Sunday, January 10, 2010

Apsara Awards 2010!!!

The Apsara Awards are held by the Television and Film Producers Guild.

Best film: Ghajini
Best Director: A.R. Murugadoss for Ghajini
Best actor: Shahrukh Khan for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
Best actress: Priyanka Chopra for Kaminey
Best comedic performance: Ajay Devgn for All the Best
Best negative performance: Amol Gupte for Kaminey

Best singer (male): Mohit Chauhan for "Yeh Dooriyan” from Love Aaj Kal
Best singer (female): Shreya Ghoshal for "Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai” from the film Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Most outstanding directorial debut: Ayun Mukherjee for Wake Up Sid
Best story: Love Aaj Kal

And the bullshit category awards:

Chevrolet Heartbeat of the Nation Award: Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone
Special Nepotism Award for Most Public Appearances: Abhishek Bachchan


Abhishek Bachchan and his two lovely ladies.

Shahid Kapoor looking schlubby.

Kirron and Anupam Kher - I love Kirron.

ARSHAAAAAAAAD! Looking dapper, Mr. Warsi!

Rishi! Hi, Chintu-uncle!

I know we all want to be in the middle of that.

And this.


Look at Vivek sitting behind Jaya and Amitabh! Awk-ward!

And who is his date?! Hi, Vivek!

Karan and Kajol - the cutest BFF EVER!

Looking cute, Kajol!

Saifu, not looking too shabby.

Aw! King Khan brought Riteish as his date!


And Bebo main Bebo!

Oh, how conservative she is-- wait!

There's the Bebo I know and love! I wonder what song it was -- "Meow" from Golmaal Returns?

Look at that face!



And the formal bandana brought Saif along--how sweet! I wonder what song the bandana did--"Main Khiladi Tu Anari"?

HA HA HA!!!!!!!!! I think I guessed right.

Daaaaamn! Lookin' good, Vivek!


Paresh said...

oh shahid kapoor. The tragedy that is his wardrobe and looks.

bollywooddeewana said...

I think Saif might have done 'Kurbaan hua' and LOL at that limp wrist pic of Karan

rhilex said...

What the hell are those dancers wearing? Excuse me while I go gag.

Kajol is looking GORGEOUS. I would love to be in the middle of a KJol BFF sandwich! <3

But WTF is up with the Guzaarish/motorcycle gang look?!?! First Hrithik, now Saif! CUT YOUR HAIR AND SHAVE THOSE BEARDS, FOR ALL OUR SAKES. You look like some black-haired, shedding animal attacked your face. I hope Ritesh isn't next!! =( Seriously, I think the only celeb I like with a beard is Abhi and his goatee. But he also looks nice without it...

Vivek's collar makes his neck look elongated. Sometimes I wonder how stars can not see the hideousness of their clothes.

shell said...

I have to second Rhilex's thoughts on the dancers. Double gag.

Ah, to dress up or down for these occasions. That is the question. Everyone looks very dapper in their suits (but wtf is up with Vivik's hair?). I would very gladly be in the middle of either of those sandwiches. Thanks for the great pics. Wonder if the performances will be up on youTube.

martoufmarty said...

Everyone else has already said what I thought.

I would just like to add how I love that Shahrukh showed up in jeans and a t-shirt.

Sal said...

The girl with Vivek is his sister, I'm pretty sure. :)

Ami said...

As much as I want SRK to be Best Actor in every award function (even his cameos are more interesting than the lead stars' *cough* ..but that's just me being a thoroughly biased fan), I thought it was such and icky to do relegating SK's acting chop in Kaminey to a newly created award category that doesn't make sense at all. Why can't they just install the Best Villain & Best Comedian categories for all major awards? That'll take care of several issues. Even the stars themselves couldn't hide their feeling of ick at receiving the award (watch Deepika's face as she replied to the interview. Shahid's face was frozen in ice as he mouthed thank yous to everyone and everything that moves in Bollywood).

And what is this Guinness Most Public Appearance shiz?? Grrr ..I love Abhi like any other hot-blooded females on this planet, but I seriously salute him and the rest of the "bullshit category award" winners in putting up with the Bollywood PTB's patronizing ways. If it were me, I'd do an Aamir and disappear foreva from award ceremonies.

Oh, someone was asking in youtube..why did SRK win? Why not Aamir? Told her that there's no sense in nominating someone who doesn't even recognize the award ceremonies he's being nominated in, so why bother.. :P

eliza bennet said...

I think SRK's performance in RNBDJ was much better than Aamir's in Ghajini.

Vivek looked horrible. Brrr.

Shahid's Kaminey performance was award worthy too, and even though Kaminey is the only film during which I forgot Priyanka was Priyanka it was too small a role yaar.

There is something about Abhi these days, he is not as handsome in the photos as he used to be. I need to watch one of his films to get my Abhi love back!

Kajol looks lovely. I really am excited for MNIK.

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