to mess with him…

And of course the gaggle of relatives is going to want to force feed skinny, skinny Shahid Kapoor! (He’s skin and bones!)

The whole reason to cast Shahid Kapoor in anything – HIS SWEET DANCE MOVES! Look at him go!

Look at those cheek bones on Kareena!

“You really think I’m going to sit still for this one?”

I love how Aditya is just amusedly driving behind her – “okay, if this is what she wants…”

Kareena is TOO CUTE! *is jealous of Saif*

This last bit really kills me – LOOK AT HIS FACE! Tell me that Shahid is really this good of an actor! [Note from the future again - YES, but I still think it was all reallllll *insert conspiracy theory here*]

There is real paining going on here, yaar.

I love how his fingers go right through her hoop earring here…

Kareena looks so different with glam make-up on. I like her better as Geet.

I also highly approve of the fact that the costume people could not find the last button on Shahid’s shirt here. Darn!

To sum up – you should watch this movie if you are at all a fan of the romantic comedy genre. It’s really, really delightful!


Emily said...

Jab We Met is great, isn't it? There are some movies I love the first time but don't hold up to second, third, or fourth watchings, but every time I watch Jab We Met it's just as good as I remember.

Anonlee said...

I feel like the odd duck but I must be one of the few people who did not like this movie. I found Kareena so annoying and Shahid so bland I was bored senseless.

I tested it on my movie group and they also gave it thumbs down. Maybe we were too old (30s and 40s)to appreciate it.

layla-aaron said...

I saw this movie for the first time last year. I am not a Kareena fan; however, this is one role that I adored her in because she was feisty and vivacious. I also liked how she had the contrast of being more solemn in the latter part of the movie. It was a great role for her.

I also adored Shahid in this, but then I'm a self-proclaimed Shahid fan and will watch even the less-than-great movies he's in just to watch him dance. *g*

Ami said...

I concur with Anonlee. Geet was too.. how to put this.. shining and bright and "I'm so gonna overload you with my positivity" kinda gal. Maybe I'm too much of a cynic to enjoy this type of character ^^;

I like Kareena better when she kicks ass (that princess in Asoka) or manipulating some guy into falling in love with her (Poo!!). I also like her when she goes all tragic. I wish she'd play a negative role soon. Shahid now is much much less wooden than in JWM. Maybe he's gained more confidence in himself after his successes..or something.

E said...

I LOVE this movie soooo much!
Kareena is a larger-than-life force in it and I found her absolutely endearing, and Shahid was very sweet as the mopey-turned-happy young man.

What I really liked about Kareena was that she's also a very strong female character, unafraid to openly talk about sex, affairs or relationships, which is so refreshing in any film genre, let alone Bollywood. There's none of that feigning-girly-shyness bullshit with Geet, she apologizes for nothing and Shahid loves that after all the crap he's been through from his family.

The script is just fantastic and has many little unexpected scenes that make it a gem. The hilarious hotel "decent" scene is one of my favorites.

Filmi Girl said...

@anonlee Well, I'm in my 30s and I quite enjoyed it. :) Tastes vary quite a bit from person to person, though, as we all know.

@E YOU AND ME BOTH! This is one of those films I have re-watched on more than one occasion and could sit through it again right now. :)

Ness said...

Hah great transfer timing - I saw this for the first time two nights ago! And agree with you SO MUCH re: Bebo, she OWNS this film, she is wonderful. And having not ever understood the appeal of Shahid before (having not seen any of his films) I am starting to soften towards him. But JWM belongs to Geet, omg, 100%. Awesome awesome romantic comedy, loved it.

ajnabi said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. Still my favorite Hindi movie of all time. :-) I know this comes as no surprise to you, and I'm happy that since I last commented on this review Shahid has risen in your estimation. :-D

eliza bennet said...

This film is a great. Kareena is fantastic and I loved her character and really felt sorry for her in the second half. This is a film where I forget that I'm watching Kareena and totally love the character "Geet".

As for Shahid, he is not my type of man, actor etc. I only liked him in Kaminey (in both roles) and that was an exception.

When I saw the film the first time (yes this one is great for multi viewing) I thought how good Abhishek and Rani would be in lead parts and even though I like Kareena and Abhi cannot dance to save his life, I still think the same way.

Kaitlyn said...

Jab We Met is one of my go-to happy films, because I often feel likes Aditya looks in the beginning.

And my sister is a total Geet!

(Non BW fan, my sister, but she loved it! Except she called Shahid's character Rosh Hashanah at one point. Very funny. Not.)

The one low point for JWM is Nagada because I'll never dance like that! He's purty Nagada Nagada.

I, too, want pajamas like Geet's. I love the pants! Think they're part of a salwar set repurposed (like I wear a white tank to bed)?

Filmi Girl said...

@Kaitlyn Re your first point: Me, too!

Oooo... you make an interesting point about her pajamas being salwar pants repurposed. I wonder if anyone does a Bollywood shopping blog - like where we can order things we like from Bollywood films. Entertainment Weekly does this for Hollywood and I love it!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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