Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday News!! SNOW edition!

Yes!! It is snowing like crazy here in our nation's capital! I'm just glad I don't have to be at work today and can snuggle up with a cozy blanket, a hot cup of tea, and my giant pile of DVDs to watch.

And it seems like the Internets are giving me so much gossip today, so let's take a look!

* In the mountain out of a molehill department - the media created feud between SRK and Aamir continues with no help from either Aamir or SRK.

* Eleven lovely ladies have been selected for the Femina Miss South India competition! I can't wait for the pageant photos for this...

* It was a big year for Hollywood in Bollywood with 2012 and now Avatar getting rave reviews from Bollywood celebs. Indiatimes counts down the top 10 Hollywood films in India for 2009. It's pretty much what you would expect. I was pleased to see Wolverine on there, as it was basically a Bollywood film with no songs.

* Agent Vinod is getting postponed. Funding problems after Kurbaan perhaps?

* YAY! The music for Dulha Mil Gaya is catching on!! I'm excited about this as the album is one of my favorite OSTs to come out this year. My review should be up on Bollyspice soon...

* Namitha and Neil Nitin Mukesh are walking the ramps for Chennai fashion week. *dies* I'm going to be hunting for pictures but if you find them first, please send me the link!

* Hoo-ray for Tollywood! The TOI explains how Tollywood is no longer just a regional cinema!

* I love Subhash K Jha. I'm just throwing that out there. Check out his new editorial on Bollywood directors.

No wonder Karan Johar whose company gave us two important directors in 2009 is at his wit’s end trying to find female directorial voices. “My production house has not found a single female director and I’m not proud of it,” cribs Karan. Sad. Women bring their own perception to characters Or as Irrfan Khan puts it, women see things men don’t.

* Paresh Rawal talks about his upcoming film role as a devout Muslim.

Picture TIME!!!

Namitha at a boutique opening! (These are from

I love this one!!

Are you going to try it on for us, Namitha?

And with the one designer on the planet who doesn't think that a woman over size zero is worthless!! I love it, Sidney Sladen! Come to the US and make clothes here, too!

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