Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Gossip!

I've been neglectful and haven't mentioned my, Stacey, and Beth Loves Bollywood'sjoint review of Wake Up Sid!

Spoiler alert: We loved it!

A sample of the review:

Stacey: Highlights?
Beth: Cleaning up the egg! Hugging Koko after he gets the internship - the way he hugs her BEFORE the big romance at the end, engulfing her.
Kara:: Highlights for me... the water fight!
Stacey: Tea on the roof. The first walk. The END!
Beth: the end embrace was CHEEZOID to me.
Kara: Ranbir is like a foot taller than her, which was hilarious.
Stacey: Awwww I loved it.
Beth: I thought they really bungled their lines there – stilted - but the rest of it was very natural feeling to me.
Kara: Ranbir sitting at his window at the end....
Stacey: YES. One of my faves. The whole dang thing.

Are you excited?! You know what this weekend is... CHANCE PE DANCE! And from the reviews, I suspect that this film is targeted directly at people who enjoy watching Shahid Kapoor dance.

Indiaglitz actually wishes that a more "verity" approach was taken. Okay, so from that I can deduce that CPD is going to be ultra-cheezy!

Stardust calls out Shahid's lack of comic ability, which I can vouch for, having suffered through Chup Chup Ke. I love Shahid but he's not a funny guy, you know?

Indiatimes damns with some faint praise. i.e. the dance sequences are amazing and the story is not.

So, there you have it. I suspect I'll feel the same way but since watching Shahid Kapoor dance is one of my favorite things to do, this does hold some promise.

* Shahid Kapoor spills the beans about his relationship with Bebo on Lift Kara De and it's everything I imagined! She was really bossy! Shahid is a romantic pushover! Actually, Bebo sounds a lot like my ex-boyfriend. Maybe Shahid and I are soul mates after all...

* Apparently there is a new compilation CD of desi rock called "India Rocks!" If anyone knows where we could find it here in the US, please pass it on! I checked Nehaflix but I didn't see it.

* Boney Kapoor and Sridevi are distributing Ishqiya, which is a good sign for me because they embrace what's popular. And I'm kind of scared that Ishqiya might be a little middlebrow...

* Priyadarshan is making two films for a US-based company.

* Farah Khan is doing a cameo in Aatish Kapadia's Khichdi – EBLS.

* Fittingly, the Sandalwood remake of 3 Idiots is probably going to star my least favorite Sandalwood actor - Puneet Rajkumar.

* The Wall Street Journal thinks there is some confusion over who is filling the seats for 3 Idiots in the overseas markets.

Can it truly cross over? It's unclear who's filling the seats. "There is a large [Indian] disapora in the U.S., and they account for some of that audience," says Sanjeev Lamba, CEO of Reliance Big Pictures, which released the film and is determined to be global.

If by "some" you mean at least 95%, then right on! Most Americans who aren't of Indian descent are not going to go to an Indian theatre to watch a movie. I live in a very international area and let me tell you that I'm usually the only white person in a showing of any particular film. Sometimes I spot a white husband or girlfriend or something but usually it's just me.

Also, according to the article, the US release of Kites will be half an hour shorter and feature different music. YUCK. I won't be seeing that.

Aw!! Now imagine him looking at Bebo like that and her bossing him around.

What a cutie! (Shahid doing promos at Radio Mirchi!)

You know, I don't think Zarine Khan looks all that much like Katrina Kaif when it comes right down to it.

She's very pretty, though!

Tusshar and Ekta threw a party for Sendhil Ramamurthy! Sophie showed up!

And my girl Kangs!


eliza bennet said...

Shahid talking about his past relationship: not cool yaar, just shut up.

Ami said...

Well, I think that article on Shahid assumes such a serious note..which, being a fan of Shah Rukh and am always reading serious views on his jokes, I will take with a large bucket of salt. KJo has alwiz been Kareena's champion, and if he's ok with whateva Shahid said..then I don't really care. Also, Kareena does look bossy. Remember her turning her back to Saif so he can tie the ribbon of her whatchamecallit-that-bra-thing they wear with saree DURING that 'red carpet' walk?! I was like.. O_o

I love Shahid dancing~ ..I want this DVD.

shell said...

Interesting comment by Sanjeev Lamba. When I saw 3 Idiots last weekend, my sister and I were the only white people in the packed theatres. The same goes for the other movies I've seen in theatres.
I am very disappointed in their decision to create a "westernized" version of Kites. I will absolutely not be seeing that hackneyed version. If they are trying to globalize Hindi cinema they are going about it ass backwards.

Filmi Girl said...

@eliza @ami Hee! I don't think Shahid is the kind to kiss-and-tell casually. :)

@shell I know, right?! Agreed on both points. That "I don't know who is watching" is clearly BS.

E said...

Shahid talking about Kareena automatically makes me side with Kareena, regardless of what actually happened. I agree with you Eliza - totally uncool and uncalled for. It's nobody's beeswax..

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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