Monday, January 11, 2010

Daboo Ratnani Calendar 2010!

It's that time of year again!!! Daboo Ratnani has put up his 2010 calendar!

(All images are from Daboo Ratnani's Website)

How should we do this... I'll alternate men and women.

Abhishek Bachchan proving that one doesn't have to remove one's shirt to make it into the calendar!

Although it probably helps if you're married to Aishwarya Rai. I don't like how we can't see her eyes - they're Aish's best feature!

The token oldie - Amitabh Bachchan! Maybe next year we can see Rekha or Hema? Hmm? Also, Mr. Bachchan's light bulbs seem to have fallen off of his suit.

KAJOL! Please be in movies not produced by your husband! He has terrible taste!

What was that? Did I just hear the entire Internet say UNF? Let's hear it for Shahrukh Khan!

Katrina Kaif, you gorgeous thing! She looks eerily like Aish in her face here. Also, is it me or is Kat's figure her best feature? The curves I love are hidden underwater!

Looking veeeery good, Salman Khan! I love the star light behind him... it says, "You just caught me undressing for the peepshow! You need to insert 25 cents to continue!"

Priyanka Chopra is hilariously photoshopped. WTF is up with her face and neck? And is it me or were her ribs airbrushed out?

And equally hilarious is Saif Ali Khan! I seriously ROFLed when I saw this. "Oh, what? Pictures? Well, okay but you've caught me mucking out the horse stables. It's the kind of thing we upper class folk like to do on our days off." Plus, why is his top button buttoned but not the two below it? Were were originally supposed to see some male cleavage but then it was covered up at last second? AND THAT HAIR! I think Amitabh's hair looks more natural...

Let's cleanse our visual palates with the lovely Vidya Balan who is covering her airbrushed boobs with a feather boa.

I don't even know what is supposed to be going on here. First of all, is it necessary for us to see the label on Ranbir Kapoor's underwear? Some might say yes but I find it distracting. And the whole thing is so busy! Bro, if you want us to properly ogle the torso on display, don't clutter up the canvas with this dockyard thing you have going on. Get us in close or else it just looks weird - like something Stephenie Meyer dreams.

His cousin Kareena Kapoor fares much better - she manages to be both alluring AND bossy.

Every single one of Hrithik Roshan's wrinkles was airbrushed away and that makes me sad. Surely the skin of a 37-year old does not look like a wax figure. Other than that, not a bad picture...

Speaking of wax figures, here is Bollywood's own Deepika Padukone in her natural habitat - a still image. Ooo! If they ever remake Mannequin for Bollywood, I know who should play the titular mannequin...

Deep's Kartik Calling Kartik co-star Farhan Akhtar was caught driving back from Vegas. *yawn* All the character is gone from his face!

I would have like this better if Genelia d'Souza was actually posed ON the elephant instead of just being photoshopped in.

Ok, now THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! All together now: UNF! AKSHAY KUMAR wins it for 2010. I'm going to just crawl into my screen and molest that picture - excuse me for a second...

Bipasha Basu looks like she's been whittled down to a thinner size. Also, this photo looks like a bad Maxim shoot.

It's ugly but oddly compelling. I suppose John Abraham has had enough nude photos taken of him. We'll give him a pass.

Another oddly compelling photo of Kangana Ranaut...

Hello, Imran! Is that a head light or are you just happy to see me...?

This is one of the worst pictures of Sonam Kapoor I have ever seen.

Arjun Rampal shows us what a former male model can do with an uninspired set-up! (i.e. rock the shiz out of it!)

And we'll end on a good note - the lovely Asin!


never-evil said...

Genelia on the elephant ^

Filmi Girl said...

ZOMG!! Then why does it look so fake?! That is an epic fail!

Beth said...

"UNF" is a very handy word!

The Kajol one scares me. I feel like they based it off of original 90210.

Debra said...

I think you being a bit harsh - most of the shots are great.

rhilex said...

I think you might be a bit unfair towards Deepika here. I know you don't like her and think she can't act. She's in a still picture-- so? All the others are. I think it's a very beautiful picture. A lot of these are. Abhishek's is on of my favourites.

Thanks for posting this, btw. Reminds me to get off my lazy bum and post my own take on the calendar...

Filmi Girl said...

@beth ROFL! I bet Daboo is a secret fan!!

@Debra I disagree - some of the photoshopping is really awful and the quite a few of the poses are cheesy. Every shot should be as good as Akki, Asin, and Arjun.

Filmi Girl said...

@rhilex That was my point - she takes a nice picture.

Aisha said...

Hey there... Am loving your posts of late... Thanks for finally posting Daboo's pictures... People were raving about them but it didn't occur to me to go to his darn site (duh!). Anyways, I agree with you on most of the pictures, however, I am not liking the men who expose their chests. Side rant: Why do men need to expose their chest to everyone... Hint to some of the people... go to the gym or lay off the 'roids. Back on topic: Abhishek's was classy and yet very hot! I loved Farhan's too cool for school look. I echo your sentiments re: photoshopping. It leaves a lot to be desired. Deepika's is the most captivating and original. I guess that is the reason it is being circulated like crazy! Top three are Abhishek's, Farhan's and Deepika's. Though Kareena is close runner-up. Vidya's I thought was great from a distance but now that I see her perfect perky boobs, it ruins the whole pic for me. Plus this is in direct contrast to the traditional image she portrays when she is at award functions. I wouldn't put it past her if Daboo used a body double...

bollywoodfoodclub said...

