Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday!! Gossip!!

Well, there is a chill in the air here in Washington, D.C. and a chill in my heart to match. I rip apart the awful OST to Chance Pe Dance over at! You can read my full review here.

The Chance Pe Dance soundtrack delivers a variety of songs that line up exactly with what I would expect a film called Chance Pe Dance to deliver. And by "variety", I mean there are seven upbeat dance numbers and two remixes. This bodes well for dance fans, since we are almost guaranteed that Shahid Kapoor will break it down in most, if not all, of these song picturizations.

With an album built on contemporary dance songs, I would have expected that the music director would be somebody like Pritam or Himesh Reshamiya or, at the very least, the album would contain a mix songs from artists like RDB, who are known for doing dance numbers. Instead, the
Chance Pe Dance music director is Adnan Sami, a novice at writing for Bollywood films, although he has a solid record as a playback singer and for his albums. And even Adnan's tuneful croon can't disguise the fact that this album still has the training wheels on.

Zing! Thank you, thank you! I'll be here all night, folks!

And I was going to post some pictures from the Sabse Favorite Kaun awards but all the actresses looked like skeletors and praying mantises! EW! I would have had to have been cruel and we don't want that... (although it's almost enough to make me want to fly out to Mumbai with a giant stack of sandwiches).

* Star Box Office has a different take on Katrina's illness - and by "different take," I mean they use it as a chance to speculate that she's dating Ranbir Kapoor.

* K.Jo. claims that My Name Is Khan will have nothing to do with terrorism. Really? The way Kurbaan was a "romance"? I kid! I don't care if it is or isn't about terrorism - I just want some SRK!

* Glamsham has an interesting look at paid previews.

* Aw! Gracy Singh thinks we care about what she has to say! Gracy is a fine actress but she deliberately turned her back on commercial cinema and on being a celebrity - which is totally cool! She is welcome to do whatever she pleases... BUT, it means that I'm not really interested in her thoughts on the world. Give me 30 seconds of Bebo expounding on how great she and Saifu are instead.

* Shahid Kapoor pretends like he doesn't care what I write about him:

Really yaar, my mummy-daddy should just find a nice girl for me and marry me off Vivah style. I guess it would be best if I go through an arranged marriage. At least talks around my so-called affairs would come to a stop. I mean ever since I went single two years back, there have been these constant talks around my relationships with fellow co-stars.

Isn't it annoying for you?

Annoying would be too harsh a word. But yes, I am really aghast about the entire thing - not because of the entire pairing up thing but the fact that at least I should know if I am really going around with someone. It is amusing when media breaks the news to me that I am seeing a girl. Can it be funnier than that?

Shahid, darling, I hate to break it to you but marriage will not stop any speculation on our part - maybe the TOI won't gossip about it but the rest of us... well, let's just say that we have very active imaginations.

* Just... Ugh. I have no comment except a massive eye roll for this one.

New Delhi, Dec 18 (PTI) The Indian entertainment and media (E&M) corporates will prefer Hollywood to Bollywood in terms of investment in the near future, as over 90 per cent of the Bollywood movies flop annually, a study said.

"Ninety per cent of the domestic corporates in E&M in future will prefer to invest in Hollywood, ignoring Bollywood since the former provides huge returns on account of it?s more than 90 per cent success ratio," a joint study by Nishith Desai Associates and Assocham said.

It says more than 90 per cent of about 1,000 films produced annually by Bollywood flops and thus hardly gives investors any return.

However, in Hollywood, the focus is always on making award-winning films which seek high quality and that is why the success rate of those films are so high, it said.

* But THIS makes me very happy - an upcoming spoof film about how Tamil films are made!

And just because I'm not posting pictures doesn't mean I can't show you this!!

Here is a video round-up of the Sabsey Favorite Kaun awards! Watch for doe-eyed Ritesh and AWESOME Farah Khan! Seriously! I want to be Farah's BFF because she is clearly the lady who has the most fun at any event.

(Also a big LOL!WHAT to Jacky Bhagnani winning best new hero. Does this mean he's in the running for Best Male Debut at the Filmfare Awards? Or will this be another NO AWARD year? I actually can't think of any other male debuts this year but maybe I'm not thinking hard enough. It is rather early...)


Emily said...

However, in Hollywood, the focus is always on making award-winning films which seek high quality and that is why the success rate of those films are so high, it said.

Bwahahahaha!!! Really? And I find it hard to believe that 90% of Indian movies are flops.

Poor Shahid...I'll marry you if you think it'll stop the gossip, sweetie!

E said...

"However, in Hollywood, the focus is always on making award-winning films which seek high quality and that is why the success rate of those films are so high, it said."

Emily lol - I'm right behind you on this one! Are they kidding or what? I guess when they talk about quality they mean all those great non-commercial arthouse movies like Spiderman 9, Lethal weapon 12, and any movie that contains a ferret and a toilet.

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I love Bollywood - and all the ridiculous things that happen in Bollywood - but it doesn't mean that I can't occasionally make fun of various celebrities and films.

If you don't like my sense of humor, please just move on by - Trolls are not appreciated and nasty comments will be deleted.

xoxo Filmi Girl
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