Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday Gossip!

Good morning, folks!

I hope everyone is doing well!

As for me, my day brightened considerably when I realized that I get to pick apart another Bolly-bashing article by Jason Overdorf of Newsweek. This time he's talking about music and here is what he has to say about Bollywood film songs:

India's music industry has always been dominated by the soundtracks churned out by Bollywood. Penned and recorded by side musicians and so-called “playback singers,” this bouncy, upbeat pop music is then lip-synced by the film industry's mega stars and receives nearly limitless promotion through TV trailers and the country's dozen-odd music video channels. But even though famous playback singers and singer-composers like Slumdog Millionaire's A.R. Rahman occasionally perform at socialite weddings and awards ceremonies, the combination of Bollywood's heavily produced studio sound and the dominant role of side musicians rather than bands has until recently prevented the evolution of any real live music scene.

This is like waving a red flag in front of a bull - he has SOME NERVE suggesting that every single film song ever written and performed is bouncy, upbeat pop music. Expect more on this later today.

"What you are used to" does not automatically equal "good", you d-bag! Stop ragging on Bollywood or I will have to set up a Google alert for your name and school you whenever you write something ignorant.

There isn't much of note happening today. I refuse to even look at promotional pictures for Paa because that make-up freaks me out big time.

* The Hindustan Times discusses the Pritesh Nandy/K.Jo. Twitter showdown.

* Sharmila Tagore says that the International Film Festival of India needs to diversify.

But.... pictures!!!

Lovely Katrina Kaif launching the Cineblitz Gold coffee table book!

Karan looks like he is signing her yearbook or something...

And you can't tell me that Aamir hasn't had some (bad) work done - look at his eyes, y'all! He looks nasty!

We haven't seen this guy in a while!! Anil Kapoor on the sets of 24!


Daddy's Girl said...

Aargh!!! Does this Overdorf guy know ANYTHING?! His sweeping generalisations are sickening! Bash on, please, Filmi Girl!

eliza bennet said...

Katrina looks great.

Aamir mos def has botox on the forehead and upperface. God actors are so vain sometimes.. I hope that this will not harm 3 Idiots.

Paa make up is very realistic. There was one girl with the same disease on one of the national news channels here and she certainly had a bald weiny head and weird teeth (the head was not as big though)

I loved Cheeni Kum so I hope this film works.
Anyway I'm an Abhishek fangirl, there will be at least one thing for me in Paa.

Filmi Girl said...

@Daddy's Girl I know, right?! It's like he bases his entire knowledge of Bollywood from watching The Love Guru or something!

@Eliza I don't doubt the Paa make-up is realistic but that doesn't make it easier to look at... :( You'll have to tell us how the film is! I do like Vidya and I'm curious about her chemistry with Abhi! :D

Chin Chin Chu said...

No real lve music scene?? Is he even from India? I am not but so what! If people enjoy the music let it be. I personally love the filmi music. What a dork! Oops did I say that out loud??!!

ajnabi said...

I haven't watched 24 since the first season--all the female characters were either stupid, traitorous, or bitches, or sometimes stupid traitorous bitches, and I can't handle that. But Anil might make me revisit it. Siiiigh.

And yay for another Overdorf smackdown! Whoo hoo!

Michael Barnum said...

Filmi Girl, have you e-mailed this Overdorf guy? I think you should, he might learn a thing of three from you.

shell said...

Love reading your rants! Bollywood music is amazing, and this coming from a music major. The mere scope of it is enough to admire it, even if you don't care to listen to it (but those who don't absolutely do not know what they are missing).

I saw a musical promo yesterday for Paa. I agree that I don't know if I'd be able to watch this. They didn't show Amitabh very much in the song, it was mostly Abhishek and Vidya, but he was still there at the end. Creepy and weird.

Oh, Aamir. Why can't Bollywood age gracefully? At least my beloved Shah Rukh has so far avoided the botox chair. *crosses fingers*

Katrina looks lovely. Her saree is stunning.

rhilex said...

Aaaaaaamiiiiirrrr! =( What have you dooooone to yourselllllfff?!

claire said...

uh what's wrong with that overdorf guy?
liking (or dislinking) hindi film music is one thing but "so-called singers", really? people like sonu nigam or sunidhi chauhan have such range, their voice can sound completely different from one song to another. i'd say playback singing requires different qualities than singing pop in the west...

and about aamir, i can't belive i've read on some forum people saying he looks much more believable as a college student than srk would've (not saying srk can be convincing as a college student anymore lol). his face is looking weirder and weirder, especially the eyes!

Filmi Girl said...

@chin chin chu (love the name BTW!) He certainly has a bug up his butt about Bollywood music. If he doesn't like it, he should just not mention it. There was no need to dismiss music beloved by millions and millions of people as worthless pop music.

@ajnabi It's getting to be a habit...

@Michael I left him a comment on the article but I couldn't find a direct e-mail for him. It seemed creepy to do it via Facebook but I might go ahead if he doesn't change his tune.

@shell I didn't know you were a music major!! Me, too!! Berklee College of Music, represent!

@rhilex He and Saifu should get a show on E! or something with their new faces... ;P

@claire I know, right?! His tone is so obnoxious - he can dislike the music but there is no need to dismiss out of hand AN ENTIRE INDUSTRY because it doesn't conform to his limited understanding of how "art" works.

Aqeel said...

Well, I don't know the author's history about writing similar articles about Indian film music, so I would be assuming somethings.

Well, it seems that this guy just went to this one person, Vijay Nair, and got the whole idea for the piece from that person. It is perfectly alright to be biased against the Bollywood machine if you are promoting a brand of alternate music scene (as Mr Nair is doing so). It is, however, totally irresponsible for someone who is "journalist" (or whatever he is) to just paraphrase the whole article on something said by someone who is obviously biased.

Ofcourse, the self-identification as the "others" as compared to the mainstream is a perfectly acceptable branding for a company who are releasing alternate acts. There's an understandable bitterness by the lack of opportunities by the major music labels to these bands, and they act it out. It happens everywhere. Even in Pakistan, where the pop-rock/rock scene is a bit more mainstream than India, bands are looked down upon who "sold" themselves out to money of the Bollywood. Roxen (Mustafa Zahid, in his couple of songs in Awarapan, "To Phir Ao", "Tera Mera Rishta"), and Call ("Laree Chootee", and some other movies like Asmaa, Aaloo Chat).

However, I reiterate, This author-guy was idiotic enough to publish everything that guy said without any qualification of his statements. I bet he might have not listened to any of the music coming out of the indian film music industry, apart from perhaps "Jai Ho".

PS: Is it me, or Jai Ho, wasn't that special of a song.

PPS: I didn't like the music of Rock On!! that much, apart from the female songs (The rock band songs made no sense, and weren't that great)

PPPS: I really hope Call go back to their Pre-Bollywood days..

PPPPS: me *hearts* Katrina Kaif

Filmi Girl said...

@aqeel You hit the nail on the head. I'm just writing up my response to his piece and, yeah, it's fine to be biased if you are promoting yourself as an outsider but it's like Overdorf just heard what he wanted to hear and provided NO CONTEXT for it. So now, there is this article that just tells all the Western cultural snobs exactly what they want to hear about the "inferior" Indian music business.


And "Jai Ho" wasn't that special - Rahman's B game for sure.

Gauri Radha said...

Cool blog post.

That saree has an interesting color combination.

I need to go saree shopping soon, is what I realized right now Lol

Note from Filmi Girl:

I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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