LOL @ "Let's cleanse our visual palates..." I think Hritik looks like the Lord, as in Jesus.

All the best,

Sal said...

@ Aisha:Just because she wears sarees at award shows doesn't mean she's trying to portray a traditional image - may be she just likes wearing sarees and is comfortable in them! Right from Parineeta, Vidya has done roles in which there have been elements of seduction and sexiness and quite a bit of skin show (remember the lovemaking scenes from Parineeta and Heyy Babyy?) Besides, isn't that one of the fun aspects of being a star - you can do things in your films and photo shoots that are not in the comfort zone of your daily life? :)
Also, Deepika would have some tough competition with Katrina Kaif for the titular role in "Mannequin", in my opinion. ;)

Anita said...

We really do have opposite tastes. I also didn't like this DR batch all that much, but once again it was due to almost all the opposite shots. I won't go through them, but, yeah... One day we've gotta come to some sort of consensus on SOMETHING, Filmi Girl! ;)

Sal said...

p.s.That Kareena picture, as much as I love it, has been floating around the internet for ages - I don't think it was snapped exclusively for the calendar.

moviemeh said...

KAJOL! Please be in movies not produced by your husband! He has terrible taste!

I say, delete the "happily unmarried" couple from U Me Aur Hum, and it's a great movie.

eliza bennet said...

I loved Akshay's, John's and SRK's pictures.

It is great that Deepika's pic is a profile one, since I have trouble looking into her eyes in the films. I don't know why but she has that effect on me. I liked the sideways pic.

The biggest letdown in this calendar for me is Abhishek. I love love love the guy but recently his photos don't look as good as they did.

Hmmm... Kareena looking better, Saifu looking worse - Aish looking better, Abhi looking worse. Is there a pattern?

Filmi Girl said...

@aisha Thank you! I'm try hard to be amusing! I agree with you on Vidya - those don't look like her boobs. WAY too perky.

@Sal Touche! Maybe they can play mannequin sisters. :)

@Anita I think we both like SRK, which has to count for something!

@moviemeh I just don't get Ajay's tastes when he's producing. He picks good movies to act in but then he gets his director's hat on and IDK - we end up with Halla Bol.

@Eliza Yay! I agree 100%

I think my biggest problem with this set is that things look TOO airbrushed. I mean, I don't necessarily need to see everyone's zits but the John and Akki pictures have a bit of character to them that's missing from Vidya, Katrina, Ranbir, et. al.

Farhan has this wonderful crinkle on his left eye that is left bafflingly covered up and WTF is with making Priyanka look like a wax statue? I know that woman has ribs because I've seen them in movies.

There has to be a happy medium between pimples and wax statute... and I think Daboo has totally missed it.

What I love about that Akki shot is the play of light and dark on his face and chest - his forehead wrinkles and the crooked nose break up the pattern and give it a little spice. And those cheek bones!

Compare that with the boobs that are almost certainly NOT Vidya Balan's - it's just this blank expanse of chest. Where are the shadows, the crinkles in her flesh? It's boring.

Ami said...

My fave would be SRK (I can stare at this photo for hours just..wondering about life and all things cosmic) & Arjun (va va voom~).

Akki's one is technically v. nice but.. (I totally get what you mean by 'crawling into the screen to molest the pic''s just that I'm not a member of Akki's No. 1 Ladies Fan Club ^^;).

If this photoshoot were to have a point, I say quite a number of 'em shots seem pointless..but maybe Dabboo's aim with the stars is to show a side of them that we haven't seen b4. Altho that explanation is defeated in Salman's case coz he's been there and done that x10000000. Oh, but maybe this time his chest is hidden a bit by the star-shadow thingy. Yeah, that's new.

I like the concept behind Abhi's, Amitabh's, John's & Deepika's shots. And I think I'm a bit disturbed by Hrithik & Kajol here..hmmm. That 'narcissistic' pose setting for Asin has been done to death, Dabboo. Imran just look like a lost little boy with his bike..and the rest are meh. I expected more from Priyanka, really.

E said...

Why o why do photographers insist on these frozen-pseudo-artistic poses for these beautiful people?? How can you take the devastatingly handsome Hrithik and create some kind of character-less study of facial hair..?

And Bips and the motorbike? What the hell is that?? Wasn't that pose done to death in the 80's coca cola commercials?

Yes, Filmigirl, I have to admit that Akshay's pic was terrific, perhaps the best Male pic out there except WHERE is his underarm hair?? It looks unnatural for such a masculine man to be devoid of it, IMHO. I really have a beef about this issue. Stop the waxing already!!..

Filmi Girl said...

@ami Yeah, that is a great one of SRK! I agree on your analysis, though. The whole thing just seems pointless... and I've seen way better shots of Sonam in the fashion magazines.

@E ROFL! Exactly re: Hrithik! WTF is up with that?! And the underarm hair... I don't know. Maybe Twinkle makes him do it. ;P

Sal said...

I actually loved the Bipasha Basu pic - it was cheesy and fantastic - sort of like a Farrah Fawcett-esque pinup from the 80s; for me, it was Maxim photoshoot gone right instead of wrong - lol.
Photoshopped or not, I'm just glad people will get to see Vidya in a different avatar and maybe filmmakers will pick up on that and cast her in things other than roles that require her to be a rural beauty, a sari-clad mom, or a period beauty, not that these roles aren't wonderful. I'd love to see Vidya playing the femme-fatale in something noirish, all dressed up in sexy retro-chic clothes. Cometo think of it, Ishqiya does sort of look like film-noir in a rural setting - God, I can't wait til it comes out!

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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