Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday Gossip! Happy New Year's Eve Edition!

Hi, all! This is going to be short today because I have a friend visiting...

Okay! Basically the one story that is dominating the Bollywood news right now is:


He's mashing records for Bollywood films overseas and at home grossing 100 crore in just days and is up for 21 Star Screen Awards. Of course, Aamir himself won't be showing up to collect them. (The full list of nominations is here.)

* Check out the top grossing films in Mumbai.

* Read an interview with Omi Vaidya who played Chatur in the film.

* Abbas Tyrewalla thinks Rocket Singh was a terrible film.

* And Bollywood folk list their worst films of 2009! Most were too polite to name anything but here are some highlights (lowlights?):

Piyush Jha - Even though I directed it, I believe worst film of the year was Sikandar. That's because no one saw it and the media totally ignored its significance. Perhaps that happened because Sikandar didn't have stars/big backers/comic entertainment. Whatever is the reason, the fact is Sikandar was ignored, and that is the real truth. [note from FG - HA HA HA!! Somebody is bitter...]

Tusshar Kapoor - Worst of 2009 would be all those films that were released during the strike. Ha ha ha!

Ramesh Taurani - Victory, which came at the beginning of the year, stays on to be the worst film of 2009 for me.

That's all she wrote today! And I hope we'll all be doing this tonight!!!


Louella said...

It's difficoult to choose just one worst movie of 2009 :P

Some of nominations for Star Screen are a joke for me. Why Ranbir is not nominated for Wake Up S!d? That's his best role ever (so far, as I haven't seen Rocket Singh).
And Katrina? Nooo... As she make a little progress, it doesn't mean that she's good enought to be awarded.

All the best, Filmigirl! I wish you more fun in 2010, more good movies to have pure pleasure when you watch them, only good Prabhas movies and... Akki in wardrobe;)

shell said...

ejesAm I to assume you are attending the desi-bash at Heritage Lounge? If so, have a wonderful time tonight!

shell said...

Oops, that was my 2 year old adding some typing!

Simran said...

Filmi Girl!!! :) I watched 3 Idiots the day before yesterday! I really hope you decide to watch it (unless you already did!) because it's an amazing movie and Aamir's bug eyes are barely noticable. :P It's a really inspirational and cute movie. It made me laugh and cry and I just really hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Have fun with your friend!

Wow. I struggle so much without adding so many exclamation marks lol. :P

Simran said...

Oh and one more thing: I hope 2012 brings you many, many exciting movies! Have a great year! :)

Cynthia said...

We posted this film on our website because the subtitles make it very friendly to deaf and hard of hearing audiences in United States! Also all lovers of Bollywood movies. Great movie! FilmiGirl, let us know when u review this film!


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