Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Goss...Is it Tuesday already?

Where does time go? No, really... where does it go after it passes us by? Anyone? I'll have to ask Sheldon who KILLED it on The Big Bang Theory last night, teaching physics to Penny.

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed reading me rant (again) about stupid American film critics. The cultural snobbery just blows me away every time I read another one.

So... gossip!

* I'm actually really looking forward to the group of I am... films (and not just because I'm curious to see Pooja Gandhi speaking Hindi). Making the news today is the fact that Rahul Bose and Luck by Chance hottie Arjun Mathur lock lips for one of the sequences.

* Not content with fostering mega-misunderstandings about such issues as terrorism, K.Jo. has set his sights on AIDS to be the subject of his next film. The quote in the article is interesting because Karan never mentions the gay community, which would be the first association one makes with AIDS in the West. He's concerned about the children with AIDS.

Now, my question for those of you in India is this: Is AIDS associated with the gay community like it is here and is Karan being cagey about it or is AIDS considered more of a giant public health crisis and he's legitimately concerned for the children?

And my question for all of us is this: What kind of film about children with AIDS could Karan Johar possibly make?! I honestly have no idea where he is going with this.

* As much as I think Sonam Kapoor is full of hot air and more talented at posing than actual, you know, "acting" - at least Sonam Kapoor has done more than ONE FILM! I am sick of hearing about Freida Pinto and how she conned the entire world, apparently, into think that she can act. Did anyone actually SEE Slumdog Millionaire? Freida Pinto is pretty and can stand where she is supposed to but the woman is NOT a good actress! *insert sigh of frustration*

(The article is talking about how Freida beat out Sonam for a L'Oreal contract or something and then I got angered.)

* Poor jaundiced Katrina Kaif had to do a meet-and-greet in Dubai to fulfill a contract. She got paid 80 lakhs to do so. Honestly, I'm sure it was worth every penny to Katrina - pulling her out of her sick bed... GET BETTER SOON, KAT!

* Deepika has (shockingly) lost even more weight. I'm going to see if I can find pictures but I have a hard time imagining her even THINNER than she was before! I bet she looks like Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen at this point!

* You guys, I want to be Farah Khan's best friend. She just sounds SO AWESOME! Like this quote about her fashion show:

"I would love to see John Abraham in his underwear along with Akshay Kumar, Arjun Rampal and Salman Khan. I would also throw in my brother Sajid for comic relief."

JOHN and... AKKI... in their UNDERWEAR! Farah Khan is now in charge of everything in Bollywood, as far as I'm concerned. Give this woman free artistic license!

* And then once I crown Farah Khan QUEEN OF BOLLYWOOD, I'll be moving down South to marry Namitha who (allegedly) refused to wear a traditional outfit in an upcoming film because it doesn't fit her glamourous image and she doesn't want to disappoint her fans, who come for the skin show. Stick with me, baby, and I'll buy you a vintage scandal suit like this one:

* Lastly, according to the grouchy India Today, the rain song is back in De Dana Dan. I'm sure Priyadarshan is crying all the way to the bank over his supposed flop.


ajnabi said...

What kind of film can Karan Johar make about AIDS? The kind that will make you cry unwilling buckets of tears even while your mind decries its blatant manipulations.

If Deepika's lost more weight, she must disappear when she stands sideways to one's POV.

And ugh. Freida. Am NOT A FAN, especially after her remarks denigrating Bollywood.

aham said...

bout KJo making a movie on AIDS, all we can hope is atleast a pinch of reality in whatever he makes though I might be hoping in vain, and AIDS in India is not so much related to gay community, most of the media still behaves like homosexuality is a myth and not reality,and even film stars refrain from talking about it in the media.

and I saw DDD the other day and reallu enjoyed it, yes it is a brainless comedy, so are almost all other 'comedies', the movie is totally entertaining, however i felt the climax should have been better, we know it will be 'all character running around' kinda climax for a priyadarshan movie, but I simply couldnt digest the climax,maybe other may disagree.

Filmi Girl said...

@ajnabi I hope you're right about K.Jo.!!! Because if he makes Kurbaan: AIDS then, I will be very, very mad.

(Also, agreed on your other two points.)

@aham So interesting! Thank you for clearing that up! Coming from my cultural perspective in the West, we do associate AIDS with the gay community, so it seems hypocritical for K.Jo. to say something about AIDS without mentioning it but it's very different coming from India, I think... :)

And the climax of DDD was very silly. :) It still made more sense than the climax of Welcome! Hee! Fun film, though.

aham said...

oh and I didnt know Pooja Gandhi was in one of I AM series, interesting, I did know that the Rahul Bose story is set in Bengaluru and that he learnt a bit of kannada as his character needed it, but didnt know about Pooja Gandhi,where did u find that info.

and yes KJo is a hypocrite, no doubt and dont worry about MNIK being similar to Kurbaan(I read in one of your previous posts expressing concern), i dont think that would be the case, cause MNIK has SRK and SRK would ensure that nothing like Kurbaan would be portrayed in it, SRK is intelligent, so MNIK will be different than Kurbaan if you ask me.

Filmi Girl said...

@aham Here is the Pooja Gandhi link I saw: http://www.rediff.com/movies/2009/aug/06pooja-gandhi-shoots-for-abhimanyu.htm

I think she is a good actress, so I hope this gets her some national attention. :)

And, you're right, SRK is intelligent and I don't think he would make as bad a film as Kurbaan - there is a reason SRK is King Khan while Saifu will remain the "chhote nawab." LOL!

Cindy said...

I loved Sheldon and Penny on Big Bang Theory last night. I also loved it when he told Howard that his shoes were "delightful."

I'm baffled by people who think Freido was fantastic in Slumdog Millionaire. The child actresses were so much more interesting and compelling that I thought she was a huge let-down in the second part of the film.

claire said...

uh i don't get freida pinto either. seems like she only got famous for wearing pretty dresses on the red carpet... she was only there for like 5 minutes in slumdof millionaire and i wouldn't say they were the best 5 minutes of the film...

eliza bennet said...

"What kind of film about children with AIDS could Karan Johar possibly make?! I honestly have no idea where he is going with this."

Since it is not uncommon for Indian filmmakers to borrow ideas from S.Korean colleagues, I think a remake of Korean TV show "Thank You" (which is a very good show btw) is in order.
And I'd love to see what Karan makes something out of AIDS, ignorance, intolerance (and how goodness triumphs) Also the story allows for an uncle to star in the male lead and a relatively younger female lead without looking stupid.

shell said...

I would love to see John Abraham in his underwear along with Akshay Kumar, Arjun Rampal and Salman Khan. I would also throw in my brother Sajid for comic relief
OMG, I love Farah! As far as I'm concerned she is absolutely the Queen of Bollywood!

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xoxo Filmi Girl
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