Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Gossip! Winter Wonderland Edition!

Good morning!!! It is a beautiful snowy day here in DC! And hopefully, all that beautiful snow will be cleared from the roads by tomorrow so I can go to work. If I have to spend another day trapped in the house, I think I'll go stir crazy. Pajamas all day is only fun once in a while...


My music review for Dulha Mil Gaya is up at and you can read it here. Spoiler alert: I thought it was awesome!

The last original track, 'Shiri Farhad Tu Meri Shiri' is deceptively simple. A number of different samples are looped underneath a vocal track. The verses build to the glorious release of the chorus and a rap interlude comprises the bridge. It’s all very straightforward but the devil is in the details. The samples and various percussion and drums and are layered extremely intricately but never overwhelm the vocal line. Little touches like a splash symbol over the hits on the bridge, make this a track you could listen to multiple times and always hear something new.

Lalit Pandit has crafted a clever album for
Dulha Mil Gaya
; and it’s all the more so because it was so unexpected. While he hasn’t done anything groundbreaking, he has given a new lease on life for such venerable song forms as the qawwali, the Sonu Nigam ballad, and the wedding song.

* Vidya Balan gives a hilariously candid interview:

Swati: But why are you not seeing your co-stars or anyone?

Vidya: (Laughs) Because all of them are hooked, booked and cooked and I don’t want to get into a messy situation. There are many eligible bachelors around, I am not meeting them, but hope is always there.

I think my favorite part is where she admits to starving herself to lose weight and that it ended up backfiring because... STARVING YOURSELF ISN'T HEALTHY!

* Bollywood is popular in Iran.

Before the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iran was one of the biggest markets for Hindi films. Now most of the Hindi movies are broadcast by the state-run television channel and are available through local video networks and are subscribed to censorship. And film buffs rue that the song and dance sequences, which Bollywood is famous for, are often cut by the censors.

“You can buy the dubbed CDs in every supermarket, though some scenes are cut due to moral policies and things like that,” Hossein said.

No songs?! The Iranian government really is cruel. Who wants to start a NGO that specializes in air-dropping Yash Raj Films over Tehran?

* A Bebo-Saifu wedding might be in the works sooner rather than later.

* For your WTF news of the day - Shakti Kapoor BIT Anil Kapoor during filming for a scene in No Problem. And by bit, I mean that he broke skin and Anil needed a tetanus shot. Shakti Kapoor is not right in the head.

* Indiainfo gives us all the men accused of raping girls in Bollywood.

* Here is an interesting run-down on the business maneuverings behind Kites and some of the other Bollywood films that have tried to appeal to Western audiences. It's a really good read.

Take Kites. Big Entertainment, owned by the Indian billionaire and aspiring international film mogul Anil Ambani, paid a record $24m for the film rights in February last year. That means the producer, Rakesh Roshan, was off the financial hook long before post-production on the film was even complete.

Similarly, the money behind
Chandni Chowk to China came from Warner Brothers and Fox Star Studios has already bought the rights to My Name is Khan, which is competing with Kites to become Bollywood’s first Hollywood crossover hit.

* And here is a neat look at former Khatron Ki Khiladi contestant Sonika Kaliraman, who is making a name for herself as a wrestler!

* Finally, Tabu will soon be gracing our screens again - but this time in Tamil!

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